Lauren J.

Lauren J.

1 week no post

Sorry ! It’s school holidays here so I’m up to my eyeballs in kid stuff ! Training going well taking it easy I know what’s around the corner . Diet ok could be better once again. I’m blaming this on school holidays . Will definitely be stricter when I go back to work in a week .


1. Tell us about your life...
Where do you live? Who do you live with? How do you spend your time? I live in Sydney with my husband and 3 kids, 16/13 and 9. I work full time as a school nurse and my life is super busy with work and 3 super sporty kids.

2. Tell us why you're doing Kenzai body...
Any specific goals? Why now? What will success look like for you? This is my second time on Body, i have completed a few other programs but I've been in a rut for a while now and i think that starting from scratch is the best option for me. I had the BEST results when i did it the first time. It really works. I lost 23Kg. dropped 3 clothes sizes and was super fit. it is hard work but worth it in the end. I want to feel that satisfaction again.

3. A problem shared...
What obstacles do you anticipate to succeeding in this program? How will you navigate these? HMMM social obstacles are my problem. When i did it last time i went into lock down for 3 moths so i wouldn't be tempted. Ill try that tactic again.

4. What question would you like to ask your team mates and/or trainer? (Answers in the comments please!)
I cant think of one yet but I'm sure i will have plenty ass time goes by.
Happy training everyone!!!

Kenzai take 2

Hi everyone, this is my second time around . I decided to Body again because i needs to sink my teeth into training again. I have been waffling along for too long now and need to get serious. I also need a 3month plan to get me on the straight and narrow, and this is it prior to Xmas. I look forward to training with you all. :)

kenzai take 2

Hi team ,
My name is Lauren and 3 years ago i embarked on Kenzai Body 1. it was to say the least the best thing had done in years, i had amazing results and transformed my body to lean and fit. It works.
i have done since then a few other kenzai programs, all with success , however i have had a terrible year thus far because of various things happening and as a result my fitness has taken a back seat. I really felt i need to start all over again and take baby steps so i signed up to Body 1 .
I look forward to sinking my teeth into this and hopefully get the same sort of results.
I have 3 kids 16,12 and 8 and i work as a school nurse in Sydney . I have literally no time to spare my training happens at 430am most days and the weekends are spend driving the kids to all their sporting events all over sydney . looking forward to hitting the beach looking schmick in September when this finishes,
Good luck everyone!

1 week no post!

so told already and its only week 3 ! have been snowed under with work and kids sport. have been doing ok not my greatest effort but still in there training and mostly diet compliant . Had a very late nigh saturday night with the first of my friends 50th birthdays. It was actually a very healthy meal i was so happy about that. I did however have cheese and crackers and a few champers. not beating myself up though just back to it this week. This kenzai will be tough. But determined to do it.


Hi Team,
Looking forward to starting this journey with you all, i have not been very active for a few months due to many factors, so this will be a long hard slog, but ready to smash it. fingers crossed,

Who are you? Lauren
Where are you? I live in Sydney i have 3 kids 16/12 and 8. Married and i am a school Nurse.
What or who inspires you? Personal Success inspires me, i love seeing others achieve it makes me think "i can do that".
What obstacles are you facing during this training cycle? They might be injuries, travel, metaphysical, or something else altogether. I have a debilitating ongoing painful calf . Comes and goes, but very annoying, I have many 50th birthday celebrations coming up too, could be very tricky!
How do you spend your time? My kids take up most of my time. They are very active and play loads of sport. so we spend most of out weekend driving them around. Family and friends are my thing.

I have been very slack since chisel ! Dabbled in a few cycle classes but going back to work full time after 8 weeks off has proved to a shock to the system and sleep ins v workout well sleep ins won ! Completed the first workout today and it felt good although a lot of huffing and puffing . Looking forward to the the next 28 days !


So not a great start i missed yesterday because i slept in and then the wheels fell off all around me so i wrote the day off and started today instead! . I was dreading skipping again, but to my surprise did it! and enjoyed the program. I borrowed my friends 8kg Kettlebell just in case i didn't like it, but have since realised that they do make good door stops. Looking forward to this program!

Graduation post 

Well it’s here and 6 weeks ago it was terrifying what lay ahead . I can’t say it was a pleasure but it was worth it ! I feel fitter and stronger and pushed myself beyond what I thought possible . Today’s workout was in comparison to the past HIIT easy !!!! I even threw in a run and extra skips for good measure .
I missed 3 workouts in total due to my concussion , but I did walk and swim and do light exercises I don’t fel like I missed to much .
The change of pace with chisel was a welcome change from thousands of skips . Chisel 2 hmmmmmm not yet ! But never say never . See you team Ares !!!! 🤩


So I have been completing all the exercises and giving it my all to end however today I was running after finishing the HIIT workout and hit my head on a low lying tree branch . I had my cap on and my head down and ran straight into it !!!! It knocked me out for a few seconds and I collapsed on the footpath . I motorist stopped to help me and helped me to my parents who were waiting at the beach for me . I have never had a hit to the head and never want one again. . Dr gave me all clear with rest for a few days ordered . I will see how I feel tomorrow but pretty shattered if I can’t finish the last few workouts ! What a ridiculous thing to happen ! I am very annoyed and have a shocking headache to boot ! Hope everyone’s week is going better than mine ! 😩

Tomorrows work out

Just looked at tomorrows work out and i feel nervous ....Just saying! I go on 8 weeks holiday as of tomorrow, so will use that at good incentive to smash it. Hope everyone is hanging in there!!!

I thought i would combine the cycles today to knock it over faster. I did 800 skips first round followed by the HIIT workout with some extra reps so it would be less in the next rounds, however i got so confused where i was up to that i am sure i did so many more reps and exercises than i was supposed to . I couldn't remember what i had done and not done. So it backfired i was shattered and frazzled . I think i did 2500 skips and about 50 burpees ( exchanged for the hang time). lost count of how many squats i did and did i do the tire run already??? better do it just incase> so i won't do that again! haha. have a great weekend everyone!.

Working out in the rain

On the driveway and in the pouring rain! i mean torrential train. We had a months rain in 2 hours! Flash flooding everywhere. I still pushed on!, My face was like a mix of rain sweat and tears! i actually had a lady say to me "you poor thing" Not sure what she was referring to but i probably looked terrible, this was all at 5am in the morning . God there had better be some results this week! Still cant do the Double Hangs. Burpees are my substitute. Almost 2 weeks to go hooray !!!

3 cycles of HIIT

Oh my! that was intense. I was dreading doing 3 cycles and even managed to convince myself that i probably couldn't do it. However i did it and found it do able! i added a small run around the block and some extra skips for good measure. Diet on point and looking forward to a good week ahead.

Loving this program, feeling stronger and fitter every day. My clothes are looser and i can see this changes happening already. I have been super strict with everything and its paying off. Yippee!!!!

End of Week 5



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