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Liz B.

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Blasts, I’ll be back! 

I love the idea of the blast! While travel and my foot issue kept me from doing it “by the book,” I did enjoy having something to keep me on track over the past U.S. summer weeks. I’m feeling good, and looking forward to my next workout routine as we prep for fall and back to school around here. Hope everyone else is feeling good too!

Riding my bike

Hope all is well with everyone! I've been riding my bike more often than any other cardio, again because of my foot injury a few weeks back, and it's been feeling good. My legs are sore in a different way from when I would jump rope, so I can tell it's working different muscles. And I definitely seem to sweat more and get a tougher workout. Good stuff.

Still here

My foot injury (and then other related soreness) has kept me light on this program, but I AM still here. I’ve been riding my bike and walking as alternative cardio (still hard on my foot to jump rope) but all is well.

Hope others in T-shirt Land are doing well!


Holy moly.

Looking forward to a little “blast” in my workout routine this summer. I have a foot injury that will keep me light on the cardio for this first week, but I’m getting going. (In my last week of rest on the foot but will pay close attention to how it feels as I up the impact on it.)

Looking forward to a fun 4 weeks with all of you!

I'm putting it out there so that I stick with it...I just finished the actual program, but today I started again on my own. Using the archives for the first time, I'm going to work through the workouts on my own and stick to a strict diet on Kenzai Life, as well as I can.

Wish me luck, and I'm going to blog about it to keep myself on track!

Well, not considering this a graduation... 

But rather a finish of Sculpt phase 1. Our moving houses in the middle here really derailed my ability to finish strong, but I hope to do Sculpt again, my “phase 2,” as immediately as possible. I really was enjoying it. Is there another one starting soon, I wonder. Will look now to see if I can view! Seriously, I can’t wait to do it again.

I hope others finished strong and are enjoying the results!

But workouts have still suffered this week as we try to get acclimated and settled into new house. All last week I was faithful to diet, and I actually could see that I was on track in terms of what my body was doing. Goes to show it really is 80% diet. Trying to get back to the workouts in this final week, though, since that other 20% is important. And I can tell that another Sculpt program is in my future, because I’ve really enjoyed it.

We moved this past week, so the last 7 days have been a complete disaster in terms of Sculpt. The good news is, I haven't stopped moving my body with the packing/unpacking. The bad news, I missed workouts, weekly photos, blogs, and diet.

Yeah, yikes.

This move got the best of me, but because of all of our unpacking this weekend, I was able to pack healthy lunches for my girls AND even weighed my food and packed my lunch for tomorrow, using Week 5 diet.

So, I'm back. I'll get back into the workouts tomorrow too, though the unpacking continues this coming week.

In the bum and legs...keeps me going through the crazy packing and moving week ahead!

I’ve got this.

Staying with it

Had an “off” weekend with a yard sale and other craziness. Food and drink intake not good. We move next week, so lots of craziness, but I’m doing all I can to stick to the program. Got back to it today and feel so much better.

Bring on the impending chaos and here’s hoping I can keep my center throughout...I’ve got this.

I like that, in sculpt, the workouts rotate and feel more different day to day than the body programs.

Finding the strength training workouts to be looooong, though. And I assume they’ll only get longer. Can’t do those at my usual morning workout (5am wake up) so going to try doing barre workouts in AM and strength training in the evening. We’ll see how that works with the kiddo schedules.

Anyway, getting into the rhythm...

Legs. So. Tired.

I could barely do 5 min of jumping today! Legs and butt are TIRED. But that just shows me the switch-up of focus is working...good to feel a burn in a different way.


So far so good with Sculpt. I’m excited to switch it up a little from Body programs. To intro myself, as Jess requested - I live in Marblehead, north of Boston, MA in the US with my (Kenzai warrior) husband Hugh and our 2 (Kenzai avocado-toast loving) girls.

Really psyched to be focusing on my bum and all the rest of it, and starting the Pilates tomorrow will be fun. (Or maybe ask me again tomorrow...) Just glad to be switching it up a little. Need to sort of interrupt the “same old” Kenzai routine.

See you all out there! 🍑🍑🍑🍑


This last week, week 4, was busy. We sold our house! And Reboot lost out a bit in the shuffle.

But, moving forward...I intend to finish the week 4 workouts this coming week, and then onto Life until Sculpt starts in May? Or maybe Chisel in April? I hear that’s intense.

But you know, go big or go home, right?

Thanks Ward and fellow trainees for a re-energizing 4 weeks.

Onward and upward!




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