Lorna D.

Lorna D.

Disappointed, but not disheartened  

I am aware that I have not got through my reboot as I should, or would have liked. Mainly as I had a very disjointed month, being away a lot and not able to be completely focused (selfishly possibly) on myself.
I have been heartened by all the lessons and encouragement from all and of course Ward, who like all the trainers are just so motivated and keep us upbeat and encouraged to keep going and not to allow the setbacks and failures to be too big a deal. It’s making the effort to carry on and take the Kenzai way of life onward that’s most important. All the lessons are amazing.
I will be back, I know I will never let the basics of Kenzai go, it is a part of my life now and it’s great to be able to look in and see how everyone is doing and feel a part of mind and body changing programmes.

Final few days

This reboot has gone very quickly and I am sorry that it has.
I don’t think I am quite ready to finish up and will probably carry on for a few days.
As I said in the last two blogs I have had a few blips, but back on track.. just have to seriously think of reasons for being strict, then think, ‘why have I wasted those few days’!,,
Interestingly it seems that there have been quite a few difficult days for some of us. - is it the time of year ? I wonder if doing this in the winter has a better overall result. - Ward????
Keeping up well with exercises, not all are the daily ones chosen, but happy with alternatives.
Above is my chosen message to myself. I shall have to keep looking at it!

End of week

All had gone well, despite my 2 days away and a lunch out, with small blip, managed all exercises and the compromises I made a I think were ok. That is till last night.
We were out for dinner with friends, and I’m cross with myself as I just had to say no to pudding and cheese, and a couple of chocs, but didn’t!
I’m not sure quite what makes one fly off the rails, anyway all I can do is get back on track and stick really strictly to what has been set out for me.
I know from reply to previous blogs of similar content that it’s better to do that than starve or change eating patterns for a couple of days -(I think)
I know where my failure lies and no one can rectify it but me,
Am Keen to get into last week!,

A long time ago

Find the best time is getting all exercises done as early as possible, Having a bit of difficulty with some of the arm exercises, but managing alternatives.
This week has passed very quickly and I have only just managed to dig out a school photo., sitting in the centre-!Trouble is that in the days before digital and ability to share photos and moments, I was usually behind the camera!

Time flies,

Having been away staying with friends on Monday and Tuesday, it was tough sticking to the daily gram allowance, never mind the non choice of foods! I didn’t do too badly, but I’m afraid that I overstepped the mark today as we were out for lunch apart from probably having double /treble my grams -I chose to have a home made choc pot with Crème Fraiche! Oops!
Interestingly what has been said about continuity is s0 true, as if you do stick to the programme it does begin to show, I could feel it, however I’m really quite cross with myself for letting things slide for a couple of days. Grrrr
I have been doing spin classes as well as the exercises and that has been better for my shoulder, managing to burn quite a few calories.
Next 10days.........can’t let myself down, again!!

However, I have had a struggle this week, we have had people staying + 3 boys under 8, so I have not been able to selfishly do my own thing and missed training on Tuesday , also I have to hold my hand up and say when we were out I had a chunk of meringue (with fresh strawberries 🍓) and the chicken we had came with a sauce, which I suspect was not the most calorie free.
BUT, I’m back on track and when out, will keep as near as I can to the portions and correct foods.
I have found that I have been getting quite hungry around early evening, (I sympathise with you who have tinies to feed ,,, ,,, very tempting, ) and although I haven’t eaten the wrong things, I know that I have had too much yogurt and fruit.
This, I suspect quite a lot has to do with habit. And habits are hard to break.
It’s true that 4 weeks is not a long time to stick to a very strict regime.
A strong body happens with exercise, a slim body happens in the kitchen !

Happy I’m here again

England’s green and pleasant land- I think not this summer , we have had such a long spell of dry hot weather, completely out of character, hence the pic of my grass! Very crispy and dry to jog on!
I have been happy this week, done all that was asked, and on the subject of food, I had forgotten to add anything about my childhood dislikes in the intro.. don’t really remember any, but do remember loving fresh fruit and veg for salads, in the olden days (as kids say!)we only could have things that were in season, so it was a great treat when the soft fruit season came and winter veg was so good.
My most difficult thing is portion control, so I have to make a real effort to weigh things and not cheat!!

I did it! 

Not having (sadly) access to great lighting, make up and air brushing, my photo hopefully shows me feeling that I have achieved something! And enjoyed it all , well enjoyed it is not the first adjective to spring to mind for all of it !
I will admit I was not the most dedicated student all of the time, but the one thing that has made the biggest impact on me is ‘CONTINUITY’ , that is what makes the biggest difference.
Rome wasn’t built in a day and Kenzai has shown me in K1 and K2 that even if you fall off the strict programme for a couple of days, all is not lost, get back into it, your body will readjust pretty soon and keep going, Trainers, you have been fab, and all the lessons and comments will be remembered and I for sure have found these programmes life changing.
Well done all,!

Mixed feelings-

So near but so far!
The end is in sight, but I feel quite fired up these last few days and so the end still seems seems a long way away!
I have either been hitting everything correctly or just not quite finishing all exercises and diet properly. However I’m sure that after tomorrow I will look back and see that I have achieved quite a lot. I am not dissatisfied with my participation but I’m in unison with Brenton in wanting to continue, so maybe that means I’m still focused - AND enjoying it so much I can’t let go!!!
WELL DONE everyone

5 days and trying

Despite my lapse yesterday, I am taking on board the fact that finishing up having done the last few days to the best of my ability will count for something good and not put a mental dent in my whole achievement. !
All the wise words from the trainers and those behind the ‘lessons’ have really made an impact and are stored away. A lot of sense and things I never really thought about have been brought to attention. Life changing .

Easter Sunday

Run 40 mins- weather been so wet and variable, got a dry spell !
All family home - hands up to confess: had a chocolate egg!! 🤭. It was lovely 😋 ! Happy Easter

At last

After 2 weeks of skiing in different places and a week away again, it’s great to be back and have the time to be able to catch up on all the lessons and blogs from others .
I have been reading with interest all the lessons and especially a mention in day 74 - 💯 about giving the body the right food at the right time and how the body likes a digestive routine, - having failed at this recently, I do know that it’s true!
So now we hopefully have a routine with regard to food and workouts for the next 2 weeks, -looking forward to it!
A word for the trainers and whoever else writes these ‘lessons’- Awesom’. How you manage to hit the nail on the head and have something constructive , honest and true to say everyday amazes me!
Thank you !

Can’t compete,!

S0 impressed by Angela, sounds such a lovely start to the day. ,!
I’ve just been on a pathetic run in comparison, but sun is out and stopped to do my 40 lunges and similar squats overlooking the sea - having the sense of some kind of achievement feels good!

At last!

That’s more like it! Up and out for run in rain this am, has taken a few days to feel back to anything like normal.
Enjoyed Patrick’s chat about being lazy, makes me feel better and motivated to finish the last two weeks with enthusiasm!


Afraid have missed the last couple of days workouts. Was travelling all yesterday and have been feeling very sub par and demotivated for the last few days, which is such a shame after the last weeks very active skiing - did take Patrick’s chat to heart and will get back with vim and vigour tomorrow (hopefully!) I don’t like to be feeling this near the end of the challenge, but tomorrow is a new day ,! Photo coming up




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