Lauren G.

Lauren G.

Kenzai Body | Day 14

halfway through week 2

  • Jun 13th, 2019 at 8:24AM

I am really enjoying the diet so far! The amount of food is on par with what I had been doing (except on weekends), but on this program, I get more fruit and carbs. I welcome this approach because it is summer fruit season!!
I do not ever feel like I am having too much food, maybe the opposite. I feel hungry, usually an hour before every meal. To deal with this, I have separated my meals a little bit. I eat a huge salad before the carb and protein portion of my meals. That helps to sustain my appetite for a longer period of time.
The ramped up workout is also good. I feel mild soreness on my muscles, but not that ache that makes it difficult to move.

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Nidhi S.Nidhi S.Kenzai Body | Day 14
3 days ago

Great going, Lauren! :)

    Jess SwarbreckJess SwarbreckKenzai Member
    Trainer3 days ago

    You're right on track, Lauren- well done. You're going to need those carbs as the workouts ramp up. I imagine you already know this but if you opt for whole grain carbs that should also help with keeping you full for longer.

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