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Liz B.

Kenzai Sculpt | Day 21 (Member)
Kenzai Sculpt
Day 21
Program progress:

In the bum and legs...keeps me going through the crazy packing and moving week ahead!

I’ve got this.

Staying with it

Had an “off” weekend with a yard sale and other craziness. Food and drink intake not good. We move next week, so lots of craziness, but I’m doing all I can to stick to the program. Got back to it today and feel so much better.

Bring on the impending chaos and here’s hoping I can keep my center throughout...I’ve got this.

I like that, in sculpt, the workouts rotate and feel more different day to day than the body programs.

Finding the strength training workouts to be looooong, though. And I assume they’ll only get longer. Can’t do those at my usual morning workout (5am wake up) so going to try doing barre workouts in AM and strength training in the evening. We’ll see how that works with the kiddo schedules.

Anyway, getting into the rhythm...

I could barely do 5 min of jumping today! Legs and butt are TIRED. But that just shows me the switch-up of focus is working...good to feel a burn in a different way.


So far so good with Sculpt. I’m excited to switch it up a little from Body programs. To intro myself, as Jess requested - I live in Marblehead, north of Boston, MA in the US with my (Kenzai warrior) husband Hugh and our 2 (Kenzai avocado-toast loving) girls.

Really psyched to be focusing on my bum and all the rest of it, and starting the Pilates tomorrow will be fun. (Or maybe ask me again tomorrow...) Just glad to be switching it up a little. Need to sort of interrupt the “same old” Kenzai routine.

See you all out there! 🍑🍑🍑🍑


This last week, week 4, was busy. We sold our house! And Reboot lost out a bit in the shuffle.

But, moving forward...I intend to finish the week 4 workouts this coming week, and then onto Life until Sculpt starts in May? Or maybe Chisel in April? I hear that’s intense.

But you know, go big or go home, right?

Thanks Ward and fellow trainees for a re-energizing 4 weeks.

Onward and upward!

I've been wobbling

As Ward suggested in his video message...and I'm paraphrasing since I forget his exact words "if you've been wobbling, get it together!"

I've been wobbling.

I'll get it together for these last few days.

Here I go!


A little behind in the blogging, but I'm reading and loving these here are both of them in one post:

For Week 2's challenge, I went out to a tex-mex restaurant with the hubby the other night. I decided that fajitas would be a better choice than a burrito or something else drowning in cheese and sauces. With fajitas, I could pick and choose what I put on. Note in the photo...just a TINY spread of sour cream and a sprinkling of cheese. Tried to emphasize the protein and veggies.

For Week 3's challenge, here I am hamming it up with my Dad, circa 1988. Always with the bangs and the perms.

Feeling the reboot-ing. Though yes the workouts have felt short and on the easy side, it’s catching up to me. My legs were tired while jumping and then I remembered it was leg day. But the soreness feels good. Reminds me why I need to be doing this.

And egg white dinners, how I’ve missed you! Seriously, I sort of have. There’s no thinking about dinner, just a clean easy meal. (And how is it that I sort of enjoy an apple slice dipped in Greek yogurt.)

Hope everyone’s having a good week 2.

Reboot Intro

Hi Reboot-ers! Glad to be there with you. I live in Marblehead, MA, which is a coastal town north of Boston, MA in the States. I'm happy to be Reboot-ing after a few months (most of Dec, Jan, and Feb) off from a program, but eating clean and working out here and there. My body definitely is "softer" so I'm glad to be tightening things back up - body AND habits.

As far as exercises - one of the toughest for me are the tricep dips - I groan a little when I see them, then I smile my way through.

My daughter took this photo of me this morning - "on location" at home, surrounded by snow. I WILL get a beach jump-roping shot at some point, but for now, here's my typical skipping spot.

So glad to be starting Reboot today - had to jump rope on a snowy deck but got it done. Feeling much better already, getting back in the groove after taking Dec, Jan and Feb off (other than SORT OF eating clean in that time). Glad to be with you all!

KB2 - check! 

This is my second time completing KB2, but this time without an injury. Overall, I did well. Some holidays and family events, as well as some tough life moments, interrupted me a bit, but I do not feel disappointed in myself.

As Sharmali said, the fitness journey never ends. Hugh and I, as we've completed several Kenzai programs now, have really started to think of this as a marathon, not a sprint. So when things didn't go quite as we hoped in these last 90 days, we know that there's time to step it up. And there will be other times when we "step it down."

From my first Kenzai program, KB1, I've made some major life changes and developed better habits that have stuck for over a year now. And I'm proud of that.

For now, looking forward to going into "Kenzai Life" mode, working out 3x/week through the next few weeks into January. From there, likely another advanced program in 2019.

Thank you, Sharmali and Jorge, and to our awesome team - you all were fun to blog with. See you again soon!

Happy holidays and 2019.

Feeling grateful

American Thanksgiving came at a nice time for me this year. It’s a good reminder of how much I have to be thankful for.

Including you, the Kenzai world, and our predictable (and challenging) workouts. Felt great to feel that deep burn today. Feeling thankful and fatigued.

Now off for some Small Business Saturday holiday shopping...

Hope all who celebrate US Thanksgiving had a lovely one.

Here I am

Been off the blogs for a bit...had a loss in my work life, my wonderful boss passed away suddenly earlier this week. I work at a school, so we are reeling and trying our best to support each other and the students.

Though Kenzai has taken a backseat in recent days, I find comfort in it. I've been looking at my jump rope and look forward to returning to it this weekend, bringing with it some semblance of normalcy.

Tim, my boss, was an avid cyclist, so he'd approve. He'd tell me to get my butt moving.

Sending love to all of you in Kenzai world. I'm appreciating you all, most of whom I don't even know in person, but nonetheless I'm glad to know you and have this village.

Out of the corner

Been a bit “in the corner” as the recent lesson puts it.

Here I am, excited for a strong last 4 weeks. Bring it.


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