Leigh Ann S.

Leigh Ann S.

Let Freedom Ring! 
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It is 4th of July here in the US. For me, it meant a day off of work, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also enjoyed my three day rest period, but I was definitely ready to get back to working out on Wednesday and I did. Worked out today, too. Felt great. It also felt really great to get back to the grocery store Monday after being out of town for 10 days. It was second nature and I breezed through the store, stocking up on fruit, veggies, protein & bread. Was in and out in less than 20 minutes. 

I know I've said it in a few of my other posts, but PCP is a program that fit my personality. And I would recommend it to anyone that cared to listen long enough. The results, physically and mentally, have been beyond measure. Things have changed in such a way that I won't be able to go back. A few more lights have been turned ON. And I'm forever grateful.

Since freedom is the theme for today, I thought I'd make a list. 

• Free from ever needing or thinking I need a gym membership
• Free from any fad or trend that might try to win my attention
• Free from thinking I need to do it perfectly or not at all. I have never thought of myself as a perfectionist, but in this area of life I guess the notion that I couldn't mess up kept me from getting started and sticking with a program
• Free from my weekly chiropractor visit. Since starting PCP, I decided to hold off on chiropractic care and what do you know? My neck and shoulder pain that have been with me since college are gone!
• Free from putting butter on everything
• Free from feeling like I need to explain my choices to those who are just trying to justify their poor choices
• Free from the scale (although I was never one to really weigh myself before, now I really won't bother)
• Free from my daily Dunkin' runs. I will now keep visits for coffee and donuts to a minimum
• Free from all the size 8 pants and shorts I bought last summer and back into my favorite cutoffs that DID NOT fit last summer. I almost got rid of them, but thought there's no reason these shouldn't fit!
• Free from the false thinking that I'm NOT athletic, NOT strong enough, NOT a runner (granted, only two runs under my belt so far, but I have a feeling there will be more in my future)
• Free from saying "No, I CAN'T have that" to "No thank you" or "No, I don't WANT that"
• Free to be the best version of myself

I am still not free from my sweet tooth, but I think my relationship to it has changed a lot. I feel more in control of the situation. Granted, I don't want to give it up forever, but the control is key. 

Thank you to Patrick for developing this program and sharing it with the world. Thank you to Sarah for her support over the past 90 days. Thanks to the rest of my group who continued to kick ass, blog and post their inspirational photos that helped keep me going in my own little corner of the world. Thank you to Jillian Michaels for providing the most inspirational photo I could think to use for my project.

Thank you to the people in my life here who supported my decision to begin, helped me take photos, noticed the changes, supported my food choices and requirements or simply let me do my thing and not be offended when social invites were politely turned down. True friends are hard to find and I know I have a core group that simply make my life better. 

Enjoy the summer everyone and show off those new bodies! 


Day 90 has arrived. Finished the day's workout. Feel amazing and accomplished. My PCP wasn't perfect (like they said it wouldn't be), but I think I did pretty damn good! And I'm happy with the results today. And more importantly, I feel ready to continue. More later...final blog and photos coming soon.


Day 89
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Can not believe tomorrow is Day 90. Time is flying. Today is my last day on the mountain. Tonight I'll head back to Denver, visit with more friends and then Sunday is a travel day. I'm going to be upset leaving this mountain. I've had a most wonderful time here and there is so much more to do, see and explore. Gives me plenty of reasons to return. 

Yesterday, we went to Maroon Bells. It was, again, stunning, breathtaking, surreal and magical. 

About to get today's workout done and then I'm not sure what else the day has in store for me. Don't have any definite plans, except need to be ready to hit the road to Denver at 5 pm. 

Day 88

Strength training done for the day. Cardio today will be a hike around the Maroon Bells. Looks pretty amazing from the photos on-line so I can only imagine how it'll look in person.

More later!

Sensory Overload
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Still having the time of my life in Colorado. Yesterday found me out hiking solo on the Rim Trail. My friend had to work the day shift. Her resort gave me a ride to the trailhead and I definitely got my cardio in as I was immediately greeted by a mountainside full of ascending switchbacks. It was amazing how much easier the climb was after almost 90 days of PCP. I did have to stop once or twice, but I'm thinking that was more altitude related. Either way, I was happy with how I felt and performed. Once at the top, my friend suggested I veer to left first to go to an overlook spot and check out this giant yin yang that someone installed in the ground. Glad I took the detour. It was awesome and the view of Mt. Daly was stunning. After that I double backed to the trail and took my time and plenty of stops for photos along the way. The wildflowers are in peak bloom right now and half way through it occurred to me that this is my version of Heaven. The views were amazing, the smells were intoxicating (mostly sage and pine needles and just good old dirt). 

After that it was a well deserved nap and then out to dinner when my friend got off of work. We walked a bit down the mountain to an amazing restaurant where she knows the owners and got some serious first class treatment. It was very nice. I did have a glass of white wine, but managed to sidestep the free kamikaze shots he kept bringing over to our table. Yikes! He did bring out ONE dessert for the two of us to share and share I did.

Today's adventures took us horse back riding near Independence Pass. And I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but it was AMAZING!! Once again, one of Tara's friends here totally hooked us up. It's a new operation and they kinda needed guinea pigs and people to have the experience and then help spread the word. And spread the word is what I'll do, because it was just perfect. Hit Aspen for lunch and then back to Snowmass to chill out by the pool for a couple of hours. Just finished up my workout, cooked myself dinner and getting ready to head out. I'm loving life. Hope everyone is kicking ass!! 

Alternate Cardio
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Woke up early this morning and completed the day's strength training before the rest of the crew woke up. Cooked breakfast for myself and one of the other guys staying at the house, packed up some good PCP snacks and ventured down to rent bikes. We cruised 15 miles from Snowmass to downtown Aspen. It was an absolutely perfect day to be out and about. The views are simply stunning. I can't get over it. 

Once we returned the bikes, we grabbed some lunch and then took the free shuttle back to Snowmass and still had a bit of a walk up the mountain to my friend's place. So my heart and legs have gotten quite the workout. I feel GREAT. 

Super Moon, Super Night!
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Wow! Wow! Wow! We arrived in Aspen around 5:30, checked into my friend's room and then took the free shuttle downtown to have dinner. Decided on sushi, which was mostly PCP compliant. Probably could've had more veggies, but no alcohol and no dessert so I was happy with my choices.

While waiting for the shuttle, my friend brings me the newspaper which shows that Ben Harper was playing a concert in Aspen and tickets were still available!!! He's one of my top 3 favorite performers. Ever. So I met up with my other friend, Tara, and we ventured out to find the music tent. The show was awesome and toward the end of the concert, the giant super moon started to rise over the mountain. It was awesome. Could not have planned it better. Was a perfect "Welcome to Aspen" Party!

So I know today is typically a rest day, but I owe myself a few workouts (#74, 76, 79 & 81). This morning I completed #74 and I'm saving the cardio for the afternoon when Tara & I are either going on a hike or bike ride. I'm sure it will more than suffice. Really looking forward to getting back outside for the day. Right now we're changing to go on the gondola ride. 

Song of the Day: Steal My Kisses From You by the one and only Ben Harper!


Winner, Winner

I ended up waking up super early. Worked out before my friend and her little guy even woke up. Enjoyed my after workout snack while they rolled out of bed and got ready and ended up running TO the park, most of the way AROUND the park and then BACK TO HER HOUSE. I'm not exactly sure of mileage (and like the scale, kinda don't care), but Kristine is telling me it was definitely over three miles. Whaaaat?!?!

Food, shower, pool, mountains. Here we go! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Highs & Lows
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Yesterday was GREAT! Hot as hell, but great. Nothing beats spending a whole day outside. My friend & I got to venture out yesterday while the nanny watched her two year old son. Felt like we were right back in college. We drove south to Garden of the Gods and Cave of the Winds. Both were pretty spectacular. Garden of the Gods provided stunning views and a PCP cardio session not to be messed with. My friend was awesome and had her fridge PCP stocked before I arrived, complete with 2 dozen organic eggs, plenty of fruit and veggies, bread, quinoa & brown rice. We packed our lunch and snacks and found a shady spot under a tree to enjoy our PCP picnic. From Garden of the Gods we went to Cave of the Winds and being in a cool cave was the perfect balance after being outside in 95 degree weather all morning. The cave was awesome and added another mile or so of walking to the day's activities.

When we got home, we made PCP salads with quinoa and planned the next day. While I boiled a batch of eggs. It's so nice to have supportive friends around while I finish this portion of the program. 

Today's agenda includes a .7 mile run to the park where my friend will continue her 4 mile loop run (with Joey in the baby jogger) while I work out and then a .7 mile run back to the house. Then we are packing it up, heading to the pool at the country club and then onward to her condo in Aspen. 

Rocky Mountain High

Arrived safe & sound in Denver yesterday. Whole day went nice & smooth. Actually landed a half hour early. Grabbed my friend's car from the airport parking lot and found my way to her house. Something about these western states that I really love. I can instantly feel the openness and expansiveness. Got to my friend's house and unfortunately chose nap over strength workout :( But I was super tired. So I owe myself yesterday's workout. Planning to do it on Sunday. Last night we went out to eat and my dinner was PCP compliant and I did add a glass of red wine. It was tasty. 

Was up early this morning to get the workout done. Thinking cardio and some extra will get done today as we venture out to Garden of the Gods. I'm really excited to get outside! 

Want to see some crazy ab exercises...I just stumbled upon this one this morning. This guy's body is amazing. Some nice, probably doable, variations on the plank. Will try them tomorrow. Just finished up 8MA after PCP abs. Feeling good. 


Now to find some breakfast and a grocery store to stock up on food for the next few days. 


If my plane crashes today and I get to do nothing else in life, I will die happy today. Today I went out for a morning walk, but didn't walk. Not once. Not the entire time I was out there. Years and years and years ago when I first moved into my house, I jumped in the Jeep and clocked the distance once around my long block...it was .7 miles. Today I RAN THREE AND A HALF TIMES AROUND THAT BLOCK!!!!! That's 2.6 miles folks. Are you kidding me?!?! I will sing the praises of PCP from now until I die...which hopefully won't be in the plane heading to Colorado. LOL

But seriously, if Patrick and this amazing crew ever need testimonials, once I'm a fan and a believer of something, I don't shut up about it. Last time I felt this strongly about a professional was when I met my hair stylist, Flave a few years ago. If he dies before me, I will just shave my head and not bother anymore. That's how damn good he is. Luckily, with PCP, I have all the tools and information I need to continue on my own for a loooooong time after Day 90. Wow! Super! Excellent! I can't believe it.

I meant to wake up at 4 am to get cardio and strength done before my flight, but it's not looking good. There are a few loose ends I want to tie up at home before heading out. But my jumprope and resistance bands are packed and I'll workout this afternoon in Denver. I'll have a few hours between the time I land and the time my friend gets home from work.

Oh, Sarah, thanks for that link this morning. I was almost going to bail on morning cardio until I read that blog post :) You rock!

Let's go team!

Another Full Day

Another full day just as I was expecting. Work, got home a bit ago, did some cardio and now debating between catch a quick nap before teaching, eat or strength. I think quick nap might win, then yoga, strength and late, light dinner. Not ideal, but if I don't nap I might not make it through class.

Getting hot and humid this week. Not taking much at all to break a sweat! 

Can not believe this is the beginning to the end. I definitely don't feel ready to stop!

Work Hard, Play Hard
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Yesterday was a FULL day. I had the MudWorks booth at a retail show. I managed to get my cardio done before the show, but did not get the workout done. The show was at a farm. It was great to be outside all day listening to the cicadas. I spent most of the day barefoot and enjoying the sun. The show was not a huge success sales wise, but it was a great event and I'm sure over the next few years it'll get busier and busier. 

This morning I volunteered to teach yoga at 5 am at a Relay for Life event at the local university. That meant a 4 am wake up, run to studio, pick up sticky mats and head over to the stadium. For those unfamiliar (as I was), Relay for Life is a 24 hour fundraising event where sponsored groups walk the track ALL day and night. Someone from each team has to constantly be on the track. While I was just waking up, they had been up all night raising money for cancer. It was an honor to teach them yoga. I had a good group of people show up and they were very grateful for the change of pace and the stretching. When I got home, I did go back to sleep for a bit until I got a text from my friend to meet him for breakfast. Timing was PERFECT and I didn't hesitate to say YES! Right down the street we have a pretty famous jazz club and they now serve breakfast on the weekends. Really, really good breakfast. And we sat out on the porch so it was extra enjoyable. After breakfast, I did my own cardio and most of the strength workout from yesterday. Right as I was finishing up triceps, same friend texted again to see if I'd like to join him for a river outing in his boat. Uuuuuh, let me think about it?? YES. Told myself I'd finish up abs afterwards. Grabbed my suit, water and a snack and away we went. The Delaware River is so absolutely relaxing. i don't think there's a faster way to relax and lower one's blood pressure than to get on the river or even near it. It is miraculous. Got back around 5, finished up abs, plus 8MA and am feeling great. It was a perfect day of work and play and I feel relaxed and ready for my next three days of work and then it's COLORADO!! Tonight will be laundry and starting to pack. 

Higher and Higher

Still feeling like a machine. Feeling like I can tackle anything that might come my way. Feeling high as a kite and it's all natural. Just a little sweat equity in the morning to set the tone for the whole day. It's pretty amazing. I am starting to feel like a broken record about it. Wonder if I'm annoying or inspiring those around me...hopefully inspiring. Haha!

Vacation is getting closer and that is adding to my excitement. The sun is shining today so that helps, too. It feels like my heart is about to leap out of my chest...I'm feeling so good it's hard to contain it all.

Going to ride the wave. Was just thinking it was time for indulgence #3 and then bam, this morning woke up to the message. And they're spot on, I'm not as excited as I was on the first one. I'm worried that I will feel ill if I eat a heavy meal complete with sweets and drink. Eeesh...guess it'll all just be part of the experiment. Cravings are still at a minimum which is downright awesome.

At work now...more later!

In The Zone
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Something has shifted. I was just out for my morning walk and I am in the zone. The do not fuck with me zone. Pardon the language. But that's what it is. I'm ready to kick ass and I'm not letting anything or anyone get in my way.

Today is going to be a long day. Work, appointment at 5:30 and teaching yoga at 7:15. There won't be time to get off course. The day is so tightly packed. But it's all good. Only a few more days until I head west. Need to get a bunch of stuff in order before I go. 

Final Photo

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