Louise C.

Louise C.

Kenzai Sculpt | Day 22 (Member)
Kenzai Sculpt
Day 22
Program progress:
Diet Diet Diet

I love the feeling of eating such healthy food. I wonder why when Kenzai finishes I fall back into old habits? I can managed Kenzai well when I remove myself from society but a bit of peer pressure and the will power disappears. Would love to transfer lots of these habits into my everyday life. Any good tips?

Love the Barre

Have been trying my best to stick to the programme. Have missed a couple of workouts due to lack of time. Love the Barre. A great workout. Looking forward to the buns of steel!!

Day 1 - Done!

Exercise done for the day. The V sit nearly finished me off. Going to enjoy one of my favourite kenzai breakfasts of avocado and poached egg on toast.


Thank you kenzai for making me feel fit and fab!

Diet is going really well. Really enjoy the healthy eating aspect of kenzai. I am skipping everyday but have found some of the exercises haven’t happened for one reason or another which is very disappointing. Tomorrow is a new day...

Late starter....

Joined the program a bit late. Ready to take on Kenzai

Camping and 30 degrees heat does not mix very well with Kensai. However I was more disciplined with my food and didn’t drink too much!

back in the game!

Been off piste for a while now. Am back on my feet and ready for action!

Continuing to diet well with the odd exception. Finding it hard to get back on the horse and exercise again. Was doing so well and finding it hard to get back into the rhythm. Still managing the skipping.... counting it as my life line.

having a bad week

Really struggling with the exercises this week. I am feeling over whelmed by the volume of exercise and it has had an adverse effect so I am just burying my head in the sand. Diet going well. Exercise a disaster. Help!!

This kills my lower back. Don’t think I have the core strength to do it. Is there a substitute that I can do instead??

Egg Whites...

What an earth do you do with 2 egg whites for supper? This is certainly going to shake things up next week!

keep going!!!

Nearly a third of the way through. Come on everyone you can do it!


Had an injection in my ankle on Friday which has put me out of action for the exercise. I’d forgotten how painful it is! Slightly disappointed as I was on a roll.

Hoping to be able to do the cardio or something tomorrow.

Diet going well.

weekends are hard!

Whilst I do really well in the week with my eating and exercising. The weekends are challenging, especially after celebrating the Royal wedding!