Lauren R.

Lauren R.

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Great program 

Loved the blast! A little hard on the joints but enjoyed the 4 week program.

Beach Body

Really enjoying the break from the bands -- and getting through these work outs -- 7 days in a row has been great. And, feel like the short commitment has me better equipped to follow the diet. I really appreciate the tickets as sometimes there are travel days on planes you just can't get to a workout and it weighs on my mentally when i need to skip.

While I just did Body 2, I found the diet was harder to follow and in the first time in a year being on Kenzai gained a few lbs back. Using this to get back to goal weight, and get my mind refocused on nutrition for spring.

Also personally trying to get out of the habit of drinking during the week.

Kenzai Body 2  

It has been a fantastic 90 days. It also schedule wise has been a challenging 90 days in terms of work, life and family. I was proud that I hit about 87 of the workouts. The diet compared to Kenzai Body 1 was a little more challenging. Given it was the winter it was a little harder to eat yogurt and fruit for dinner so I had to modify as I went. My goal was to get through the winter fitter and lighter than when I started and mission accomplished. Looking forward to what comes next.

Final Stretch

Doing amazing in final weeks! Feeling so great!

still going strong

Winter is posing some interesting twists compared to summer - lot's of intense work/kid stuff has challenged me working out 7 days a week but I did travel this week for work and didn't miss the workouts.

5 weeks in a row of eating eggs/veggie/fruit isn't working for me -- it's impossible to eat that little at night particularly when traveling for work.

Insane work, plane and kid stuff has challenged me like never before and for the first time on program had to skip a workout or two. I feel physically and mentally strong and will get back on track tomorrow

Still here!

All is great - have been on vacation! Going strong.

So - coming back from ski trip I hurt my neck and decide to take days off to ensure i didn’t make issue worse. It is the first time on a kenzai program I skipped a workout so feeling guilty but going home tonight to get back on it!

Hopefully by the weekend this will feel like a distant memory


Had a great indulgence night out with hubby -- enjoyed dessert for first time in 4 weeks.

Were out west skiing - did all the work outs every day while skiiing full days, and now back and need to get diet back on track!

Week 3

Another great week of work outs, but finding diet harder in Kenzai Body 2 than Kenzai Body 1 -- I was almost perfect in Kenzai body 1 but got used to doing the sustain program and having a hard time mentally getting on the food program.

My worst offense is dinner and I've found myself sneaking some of my kids candy here or there. Need to toughen up mentally to work past those moments.

Going away with my husband on vacation this week -- so eating egg whites for dinner isn't going to cut it -- is there another dinner plan you think will work for me?

First Two Weeks

Have really enjoyed back being on the program and feel great so far.

Workouts so far have been fantastic - since I just finished Kenzai Run, am happy to be back to a more diversified workout -- with less emphasis on those big long runs.

Hardest part is sticking to the diet 100% -- I definitely maintained eating really well off program so am used to sticking to Kenzai 80% of time -- hard to switch back to the mentality to stick to everything 100% every day.

And, it is ski season -- my husband and I decided that when we are away skiing, we'll do our best to get workouts in, but wont beat ourselves up to much -- sticking to Kenzai diet and skiing can be hard based on options.

Great being back

I decided to join a week late so playing catch up! Great first few days so far!

Kenzai Run 

Had a great 11 mile run yesterday in Florida -- had to switch the week up a bit as we were flying today. It was 80 degrees and sunny and I got a little fatigued at the end but was great I was still able to finish.

My goal was to become a much stronger runner throughout the program and I am really happy with how much faster I got as a result. Most of my previous running has all just been free runs and it's amazing how much the technical and fartlek/strong finish runs help keep me motivated throughout the week.

My half marathon is in two weeks! Cant wait for my next Kenzai program.

Had a great 11 mile run this weekend -
Found the week to be awesome - following meals perfectly until dinner time.

Want to do one more 11 miler this weekend and curious if I should do another long run the weekend before my race? Basically what should two week plan be when program ends

Managed to run 10 today in record time after a grueling work week. Looking forward to week 5 - since this program ends 2 weeks early will be looking for advice on what I should do two weeks leading up to race.
Also I really wish the app populated with all the weekly work outs. I have been having to switch up some days and the app isn’t keeping pace of where I am




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