Lorna D.

Lorna D.

Yes I did it! 

I have almost been avoiding writing my graduation post as have such mixed feelings of achievement and sadness that it's finally over!
But I did achieve what I set out to do, interestingly I have only lost about 4+ kilos, but have dropped 10% body fat and my clothes are nice and comfortable which was the aim!
I said quite a few things in my blog 'uncanny' about a week ago and still think that the lessons and motivation from all the trainers is so impressive and they are so knowledgeable re the ups and the downs - never a discouraging word!! Sure you felt like saying it tho sometimes!!
The most impressive thing for me I think ,has been the change in body shape all over and not just looking a bit slimmer.
I did not / was not able to give it my all during the last week, which I was disappointed about but I have managed always to go to the gym, do classes which included CV and weights and generally work out at something everyday even if it has not been the set exercises.
I still think of the expression of 'don't over think it' when I think I am not doing things right and a good balance is as important, still have not had any alcohol ... Yet, - I have'nt really missed it and I have been a good taxi service to all!!
You are not getting rid of me guys, I want to shape up and trim down more and am looking forward to seeing what is on offer.!!
Well done to all ... Doug, amazing tenacity, and results !!
I'm sure all the blogs coming in will be just as impressive and I hope you have enjoyed (if that could possibly be an adjective I'd use!) as much as I have!!
Thank you Kenzi a very interesting journey !


How often do I think or voice an opinion or thought (usually negative) about something and Hey presto the subject comes up in the next day's lesson!!
I find the lessons brilliant and very helpful especially when things seem to be taking a downward turn, I know all you trainers have been here before, but keeping our motivation and enthusiasm going is really great and I'm so grateful to you all, also for all the comments and info I get from the other blogs, knowing we aren't always alone when things are tough is really something to remember.
I really want to continue trying to keep fit and loose more weight and I bet I'm not the only one!
Looking forward to Reading what is to come in the next lessons!!


The last few days I have had really strong cravings for sweet tastes - more like sweet fruit- grapes/nectarines and such like - I know I don't really need them but it's a bit of a compulsion! Weird- trying to stick to times I should have fruit but I'm afraid I'm finding it difficult especially at night!!??

today's lesson

Interesting lesson on how to take a good photo-! Great shot of the very fit lady- however even with the best lighting on the planet I'm amused to admit that this mother of 5 will never have abs like her!!

I started this week with vigour and determination to focus on me and be pleased with the achievements- however it hasn't happened like that - things cropped up - like : suddenly having to do a hospital run, take grandchildren for a morning- nothing that I was not very happy to do - but my program went out of the window and I feel guilty I haven't managed to 'do it all' - I guess it's just get back on track and think what I have already achieved and not what I haven't!! Also I suspect with only two weeks to go I'm feeling a bit unsettled about not getting my morning lesson - motivation and encouragement from you guys!!

Semi indulgence

Had mainstream BBQ with family on Sunday, but didn't 'go for it' as I actually didn't really feel like piling my plate up, but had a hit of everything, had loads of fruit later with yoghurt, which I love as its a sweetener after main dish. - I did have quite a few Doritos, like a bag - with salsa, nice at time , - not nice afterwards! Very salty and machine made!! Yes, I agree that your stomach really gets used to the smaller amounts of food and I am interested to see when I have a larger portion of protein what effect all the extra chewing and digesting has ! this might happen tomorrow as we are out!!

Strange reactions

Since the middle of last week I have had mixed feelings about the ending of our programme. One minute I'm happy that I know I have achieved weigh loss, although yet to get on scales, clothes much looser , but on other I swing between euphoria and low esteem, just can't work it out. I Have had busy last few days with family ( school holidays) and get frankly cross that I can't get on with my Kenzai in my own time! All meals included in this ....... Which means I'm unhappy that I'm not doing it all to the letter (so not doing better,🙄)
Is this normal -ish?? I just want to achieve more!


Panicking a bit as just realised there are only a few weeks to go!!
Had busy weekend with 14 for lunch on Sunday, all healthy food (of course!) but did have some Pavlova and a couple of choc truffles- (0ops forgot-and a couple of fresh crab crostini's) - too much quantity rather than bad quality, so the last few days have been getting back to focusing on the GRAMS!! My downfall if I'm honest. - and eating at the right time.
Clothes are definitely much more comfortable- but it's the next few weeks that are really going to matter for me

Joining the gang

I also seem to have had a bad week last week, not so much with the physical side, but feeling quite low and demotivated! Felt that I wasn't getting much out of the exercises and they were a drag to finish, somehow it all seems to take longer to complete than before!
I know I have lost a few inches from my shape all over , haven't been on the scales yet, I guess I am hoping to look in the mirror one morning and say 'wow' - but it hasn't happened yet! However I am taking note of the lesson that tells me that the fat goes away all over and not just in the bits you look for in the mirror!
I have been for an early run for the last 3 days for my cardio and have benefited from the outdoors and country scenery!
Do enjoy reading all the other blogs, So, staying positive and taking comfort from the fact that we are all in this together and we can't all be perfect all the time!

forgot to say:

After golf- (marginally justifying it) -I had a square of choc n nut brownie- in fact quite a large square- but I took it deliberately as my treat and enjoyed every little bit!

I'm somehow looking forward to the next few weeks, but think it will be tough, as although I know I have lost some kilos, (haven't been on the scales) ,but clothes are a little looser, have to concentrate on doing the best I can to shed the older and settled weight and sticking with the continuity, which will be the hardest part.
At the end of week 7 was dispondent, as felt pretty flat and not motivated, was not able to get all workouts done, due to where I was but I guess that I had to just let that go and think of the next few days and weeks. Felt better last week and substituted jump ropes (which as had forgotten to take) with runs and swimming.
Finding the lessons a great help, mysteriously accurate and I totally agreed with Doug on parts of his blog! In fact the lessons are a great motivator, so thanks guys!
I'm not as good as some at being organised with cooking or weighing out foods days in advance, and found the lack of protein for dinner a bit difficult , but I have all foods to hand and resolve to 'do better and stick to the letter'!
Am managing to get substitutes organised for the shoulder exercises that are painful, other exercises going well, and Metronome has improved I'm pleased to say!


Surprised to read that I can have as much vegetables as I want, interesting as I somehow wanted to stick to my allotted original amount!
I think overdoing fruit tho, and stomach is suffering a bit as a result.
Another 'treat' wow, as we are going away to the British Open golf tomorrow for a couple of days I won't need to worry as much about how I can stick to my weighed amounts when don't get a choice!

Having had a mental dip last week feel much more positive today!
Was at a party yesterday , sit down buffet, managed to eat most of the right things, but of course way off the scales! Did have a delicious lemon mousse pudding, so decided it would be my treat 'yogurt' for the day!
Managing exercises, and have alternatives for cardio as knee was playing up again, did 3.500m on rower, which was OK as no weight on leg. Really feel for you Dirk, at least I can do an alternative!
Chat from our great leader this morning was uplifting and I enjoyed hearing it!

Hanging in there!

Find I'm really looking forward to reading the days lesson, in fact I have gone back a few times to get an answer to something. I think these lessons are essential to keep us all going , plus the blogs from all, I know a I have been quiet for the last 10 days or so, but some of you are great at it and it's always fun to read - and helpful.
My issue at the moment is that I like to do exercises before I eat, also I'm in the luxurious position of being able to go to the gym most days and classes which I like ie: Spin, HIIT and circuits(they are at 09:30 usually) , but then breakfast runs into lunch and timings of meals are all over the place .
Evening meals are fine, but then as I know I can have fruit later, I tend to have it then and maybe yoghurt also. ( and usually too much) I know I need a slap on the wrist, so please trainers give me info on how I can sort this!!- so that is probably what I am 'fed up with'
Anyone finding the otter kicks get the hipflexors aggravated? Should I sit up more or lie back further??
Liked the fact that 6packs are made in the kitchen! So true as we all think it's the gym and reps that do it!!- we all have the muscles under there, it's just getting to them!!


Is it possible when doing exercises to skip one - (with a view to returning) I don't seem to be able to get to the next exercise without needing to complete them in sequence??


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