Leontine C.

Leontine C.


I really loved Chisel (is that crazy??). The work outs were right up my alley and the diet really would have been manageable IF I had more self control. I probably give myself a 99% effort on the work outs but only a 60% effort on food and in a program where diet is arguably more important than exercise I probably could have done better. Alas....can try again next time! Thanks as always for all the support!!

Week two in review

As expected - I nailed all the workouts. Even did two of the challenges on Sunday. Diet only about 70% there. Two meals out that weren’t great. Managed to skip the alcohol, but couldn’t resist the carbs!! Always my downfall. Also meals out coinciding with stress doesn’t help. Try harder this week!

Timing of food

One more diet question...do I have to eat all the food for each of the meals in one setting. I’m thinking mostly about the breakfast as I may want to split that up into two mini morning meals. Is that ok? Thanks!


Wow- those 28 days flew by quick. Though my reboot wasn't as successful as my KB1 or Kenzai Run programs, I do feel that my excercise regimen has been rebooted and I do feel fitter than I did at the end of the summer after 2 months of total slacking on the excercise front. I managed to do all the workouts in the program (except the last 4 which I am finishing up this week because I started a new job at the end of last week and so was too tired for the gym), which means I excercised for 24 days in a row! That's pretty good I think.

But the diet, oh the diet, I need to work on that and will definitely continue to work in it.

This is my third Kenzai program and I am still a fan!! Hoping to get myself psyched up to do KB2 early next year. But the thought of the diet just kills me!! So we'll see. For now will just get back on Kenzai Life and shoot for the 5 days excercise regimen.

Day 28!

I haven't been that great in the past few days. Missed a few work outs that I will finish up in the next two days. Reason being I started a new job last Thursday! Food was only so so - but that par for the course this reboot. Going forward I know I need to work harder on the food aspect of Kenzai and just stick to what I'm doing exercise front as I've been doing very well on that!

Will write my graduation post later tomorrow after I finish the last workout!

Food demons

So I'm kicking butt on the excercising! When I did Kenzai Body I really only excercised 6 out of 7 days each week but been getting excercise in every single day plus my weekly kickboxing. So I do feel fitter and that is nice. But I have just not been able to get the diet down. I don't think I've been eating a lot, just not followed the diet like the way it should be done. :(. It's just so hard we I love food sooo much!! Will try my best this next and LAST week!!!!

Weekly challenge 2!

Artisanal Italian pizza lunch for kids and hubby. Quinoa salad, balsamic olive oil dressing on the side for me. Trying my best to stay good! (That's not my Gatorade in the picture!!!)

Diet not going that well!

So hard to stay on diet!!! Haven't been that good this week because of a lot of pre-planned social engagements, Mid-Autumn Festival and the Kenzai diet just not being satisfying enough at other times. Excercise totally on point now and even doubled up Wednesday with the Kenzai exercises and a round of kick boxing. Need some encouragement !!!

Survived the weekend!

So husband out of town this weekend means I had double parenting duty for the 3 kids. Managed to do the work outs, which wasn't that hard given it only took me around 30 minutes each day. Diet was not 100% though. I ate pretty clean and ate the right food groups but just didn't have time to weigh the food. Though I'm pretty sure I probably under ate rather than over ate. Going to try harder this week but got a lot going on including two previously planned parties to go to. So wish me luck!

Weekly challenge

Thanks God the awful rain stopped finally! Was able to do some jump roping outside today! Couldn't get an action shot but have some HK buildings in the background and a bit of green!

Starting the diet

So I pretty much stuck to the diet plan today in terms of food categories - but I was really bad at the weighing. It was just a crazy day today and I had to eyeball everything - meaning I probably didn't eat enough. Sigh….I had problems with this in KB1 and will have to try to be better at eating everything at the right time!

Reboot Day 1

Excited to start reboot and get back on track after an indulgent summer with the kids. Fighting off a cold so not ideal but did feel more energized after the Day 1 workout. I'm also super excited that there's an app now! As always with me, the diet will be the most challenging part of this month. But lucky I've got two Kenzai buddies joining reboot with me to motivate me.

So I already wrote my graduation blog entry a few days ago for Kenzai Run….but I actually hadn't run the final run yet and today I did - all 13 km!! Very excited to report that I did it and did it in 1 hour 35 minutes. 6 weeks ago when I started the program I remember thinking…13 km! I could never do it! And it was hard, but doable. I thought it was especially awesome that I thought the the first 10km was not bad at all - it was the last 3 km that was the hardest. So very glad I did this program and though I am still not a very good runner, am definitely much improved now and will try to continue running!

Almost done!  

So not really ready to graduate yet as I still have my 13 Km to do. But am not sure how many days I have to write the graduation post so thought I'd write it first. Been a busy couple of days as its my kids' last few days of school. Was all set to take the plunge for the 13km today but got side tracked and got to the gym too late to run all 13 km before my lunch appointment. Plus at 5km I was just out of breath and sweaty. Guess it just wasn't my day. I'm hoping to find some time to get it done in the next week. But kids off school so arghh!!!!!

The program has been wonderful though. I do feel that I am a better runner now and much less afraid of running anything over 3km. Thanks to the team and Malia for all the support. I truly enjoyed the fartlek and strong finish runs and will incorporate them into my fitness routine. I would much rather do one of those than a long distance. I do think I can run a 10km now, which is awesome. But I do want to train until I can run it more comfortably and without any breaks! I don't think I will ever be really that excited to run any longer distances than that though.

Until the next Kenzai program....see ya!

Rest day!

Yay!!! Rest day! Nothing new to report. All the runs/strength training/cross training went well. Nothing too exciting to report.

Very excited to legitimately have a rest day today. But it's like the calm before the storm.....THE BIG ONE IS COMING.

End of Week 5





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