Louise M.

Louise M.

Disastrous Day

I always knew yesterday was going to be hard - up at 5.00am making sandwiches for the girls tea and getting time to eat my breakfast!

We left the house at 6.45am for a round trip to the swimming pool to pick Olivia up, then school and then another hour or so drive to the other side of London for a client meetings - I arrived about 9am. Managed to get morning snack in on the way though but missed lunch altogether since we were at a clients house and can't really dive into their cupboards!

After the meeting had finished I had to jump back in the car and dash back to school, back to the swimming pool for the girls 5pm swim lesson. I found an egg sandwich to eat there along with grapes and an apple (and 2 biscuits). Felt terrible though since I had missed lunch.

Arrived home about 6.45pm and had some steamed veg with my egg white - if truth be said, it was a pretty depressing dinner. Was glad to get into bed and forget it. Today will be better, not so much driving today - hurray!


I had all good intentions of roasted veg for dinner last night. Got it in the oven, got distracted by my daughters reading / general getting into bed delays and look what happened!! Frazzled!

I resorted to carrot and coriander soup instead. Not quite right but in the circumstances this was the best I could do!

Other than that, going ok, slightly stressed from my girls crazy schedules (swimming, dancing, singing, school) and work which isn't helping but trying my best. Doing better on the food front rather than the exercise which hurts my foot. I can't exercise everyday as it is too much and it will make my planta fasciitis come back more and put me out again so I prefer to do less exercise but stay in the game.

Well it's the skipping that has done it, of that I am sure, so had to skip ['scuse the pun!] the skipping and rested the last couple of days. Will go and see my physio who did some acupuncture on it which cured it last time. Highly annoying though. Any other ideas of what I can replace the skipping with in the cycle workouts? I do my workouts at home so don't have access to rowing / bike machine. I currently run once a week and that's about as much as I can do otherwise it's too much impact.

Apart from that, diet is going pretty well, a few slip ups here and there but on the whole all good. I prefer the cycle workouts they are much more 'fun' if I can use that word?? I'm pretty tired after completing but in a good way.

Good day today!

Did well today - dinner is cooking - salmon and veggies - I am starving so trying to distract myself since I know I am in my danger zone of a cup of tea and a biscuit!!

I found lunch too much, I only have a small appetite and find it hard to clear my plate when I have 180gsm of veg, the protein and the carbs.. struggled through but left some. Fruit snack in the afternoon was ok though.

I am enjoying the workouts, prefer the shorter cycle workouts rather than the 15 minutes skipping which I find a little repetitive and it hurts my foot so this works much better for me. I also had lots of incentive to get my leg over the chair on the 2nd exercise since I am doing them in my living area and I have rather nice chair that I like very much and didn't want to put a dirty trainer mark on it!! This was the only one that wasn't too high.. picture below!!

Chisel | Week 1

Hello All,

I'm looking forward to this program and getting down to work to tone up and hopefully lose a few kgs along the way.

I am based in Kent and run an interior design business which is a great job but busy! I also have 2 super sporty girls so spend quite a bit of time either at the side of a hockey field, a swimming pool or a dance school.. unfortunately they are never doing the same thing at the same time so I can't slip off to do any sport myself so have to resort to doing first thing the morning!

This week is going ok, swapped my cardio on Sunday for today as I went running with a run club which was hard work - think sprinting up hills and trail running... feels good afterwards though! I have been concentrating on my food as this is where I have slipped in the last few months. My shopping trolley today was very kenzai friendly so not much in the way of temptation in the cupboard - its the only way to do it!

Hope you are all having a good first week!
See you on the blogs

plodding along

Been working on the diet and working out which has been good - I have hurt my shoulder so have changed up some of the excerises to accommodate - its getting better though which is good - should be back on form by next week.

Diet is much better than when I started the reboot which was the whole point so feel I am making progress on that front too!

bike riding!

Yesterdays cardio was a bike ride over the country lanes to the shop....I did feel a slight fraud on the way back with the croissants for the family hanging on my handlebars! (I didn't have one though so maybe thats ok?!)

Cycling is a new thing for me - I love the freedom it gives you - all I can hear is either the wind in my ears as I whistle down a hill or my huffing and puffing as I go back up the hill and yes I was overtaken by other cyclists but they all said hello!


I usually do my work outs from home in my back garden as it is the easiest and quickest place to make sure I do them. As soon as I come back from the school run I am on it. If I don't do it then, I know it will get left behind and the rest of the day will take over! Picture below.

Weekend was good, stayed off the wine which I am pretty pleased about - even though I was at a 50th birthday party on Saturday night!! Took the car so there was no chance I was going to drink and no one could argue with me either so a good result all round.

Here's to week 2 - it flies past!!

Diet going well!!

Rather pleased with myself, I was out all day yesterday, walking, walking, walking (around London) but managed to stay on plan and find a perfect lunch place for salad, fish and some sourdough.

On the downside, didn't get to do my exercises since I was up and out early doors, picked the girls up from school, sorting them out and then taking my daughter swimming in the evening - by the time I got back it was 8pm - so tired I flopped in front of the TV with my fruit snack....

Still by the amount of walking I did, I reckon I got the cardio section done - which after reading todays lesson is the most important!

Back on track today, exercises are down straight after school drop off.

summer living!

Summer has been fantastic with lots of socialising and of course lots of wine and things that aren't quite Kenzai! I reckon I have put on about half a stone so it's time to get back into shape and rein things in a bit hence reboot to get me back on track!

Looking forward to shaking off the cobwebs and getting back into regular training...

week 8 already?! 

It's been an interesting journey, a much harder program than I originally thought and actually harder than any of the other programs I have done! I think this is because most of the poses were unknown to me as I haven't really done much yoga before so that was challenging in itself.

The PNF bits were seriously hard, however I did find it useful when I was trying to stretch my back further for the physio stretches I have been given so that is surely some progress on how it is supposed to work!

The other thing I found difficult was the weekly picture!! I don't generally have anyone around when I do my exercises and since you need one in a pose I found this a little tricky to actually get one - hence I am still on week 6. I will endeavour to get a final one up and compare to those original ones that we did!!

I enjoyed the program, I think my favourite thing was the morning stretches which I am going to continue. I will also include a body balance class each week which was brilliant and incorporated all the poses we have been working on.

Thanks everyone for your support and blogs that I have really enjoyed reading.


So I finally got to the physio for both my back and foot.. it seems they are linked so have been given some extra stretches and exercises to strengthen my glutes! There was also talk of some 'dry needling' in my calf which has a knot of muscle that is very deep which I suspect another reason for my PF. So all in all a good session and I am hoping to make some progress.

I have also booked myself onto a body balance class this week to see if I have improved from doing this course! I have been very good at doing the morning exercises and these are now part of my routine. This weekend was a right off as I have been in the theatre all day and night (since Friday) with my daughter who has been performing in a show! (And she was brilliant I am so proud of her - picture attached in their ballet outfits, Holly is the one pouting her lips!!!) Today I was exhausted so came home and read a book - how lucky am I that I can get to do that on a Monday?! Swimming this evening with my other daughter which was BOILING hot. I actually wished I was swimming which is a very rare thing! So family life has taken over but back to it tomorrow, onwards and upwards for the final push!

Feeling Low

Hmm well it's been a funny couple of weeks - the half term really put me out of sync and I haven't really found my rhythm since. I have been doing the morning exercises and I generally do the middle and last ones together at nighttime. My diet has been off and I can feel I have put weight on - I also think it is because I have stopped exercising bar the 25 mins in the evening - whereas I was doing an hour before on KB2 so this has taken some adjustment - think I need to go back to doing more exercise, so went for a run this morning, ignoring my PF which I will just have to manage.

I find the PNF stretches really really hard and they hurt like hell so don't necessarily look forward to them, although could feel a slightly bigger movement today in the open leg bend.

Will try harder with the diet, I'm mostly there, just the odd thing that is non-compliant that have crept in more and more and I find myself craving things that I didn't before - it's a slippery slope. Will have to reign it in.


Wow these are hard - on the wide leg one, I can't seem to move my legs any wider!! Still I'll keep going with it and see if it improves. I am even aching today from yesterday's stretches (my butt!) Back still stiff so still grappling with this and my planta fasica has come back which is highly annoying. Must get to the back specialist - you know what it's like - everyone else comes first in the family organising all of them before me. I forget to ring everyday until I do my exercises and think damn I must go and see someone!!


Just read todays' lesson - I think I get a pop overtime I do my first back bend of the sun salutation in my chest somewhere. My husband has even noticed as it's quite loud!!

End of Week 2





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