Lorna D.

Lorna D.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 44 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 44
Program progress:

I have had bit of a unsatisfactory time, few cheats, not completing workouts, busy with everyone, but me ! BUT now we are at the halfway point, it seems like a springboard chance,- can’t undo things I have done and no point in getting morose about the little blips - — guess I’ll be like the little donkey, plod on up through life’s earthy showers and hopefully reach the top successfully—-Hee Haw !


Looking at everyone’s photos is spurring me on to get the shape I want- Jess your is amazing!

Give up

Sorry, but I have written two blogs and am being told there is a prob and I can’t send them.
Dispondent about this, why can’t I retrieve?.

wrong sport!

Meant the lacrosse stick Jess and thanks for words Sara- loved hockey too!’


Given myself a good talking to and Feel fired up today- good HIIT session at gym and will do the arm resistance work out shortly.
I know sticking to the diet is my MAIN focus.
Liked the chat today Jess, and noted the hockey stick on the wall - Seen a few of those around our house in years gone by!!


Am onway home tonight after skiing -I must admit I have been a bit of a Jeff- (as in today’s lesson) ,making guesses as to amount of grams when scales aren’t available and knowing that as I’m back to being my best tomorrow, a few ‘treats’ and such like aren’t going to make a great deal of difference - after all I have been skiing hard every day - BUT I am very well aware that they will have ! (And when travelling you do nothing but sit on your bum)
So it’s hands up and prepared to admit that I have not been as strict with myself as I should and could have been- here’s to the next few days of getting back into the groove and conscientious in the weeks that follow!

Helping video

Just watched Patrick’s chestdip video and it was a help for me, as with my I injured shoulder I just haven’t the power to do them properly, I was interested to hear him say that an alternative is not really the answer, as nothing will suffice!


Skiing this week, beautiful 4 days then the snow has been falling thick and fast!
Couldn’t get into internet as Microsoft decided as I was in a strange country I couldn’t access my hotmail account- grrr really annoying, all well now.
Re exerise, - skiing all of the days, so this has had to suffice instead of skipping or running, weights (bands) haven’t been in use I’m afraid, but been swimming some afternoons after skiing. Food has been lovely -well we ARE in Italy! But I have made good choices and portions have been small. I’d say kept within my limits but One major blip has been the array and I mean amazing array of deserts and little petit fours at dinner! Only a few😳!😬
Too snowy to go out this am, so will use the mini gym again (partly in the dark as the light is on a timer switch!!)

quick one

We have had no internet for 2 days - travelling most of tomorrow to Italy to ski for the week/ feeling focused and looking forward to challenge - got all exercises done minus about 3 that I can’t manage (weak shoulder/injury) - impresses by all who have managed to keep to strict and correct meals!! I’m 80%

one result !

If achieved anything - was one of three still doing plank in class after 2 mins!
Exercise going well, but determined to get to grips with proper eating times - I just don’t know why I’m unfocused on this - BUT skiing next week do will have to knuckle down to meal times when they are presented! And no fridge to access!! Whew!

25 mins rowing plus resistance machines yesterday, I don’t normally go to the gym on a Sunday, as we usually have hoards of family round, but it was a good change and enjoyed it!
Just had an extra pot of yoghurt and fruit which is not on my diet, ! WHY do I do that, I’m annoyed with myself, it almost like a self destruction button.... is making a cup of herbal tea the answer??
Quiet week which is good , so got food and excercise sorted! I hope I will be writing an enthusiastic and positive blog at the end of the week, plus a photo that was not taken from the worst angle possible!!!


This week every day I have been meaning to ‘check in ‘ ! Usually I can chirp away easily, but I have not been at home this week and of course mean to do it every day, so..... I must remember ‘never put off till tomorrow what you can do today ‘
Exercise has been ok, done a few runs ( we have had nice frosty weather so it’s been a pleasure to be out- I add a photo from my house today am) and spin today rather than skip, I can’t manage the ‘davinci’ because of my shoulder, or tricep dips on chair, so have been doing alternatives!
Diet has not been consistent, mainly as my daily schedule has been all over the place, but I have eaten all the right things (bar a bag of crisps and a few cashew nuts) but not necessarily at the right time of day! And consistency I think is very important! (I know, I’ll get a black mark from a trainer!!)
I’m enjoying being part of a team again and taking note of all other blogs and remarks!
Knuckling down now, going skiing in 10days time, so diet will be interesting,,!

Here we are again!

Looking forward to this , I hopefully have retained all the great information that was given to us in the past. And great to see some familiar faces on the pages-Happy new year all !
I have been quite good overall since my last reboot/ski, but what with Christmas and the rest I’m afraid that during the last couple of weeks I have been putting away a few ( well, a lot!) of crisps and chocolate! And I don’t even have a sweet tooth!,
I think it’s a bit of : we are about to get the diets everyday, so I’ll just have ‘a last ‘ treat!, hmmm not much good I know .
Bring it on!,

The last blog! 

I do wish I were going off skiing next week and am jealous of all who are!
I have not been the best student on this particular ski boot, but all the support and funny anecdotes from you all has made it a really fun programme! Not sure about the taught body Ward, but I have 3 weeks after Christmas to get everything in shape, - that is, mind and body!
Having done this, a reeboot and KB 1, the difference in mindset is amazing, I really feel that it has changed my outlook on life considerably and I am looking forward to joining up with you all again for the next challenge!
No problem seems too challenging for all you trainers, always coming up with sensible and good answers , most of all, helpful advice, all coming from your experiences over the years. So great to know that it will coming pinging through after the question !
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and wonderful 2018.

Not at home this week, so have to hold my hands up and surrender to the fact that I can’t give you a fashion pic of me in my ski gear!
I have been getting the exercises in and doing my best at eating right foods. But was at a Carol service and had mulled wine and mince pies- passed on wine, but a couple of pies somehow disappeared off the plate!! I know my diet could be better !
I had not planned to be away this week and it is disappointing as it’s the last week of the programme- I’m excited for all you guys about to charge into the snow- I have to wait another month! Looking forward to reading about all your last weeks dedication!!