Lucinda R.

Lucinda R.

Slow and steady

Evening from Singapore Centaurans,

So my Sunday night greeting to you still remains upbeat as I’ve never eaten so well and exercised so much, for SO LONG!!!

Of course, I’m having struggles, like you all, but am VERY focused on the positives and seeing this through to the end. Like Heather, my biggest frustration is that results have been slow. So I’ve amended my mental projection of what I want to year end and actually, I’m ok with that. I initially thought my dreams would be realised in 3 months, but this is a long term lifestyle change not a quick diet right!

So, new things to note at Day 56 are:-

Coffee - consumption has reduced from 3 a day to just 1. Replaced with Green Tea. I hated the latter before, and my new found enjoyment of a healthy cuppa has even surprised me!!!
Sweet Treats - replaced with low fat natural yoghurt and frozen berries. I don’t even think about chocolate.
Swimming - has become everything to me. I love it and am getting both physically and mentally stronger every day that I do it. So I’m going for a trial and looking to join a proper swimming club. I wouldn’t / couldn’t have even imagined this a year ago!

And here’s my photo update, which I decided to do in my swimmers as it’s relevant to this post. There’s still a long way to go in my view, but this costume is a 10. I’m in it - just!!!!

Keep going team - let’s all make it through to Day 90 together!!!!

Yoo Hoo

Well hello there peops, long time no see! So sorry for my tardiness. A combo of life and also I’m social coms poor (really).

I’m still very much going strong, though it’s fair to say, I’m in the Kenzai Valley and frustrated that I’m not changing shape more quickly.

I had my first major break from the regime around Day 41 when I went on a farewell boat trip. I’d fully prepared my accompaniments for hours drinking sparkling water (mint / limes), but somehow got sucked into the occasion, and ‘accidentally’ switched to rose. I won’t lie. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the next day, got back on the Kenzai saddle again.

The skipping as you all know was switched to swimming a long time back, which I really love. I’m doing 1000m every day currently, which is now 3 x more than I could do before I started. This is increasing in length and speed every week, much as your skipping will be doing the same.

For me, the eating is totally down pat. I was explaining it to a friend (whose keen to sign on) earlier this week, and she said I made it sound so easy, which honestly is the key to success. We bulk by eggs, avocados and sweet potatoe each week along with good quality meats. Lunch I buy near work from a wonderful healthy outlet. I store fruits and yoghurt in the fridge in the office. I rarely feel really hungry. I never ever crave sweets, biscuits or anything with processed sugar. I’ve cut down my coffee by one cup a day. I drink herbal tea in the evenings. Who am I????

The one BIG downside is my social life, which aside from rose fest at the boat party, has really reduced due to lack of invites. I’m becoming a social pariah! There's been a few comments now, along the lines of ‘we didn’t think to invite you as you’re not drinking’ or ‘it’s really not your thing any longer’. I’m really struggling with this, and any useful tips would be much appreciated. Is anyone else experiencing the same?

Not much to report

I've been feeling pretty grotty last week. Fighting off my sons germs. Stuck to diet including those delicious egg whites (urrrghhh) and exercised twice only. Feeling 100.00% again, so back in the game and fully focused! Not the most riveting post. Think that summarises my lack lustre last seven days.........

So, that's now my blog background. The mountains. Chosen as they represent this Kenzai experience (if I'm honest) and also because my husband is from the mountains in Norway and we love it there.

So, speaking of metaphorical mountains - this dinner combo - it's not gelling for me (though I get it's easy to prepare hahahahaha). Are peops doing anything clever / interesting with the egg white / fruit / yog mix, that they can share? Thoughts please!!!

Big week with a number of firsts.....

1. I'm the owner of a swim cap and matching googles, and actually wear them. Skipping's been swapped for swimming full term now, for a number of reasons, but this rhythm is working beautifully for me and I'm seeing results.

2. Valentines, was up to Kenzai standard affair. Low protein and veg dinner for my husband and followed by a 6.5k walk, from work to home, along the Singapore river, and beside the a beautiful art / light exhibition / display. Not a whiff of champagne!

3. I went 'out out' last night and ended up in a classy establishment called 'Brix' for those peeps in this region - SOBER. I managed a free flow bbq, eating a Kenzai inspired selection of foods, while drinking sparkling water, and then went out dancing till the early hours. I'm here to prove it's possible to be fun on Kenzai! Yes, there's a degree of peer pressure to drink. Yes, there comes to a point in the evening when everyone's wasted and you realise you're in a parallel universe, but those were outweighed by waking up this morning feeling human.

4. Lastly, I wore a dress last night, that I'd last fitted into 4.5 years ago.

I think I've got this! Long may it continue!

Week 2 done!

Anyone else VERY VERY FULL??? I am really struggling with all this food. These are words I never thought I'd say when on a diet hahahahaha. The portions seem enormous and I'm struggling to digest these quantities of food. Pasta and bread, ditched. Hello sweet potato. Outside of that, I'm feeling fabulous and sleeping the best I've done in years (this is in part with thanks to the children).

Evening all

Great reading all your blogs this evening, and hearing that everyone's on track and getting in the groove. Really impressed with the food organisation and this feedback has motivated me to do the same going forward. I'm eating dinners much too late (around 9pm) as I'm cooking from scratch and after the children have gone to sleep. Otherwise the other meals are going really well. I'm eating at work and making healthy choices, and am weighing out my portions each day (bringing scales to the office).

Exercise is going surprisingly well (speaking as sloth), and I'm loving how I'm feeling - mentally and physically. Skipping's ok, but it's annoying me how much I trip so I've been swimming instead, and increased my laps this week from 22 to 30.

Onwards and upwards........

ps - image to follow tomorrow...just got ready for bed and realise I overlooked posting my end of week 1

Well Hello!

Dear Centaurans,

So, now I've got the hang of this blog, I'm going to dazzle you all with being the first (hopefully!) to introduce myself.

My name's Lucinda. I'm British, but live in Singapore (11 years). I work full time as a Reinsurance Broker and am wife to Sebastian, and mother to William (4) and Leanora (1).

I'm so happy to be starting Kenzai with you all. I'm stressed, exhausted, and making bad eating choices. Consequently, I'm overweight, lethargic and ready to re-boot. I'm committed to making a long term change to my life, to be the best mother and role model for my children.

My best quality is my ability to laugh at myself.

My friends Kate and Saxon put my onto Kenzai. They have made a huge change to their lives, and are an inspiration.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you all!

So ashamedly this is day 4 and I'm only just starting this blogging malarky. It's fair to say, this lifestyle change, exercise challenge (albeit gentle) and social input is all very new to me. Generally, I'm an inconsistent swimmer, with terrible self control, and definitely not media savvy.

Anyway, so far the exercise I've found to be enjoyable (great beats suggestion from my Kenzai guru and neighbour), and getting it done and dusted early in the day is a good way to start. I'm making wise food choices (and no booze), but leaving 25% of the food is tough tough tough. 'Finish your food / clean your plate' has been drummed into me since childhood.

Onwards and upwards...