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Kenzai Body | Day 57 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 57
Program progress:

I'm really enjoying the 3 minute skipping - it's feeling easier than the 2 minute bizarrely. Feel as though I can get in a groove and go. thought it would be harder as it's obviously more jumps
Anyone else experiencing this?

Why am I not quitting - although I have seen nominal change to my body (and to be honest that's why I decided to redo kenzai) I'm still not quitting.
Partly because I'm hoping beyond hope that weight loss will come but also because I love the discipline that kenzai gives me and I feel like it gives me train tracks to follow. I like being disciplined - can't help it!

Hardest day - I'm not sure really - again I love being on kenzai although I do get bored of the food I'm eating sometimes. I just can't get the egg white in mid morning as I hate boiled eggs and I'm never at home. So rather than a day it's actually which meal - and it's the mid morning egg white which is the hardest! Bizarre hey.

I've done all the exercises and been fitting in two - three extra runs a week plus a long hike. Diet wise I'd say I'm pretty much 95% compliant.

I'm hanging in there for visual change but really starting to wonder if this baby feeding body just needs the fat for the time being!

Well done everyone on another week down. Not that much longer to go.

keep on running

What can I say.
Running is just amazing for me. I have managed 4 days in a row of running and skipping and the exercises (apart from those squat jump things today - my legs just couldn't take it - might try this evening)
Running for me is honestly like medicine. I don't know why and I can't explain it but my mental health is just soooo much better. Nothing can replace a run
It doesn't matter if it's with the double pram and both the girls (HARD WORK), the single running pram or alone (BLISS) but it's just awesome.

Sticking to the diet.

My daughter is now telling me that she has to do her excises (she can't say the word) and telling me to do my skips! And this morning she put on my running gloves when i cam back and told me she was off running. I truly do hope that we are instilling a healthy way of life for her

Still no body change - as you can see from the photo.

Another week down team -we're now over halfway - keep on trucking. Whoop whoop - well done us

feeling heavier

So today I actually feel as though I have put on weight. My thighs look larger and my shorts are a bit tighter - and it's wobbley so it's not muscle!

I'm sure I'm not cheating. (The only thing I often miss is the egg white in the morning and I occasionally eat my daughters crust from her lunch sandwhich - but I take that out of my cab allowance at lunchtime) so I'm confused and hoping it's just water retention or a bad day at the office!

Really wanting to get my running mojo back but finding it so hard living in the blue mountains (too hilly and offroad for the pram) and with two kids.
Drove 30 mins to get in a flat 6.4km run with my baby whilst the toddler is at daycare - really enjoyed doing something for me for a change!


So the question of the week is what are you fed up with - and the answer is nothing really.
I really enjoy the kenzai food plan - althoughI could get a bit more creative.

And I love the skipping and the exercises!

As Patrick reminds me - it's take time to see results so I just need to knuckle down...

I had my indulgence today - I'd saved it up and it was totally worth the wait.
My husband surprised me with an early Mothers Day gift of a 90 minute massage and then High Tea with a glass of champagne up in the blue mountains. Luxury!
Beautiful food and the champagne tasted LOVELY! Probably consumed a bit more than I should have but I think that's ok - did an extra 2xrun/walks yesterday (one of them trail) and then ontop of the 1200 skips today I did a 5km trail walk with my little one on my front.

Feeling recharged, back on it tomorrow

Have a great week everyone

Another week

Feeling ok with the exercises - did about 1200 skips today and stickig to the diet although I struggle to eat the mid morning snack as I'm usually out on an adventure with my toddler at that time. Other than that - sticking pretty much to the g!

Haven't managed any extra workouts other than walking as feeling pretty run down this week

Tried on my super tight (not supposed to be) jeans and no change whatsoever - gutted - hoping that I'll start to see some difference soon (fingers crossed) from the hard work.

Keep going team - week 5 is pretty hard mentally - esp when you're not seeing any results as yet.

Q for the trainers - for those of us breastfeeding - do we ever go to the eggwhite and fruit dinner?

and a q

My diet seems to have increased this week coming - is that right??

another week

So another week done - and feeling better than I did earlier in the week - not soooo hungry all the time.
Managed all the workouts and stuck to the diet.
Plus ontop of the exercises and skipping I managed 2x 6.4km runs with either one or two of the kids, my first consistent 3km run since my last run whilst pregnant and 2x 6km bush walks carrying our newborn.
So - pretty content with that.

No change in my body as yet though - despite knowing that it took me until week 9 to see any dramatic changes last time I have to admit that I am wondering if I'll be able to shift weight whilst nursing. My body seems to hang onto every inch of fat possible whilst I nurse - so I wonder if kenzai will actually work figure wise. I know I'll be healthier in myself - both fitter ad diet wise - but I am soooo keen to get back to my pre second baby body and get my running back up to 35km


Mentally and physically today and I'm so darn hungry!! ALL the time...

I did my skips then did a 6.5km run with a bit of walking with the double pram and my dog. The pram and kids in total must have weighed about 30kg at least. Got home and did the exercises.

Feeling really bluh today have to admit - we've recently moved house interstate in Aus so I don't know anyone and it's school holidays so all activities stop.

back on the program

Enjoying being back on kenzai and got this weeks diet through today so excited to get on it. Constantly hungry though! Last time I remember not being able to eat all of the food - now I'm constantly hungry - bt I'm feeding my little one this time and last time I'd just stopped feeding my first daughter - so maybe that's why

Got up - did my exercises before my two girls woke up and then managed a 6.5km run/walk pushing the pram.

No changes to my body as yet but know from last time it took me about 9 weeks to see changes - hoping I can lose as much as last time again and get back in those pyjama pants!!

hello - secret squirrel

HI there - I thought I'd just say hi to you all. I've been training and follow the diet since week 2 but only just appearing on here.
I have a 12 week old baby girl and a 2.5 year old daughter so am keen to lose the baby weight and set a great example for my daughters.
Life is a bit hectic so I'm going to do my best to stick as close to the program as possible.
I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

all over red rover 

I can't actually believe the 90 days have gone by. In some ways it feels quick - in others slow!
I am excited to report that a pair of trousers that were tight when I started kenzai can now be taken off without undoing the zip or button!

Whilst I'm not back to pre pregnancy shape and my stomach separation seems worse I'm pretty close and given I have a beautiful daughter I am pretty happy with that! I have not stepped on the scales since - well I don't know.
never believed that I could actually eat and lose weight - so thank you Kenzai!
I'm loving this lifestyle and am definitely going to try not to go back to old habits

Thank you also to all of you for your support and comments - and especially to Cecilia and Patrick who helped me through the times of doubt!
You guys all rock - well done to you all and thank you, thank you, thank you

So will be interested to see whether I can remotely adhere to Kenzai. No exercise today after an all day conference!
Enjoy the last week everyone


Slept so badly and feel yuk after the pizza. Couldn’t do a normal Kenzai breakfast this morning. Hoping To feel better soon

Went out for dinner with my hubby again tonight and actually had the indulgence. Pizza. My body was kind of craving pizza but could have easily missed this indulgence
It was nice but to be honest could just as easily had a beautiful salmon steak with a salad - infact I'd have preferred that I think!

Wondering what happens after Kenzai and how I maintain my body as it is now - don't want to go back to what I was before.
Struggling to eat the daily amount this week - just can't fit it all in so focusing on the protein and veg for each meal with the fruit snacks. Just can't fit in al the egg whites and the yoghurt etc

Going to miss everyone