Lucy J.

Lucy J.


But zero time to do exercise or to write a post... the end is nearly nigh! Well done team Taurus... you are all legends and doing so well - seriously impressed.

Eating Chinese...

led to a rather unsuccessful attempt to be healthy on a recent work trip, despite some significant planning with 6 boiled eggs in a container ready for snacks and dinners. With flight delays there and back, alot of meetings and no rest it resulted in a less healthy week than anticipated. Despite that I'm back on track with the diet, still need to find time for the exercise! xxxx

Disappointment as usually my fave meal of the day.

I've just had a blog post wipe out, so I'll leave it for today, except to say limited on time for personal admin and exercise at the moment - need to create some time for this!

Hip hip hooray....

....stiches out today and will be doing arms and legs again (still no hopping/skipping!) on the exercises. It has been crazy with work but will have to carve out my exercise time again.

Loving clean eating... not sure I'll ever revert back to my preggy days but pre-preggy I loved eating clean and lean.... so I'm feeling much more myself again. Then with the exercise being looped back in this weekend while I'm away from bambino, I feel like the last month will be stronger than ever. Just so happy to be losing the baby weight and determined to get into my skinny everything. Agree with the team that carrying heavy babies seems easier than before too, which is great.

Hope you're all having a happy week - sun is shining again in HK so that's always something to smile about. Dreaming about the summer already...


I've been a bit slack on the blogging.... I seriously don't know where my year is disappearing to... fingers crossed my body does the same on this kenzai journey!

Team Taurus have been going great guns the last few weeks (and I'm jealous of some of those newly found arm guns too)... and I've definitely missed out on the exercise so I've been watching and listening to the updates with some FOMO. The update on my health is I'm back up and running physically in everything except the 'spring' action in my feet so still no skipping for me but at least I can start the exercises at the end of the week (a small set-back having some moles removed from my back last week means I have had to be a bit careful). So all good - finally going to be back to tip top physical exercises again after a few weeks out of the game.

We had a fun Kenzai friendly (and lamb deliciousness) lunch, complete with scales, at Emma and Sim's place last weekend. See photo! Not your normal HK lunch spectacle... hilarious. We are lucky to have such a supportive community - something that really gets me through when cynical friends can try to undermine the journey. Thank goodness for goal setting and targets - it may be the valley moment for some but I'm hoping this time is when we start seeing the traction in our hard work - the pounds and fat will shed quicker as our body metabolises more efficiently.

When it rains, it pours!

My lethargy might be explained by a virus.... waiting to hear the results from my little boy's test today.... a bit disheartening but hoping that once we know what it is that's wrong with us, we can get better quicker!

Egg white omelettes are a new fave! Actually quite enjoying the simplicity of dinner at the moment - one less thing to do.

Indulgence = Too much

It's been really inspiring hearing everyone's stories this week as I battle my demons... firstly because I have done zero exercise, save a couple of lengths as my solo parenting of my son resulted in a clingy baby with cold and therefore little sleep for all concerned or opportunity to get stuff done. Secondly because despite best efforts (taking weighing scales on holidays seems quite extreme) there was the odd slip up of a G&T in the eve - I really had too little energy to get back on board. Then my Physio today announced that although she may get me doing the odd hop this week, it will be a slow process to introduce skipping back into the regime again.

So all a bit neggy this week and difficult to feel like I'm getting anywhere. On a positive note, I'm finally back in the 60's kgs rather than the alarming 70+, so I guess we're going in the right direction. Fingers crossed I can stay on track now that I"m back home with the diet and additional exercises with support from my husband. Although this egg in the evenings is a bit bleak and not something I look forward to after a day of work. Lunchtime takes on a whole new meaning of pleasure. Anyone else feeling like it's Groundhog Day!

The struggle is real....

When to fit in exercise? It works on most days but I've missed a session this week as my work schedule was back to back and I wanted to spend time with my son in the morning beforehand.... didn't even manage to do the skips I did the subsequent day when work was calling.

On a positive note the diet has been going well but for one lapse last night as in laws in town and we went out so it was harder to know quantities but eating clean is ok if choosing the right cuisine - I've noticed Japanese is a good one if out with clients - have others found the same I'm wondering? Or have good recommendations on how to steer the restaurant choices and what to choose on the menu?

argh, I'm so not ready!

Massively failing on my attempt to be well planned! I'm certainly not yet that together. I did manage to squeeze the exercise in before work but felt rather hassled by my household requirements. Also trying to get my head around what I can eat and how do you weigh your food at work? I may have to go and purchase some scales for the office.... seems extreme but possibly the only way.

Photo of my lunchspot.... guessing the weight by eye! Not a good idea moving forward!




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