Linda M.

Linda M.

Kenzai Body | Day 46
Kenzai Body
Day 46
Program progress:

Because I want to feel stronger and more energetic. That’s why!

On Wednesday this week I missed my training and cardio and had some guilt feelings and not really proud of myself.

Missing training for reasons like being sick or in some instances, for travel, are good reasons I think. However, it was just that I was out and about helping my sister and niece do a Costco run that it became too late and I was exhausted. I told myself, Linda, you need a rest day anyway. Trying to legitimize myself. Well, it worked momentarily but then I got the guilts.

Instead of “making up” for my missed workout, I just went at my Thursday session with positive thoughts. To my surprise, my body almost craved the workout and I told myself, never again miss a training session unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. 🥴🥴🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

So, how do we use the egg yolks when they are leftover from the whites? Today, I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away so had 2 yolks for breakfast in place of a full egg. Is this not a good practice?

Otherwise, maybe I will use the yolk before breading a piece of fish. What do you folks do with the yolks?

Just can’t understand it but my motivation to exercise in the last several days is pretty null. I forced myself to jump about 200 but did manage to finish the rest of the exercise yesterday. But today, again, I’m having a hard time getting motivated. ☹️


Half way through my indulgence day I realized what I wanted most was best enjoyed in the morning. So for my indulgence that night I savored a very nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

HOWEVER, I still wanted my bakery treat. The next day I went to Bakery Nouveau in the morning and picked up a twice baked chocolate croissant and a twice baked almond croissant. These two pastries were shared between four of us at my firm. They were delicious and I was happy to share.

Some might say I cheated the indulgence. But I say, it was just split between two days. After all, some people have whole dinners off Kenzai as their endulgence. I DID stick with the exercise and the two days’ diet, otherwise. ☺️😊


“Cheat Day”

That’s it! I’m going to cheat tomorrow night and have a glass of wine with dinner before going to a play. Da_ _ it all!

BUT, I will do my best to eat all of my veggies and drink lots of water. Deal?

I’m having a hard time with some of the exercises and jumping because of continued pain on my low-mid back. However I pushed through yesterday with 320 jumps and did manage to finish the crunches - trying to focus my attention in my abs while doing the reps.

Somewhat discouraged this week.

Easiest/Hardest parts ?

Well, the easiest part of Kenzai is reading and understanding the lesson of the day. It also gives me inspiration to stick with it.

That hardest part of the Program is a toss up between “too much food” and “jumping with a sore back.” I manage eating most of any given meal but find myself leaving about a quarter cup of food for the compost and my timing can be off because I take so long eating the main meal, that I’m not really ready for “the snack.” For the jumping, I have managed with doing a switch off version of the exercise throughout the week by alternating jumping one day and the next fast walking on the treadmill or at the park for 25-30 minutes without stopping.

Keep on, keepin on. 👍

PS: my veggie breakfast scramble with a little itty bit of goat cheese.

so much food!

How does anyone eat so much food? I’m having a hard time getting through al the food.

Tonight my low to middle back was very painful after 2 1/2 reps of jumping. I must have strained it while snow shoeing.. I will try again tomorrow.

Jump rope better

Finally, I was able to do at least 35 jumps without stopping briefly to catch some air and it is getting easier

Oh so sore!

Yep, I knew it. The body is sore everywhere. Used a hot pad last night and fell asleep 💤 fast. My kitty tried to move in on that warmth, but I wasn’t having any of that. 😁