Lee M.

Lee M.

I learning experience 

I started well, finished poorly and that was all down to me, I know that. but even now, I have pcp breakfast and lunches, dinners a little different but not mad.

The main thing I have learnt on this process is that I used to eat FAR to much and a lot of crap. 

The Program. Well done Patrick and team, it works so well. Guides you along the WHOLE way. The video tips for correct form are great when you start and something everyone should use. Diet - hard at first to get ya head around it, thankfully I had some tips from PCPers of the past + the food log was great when it came online

Head down now for my next boxing match in September. 

Thanks again 

no 7's for me

didn't hit the 7s this year, so feel great. training going well. diet struggling a little but still feel good

off to the land of powder (Niseko) on Wednesday, cant wait

day 64

on advise from Teo, DONT go back.

So I will take a glass of Harden the F#ck up and get back involved

off to the gym at lunch!

alive n well

safe to say I have fallen off, but in good shape. weight stayed the same at 79kg and still running, work been crazy + a holiday in between not ideal. may have to dial the clock back and kick on from week 7. As I have said before, relaxed as I have learnt a lot about food and what I eat. time for head down and back in the groove. this time next week I will be right back into it

new PB run

Its far to say I have fallen off the bandwagon a bit, whilst going on holiday and some nights out. but I'm getting back into the groove.

Today I recorded a PB since training of 8km in 40 mins. very happy about that. was nice that it was cool this lunch time in Singapore as it was raining.

off to gym for exercises. 

back on the program

alive n kicking

Just had a great long w/e in Bali. I did manage to train, but wasnt PCP compliant on the food front. No point in lying!

back into it this week, training, running and boxing. feeling good.

Urbanathlon DONE

completed my first Urbanathlon on Sunday. I have to say I was really pleased with my time, 14km and 9 obstacles in 1 hr 21 mins. Really enjoyed it. The fact I have lost 5kg and gained a lot of strength has really helped.

The exercises are going well and I'm liking the new exercises, good to have new challenges. 

Off to Bali on Thursday, running on the beach and doing the exercises NOT at 5:30am will be a treat. When I get back from Bali its head down for the next month and really push hard.

2 Lee McQueen's

there is 1. PCP compliant Lee McQueen and there is 2. I fancy a booze Lee McQueen

last night number 2 came out. done it some style though! shared a bottle of champers and a bottle of Sassicaia with a very good friend! home n tucked up by 11pm so not silly. 

I'm keeping strong on the exercises and loving the increase. boxing training is fantastic and running is fine, although only a few 5km runs this week. Most importantly I am sticking with the diet. 

weight has stayed around the 78-79 kg level however muscles coming through.

Have to say I do feel very good. learnt a hell of a lot so far through this process and the key to a healthier me going forward


some seriously good work outs over the w/e. Boxing and running Saturday. Sunday PCP workout plus some shadow boxing.

Good session tonight. This counting skipping jumps does my nut in. I am good at skipping so I have changed to a new strategy, 15 mins skipping 3 x 5 mins with 30 second rest in between. my rhythm much better and on my calculations I am well over 150 (per min) x 15 = 2,250  thoughts on this?

food good. a mate told me to boil eggs in advance and take out the yolk, easy enough.

shower and bed. up at 5:30am to train :-)


had a day of rest yesterday, energy levels were low and crazy at work. 

Today was a new day, up at 5:30am and felt great doing skipping and exercises. Ran 8km at lunch. nice steady pace and feeling good.

off to bed early tonight as I have boxing tomorrow morning at 9am til 10:30am. lunch at home then off for a foot massage me thinks.

picked up race pack for next weeks race....link below if you want to have a look


really looking forward to it, should be fun

just a quick one today....laters


1st training session at the boxing gym post broken finger in December. Absolutely loved it. after 3 x 5 mins skips (well in credit now!!!) and the following exercises. star jumps, shuffles, lunges, squats, burpees, plank, walking plank, touch jumps, mountain climbs, press ups, speed punching straight then upper cuts all for 30 seconds per set....NO REST then REPEAT....boom, that hurt. on to shadow boxing, play sparring, then technique work. Then on to the bag, followed by sprints and finally ABS.....Wicked workout. back again Thursday. this morning nailed skipping and exercises, felt very good, pull ups not good but will keep trying. with less weight and greater strength its only a matter of time! Food, mrs has been cooking up a storm so well happy. She is a diamond missus. off to bed and will get up 1 hour later tomorrow as I need rest and will train at lunch. Fight 3 in October at a lower weight class is the goal and am feeling on track

Snooze button

I was very tired at 5:30 this morning and banged the snooze button a few times!!! So out of bed and done my 1100 skips, then lunges and in order not to be late I packed my push up bars and bands in rucksack and went at lunch for balance. The good thing is I felt amazing so added 2 more reps for each set, done extra abs and finally some more biceps and chest. 

broken finger healed so I'm off to Vanda Boxing Club tomorrow for first session, very happy about that. will include 15 mins straight skipping, I'll be 5000 in credit!!! hahahaha 

tonight got a well earned massage

until tomorrow PCPers

Day 22

Had a blow up Friday night!!! naughty boy. Several reasons, but oh well I blew up. Its only 1 night. Now back on track. 

Really enjoying the training and the fact they are getting harder is good.

3 weeks til Bali holiday. FOCUS on looking good for the beach

keep pushing

see results = feel good = push harder = see even better results!!

thats what I was saying to myself at 6pm whilst sitting in the office about to either A. run 10km home (which I really didnt feel like doing) or B. get a taxi. 

I choose A and ran home. absolutely shattered when I got home, as I was before I left work but I pushed through (the 2 hills near home and 29 degree heatmeant it hurt a lot) 

Hopefully after 90 days I will look back on this blog and make sure I am still pushing. What you put in is what you get out!

Mrs McQueen cooking me a lovely dinner then its early to bed tonight.

day 16

after watching the tennis and going to bed at midnight, I couldn't get up at silly o'clock to do exercises! went to the gym at lunch instead which was good. shame my rope snapped....however Mrs McQueen was a superstar and found a pukka adidas rope, different wires and weights, cant wait to try it out in the morning

dinner was fantastic tonight - small portion ok-ish. Mrs cooked a mean pad kra pow = wicked + rice + veg. all set for lunch tomorrow as she made a job lot. 

finished the evening off with a 4k run with the wife. stretched out and now bed as I am tired.com

got to say I'm in the groove with this program and feel really good

until tomorrow PCPers 

End of Week 6





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