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Leah G.

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Day made

The driver of the second bus I need to get to work waited for me this AM. This is unusual and unheard of. It's a public service and there is no obligation which makes it feel all the more special.

Thanks for making my day Mr bus driver!

Keeping up

Hitting all the workouts. Not counting grams super strictly but following the food philosophy.

Did anyone else use the app to workout today and find the cycles were different? Is this correct or is it meant to be 3 repeating cycles of all the same exercises?

Anyway final week and a half and the lesson on what to do next was timely. Not sure whether to start a new program or wait until after Xmas…

Ahhh routine

I love me a routine and being back at work has me right back on track again. I enjoyed the more dynamic workout today but I'm pretty sore already.

I did my first weighted Turkish get up today and I think I've been doing it wrong previously. Anyway all went well and looking forward to getting better at them.

Mid-term break

From work and therefore the program. This week I haven't been to school where my double bells of different weights are. I have been to another gym twice but need to travel there. Basically I'm now very lazy and unless it's convenient and right there I won't do it :)

I will get back into it for the final 3 weeks with no break from work until mid-December.

Get up struggle

I think of myself as pretty fit but I really struggle bringing my leg back under me in the get up. I guess that's my weak hamstrings? I really had to watch the video, read the instructions, practice the move and re-watch the videos. Even after this I wasn't sure I was doing it right. I actually quite like the feeling of discomfort, it doesn't happen to me often :)


I just finished sculpt (which I loved) but I would say I was 70% on the diet and workouts. I started a new job and was finding my rhythm. As I start Bellz2 I've figured out some of the challenges which should help me be more consistent. The first major change is getting up earlier and working out before work.

Here is a pic of my shirt this morning. I'm ready for it to be all about the Bellz!

Final week

I've not been super compliant this programme but this week I'm determined to do all the workouts. I am seeing a difference in my legs which is cool.

p.s. do you like my PE teacher short tan!

Weekend derail

During the week I'm Kompliant but the weekend rolls around and I have program amnesia. Must try harder!

Guidance needed

Hhmm what is the difference between 1st position arabesque and 1st position touch back?

75min Yin yoga

Alternate cardio complete

Week 2 update

It's been a crazy week as I started a new job but I've hit all the workouts and grams. It's helpful that I'm a PE teacher and have access to a gym and I'm talking health and wellbeing all day long :)

Here is a pic from my workout today. Makeshift barr with steps.


I've always had a flat a!se and I'm not expecting or wanting any Kim K action but a little more junk in my trunk would be welcome.

Final week!

So excited for the final week to begin counting down. Bring on the crazy workouts!

Friday DHT hell

How is everyone else feeling when they do DHT's on the Friday workout? My arms and shoulders can barely hold my body weight never mind getting into a handstand position! The week catches up with me for this workout and its disappointing but I look at it like all body weight training is getting me closer...


I was a bit naughty and saw an indulgence coming up. I decided to cash it in early for mothers day. The fam and I went to a place for breakfast and shared pancakes and waffles. It was amazing and I'll be going back after Chisel is done.

However, today our reps get upped and an extra cycle is added. Long story short I vommie burped at the end of the workout today, it was gross.

It was nice to eat out with the fam and have food I love but the workout was harder for sure and less enjoyable. Back on the K-trainfor me which means post exercise snack right now :)

End of Week 5





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