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Lucy N.

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just back online

Only just got internet access back so have been totally off the wagon!
Well done everyone on completion.
I haven't done my 10km but I know that I will do it when I get over the lurgy that I have - diet has been totally off.
So really - I haven't done this program justice at all but it has got me back into my running and that was all that I wanted from it really to be honest

totally off

I'm still running but totally off program as I only get the internet about once every 3 days, Shows you how reliant we are on it doesn't it.
I am enjoying my running and feel much fitter which was the plan for the program - will try and do the 9km tomorrow as we head to France for a family holiday on Sunday with a 4am start to the day!

no internet

unfortuntely the internet isn't working where i'm staying so that's why I've been awol.
Still running though and trying to stick about 75% to diet!!

LOVE running

Put the kids to bed and went out for a trot on the Sussex downs in the UK
No expectations. I ran for pure pleasure - nothing else.
No distance, no timing, no deadline - just time alone, time with my own thoughts, on my clock and no one elses!
I ran to feel free and I did - wow! That's the drug I'm addicted to and it felt soooo good.
Active meditation - right there

Today is the first day that I've felt remotely normal - since Tuesday. Head still a bit sore
I managed a brisk walk in gale force winds carrying my 6 month old. And my resolve caved for some courgette and lime cake today and that is sooo unlike me. Just a couple of bites.
I've been totally off diet all week - mainly eating toast with butter and marmite or honey - about the only thing I could stand. Plus cereals.

So I'm going to sack this week off and get back on it as of tomorrow. Looking forward to trying to run (hope my head doesn't hurt too much) and getting back into the diet. I have definitely gained some body fat since KB1 that I repeated earlier this year but I'm not too fussed about it - which is unlike me. I decided to enjoy the summer in the Uk with my family and I'll get back on a KB program I think when I head back to Australia.
Just enjoying time with the family as I know it's so fleeting and trying to be good.

3 days of migraine

today has been day 3 of a migraine. Only missed todays run and think I'll take it easy tomorrow having been vomiting today! Yuk! Never had a migraine before - not fun!!
Hope everyone else is doing well - over half way team

So I headed out for my 6km run on Sunday with my 6 month in the pram and aiming to get her to sleep.
Long story short it seems as though I actually covered 8km in the desire to get her to sleep - but what a winner! Pretty happy with that.
Then Tuesdays run turned into a hilly run home from town - not sure how far it was but longer that half an hour.
Workouts are going well

Diet - well off again! I haven't eaten sugar in soooo long and now I don't seem to be able to resist it!

So I did the timed 5km - it took me 29 minutes. A far cry from my racing days where I could do it in 18.30!!
How old and slow I feel!!

Sticking to the training and enjoyed the fartlek this morning. Diet isn't bad but only breakfast and lunch get weighed. Dinner is then meat and veggies followed by my allowance of yogurt and fruit and then I usually succumb to a tiny bowl of alpen in the evening. Not great, not awful

another day done

and pretty much on diet - perhaps a bit more of the yoghurt but I'm fine with that. I LOVE yoghurt!!

Went to my nieces third birthday party and declined cake, crisps, popcorn, chocolate coated fingers so I'm pleased with myself for that! but isn't it sad that a treat in our society is what I've outlined above!

Didn't manage the run today - first day with no running in a long time. Hopefully I'll feel a bit brighter tomorrow with this cold and be able to crack out the 5km.
Thanks again team - keep at it!

thank you guys

Just reporting back in. Thank you for your support everyone!

Yesterday I was good with the diet - sticking close to it.
New motivation found as its raining here in Blighty and I have to wear jeans! They are tight but not as tight as I was expecting.
That being said I am currently nursing my 6 month old and I find that my body hangs onto the body fat whilst I'm feeding which makes following the diet feel a bit worthless.

Got a bit of a cold and it's raining cats and dogs so have taken the decision to not run today as yet - hopefully the rain might clear and I can go this evening instead for a gentle run
Thank you all for your support

I'm bang on on the exercises - if not doing a bit more as I've always run everyday. So am keeping that going.
The diet however has been harder to stick to - it was my nieces 3rd birthday today and there was nothing particularly healthy for afternoon tea! And there was cake which for once I didn't say no to!
MUST GET BACK ON THE DIET - but have to say I'm finding the willpower tough on this one


hello one and all - sorry I've been awol but I have to admit I've been in Spain with my uni friends and all the kids just having some fun! I have been running and working out and eating healthily but also having a couple of glasses of wine here and there and I'm afraid I haven't felt at all guilty. It's actually been exactly what I needed.

So I'm British but live in Australia and have decamped back to Europe for the summer as my husband is away with work.
I have just finished kenzai body so needed some down time after that but wanted to sign up to Kenzai run as I am staying with my parents for the next 5 weeks so have someone to look after my 2 year old and 6 month old and I can get some running in.
Running is my passion to be honest with you. I used to run ultra marathons and had just got up to 25km when I found myself pregnant with no.2. So, kenzai body was about trying to get in shape and kenzai run is about trying to get back into running.
I can run for about 40 mins non stop at the moment so that's fine - just need to get strict again with the diet!

Oh and I have a stomach separation of about 3 fingers

love running

First and foremost - hello everyone! Excited to be sharing this journey with you.

I've just finished kenzai body and am now embarking on kenzai run.
I LOVE running - it's my favourite thing - went for a 1 hour run/walk today in the Cornish countryside - VERY hilly! And I got lost too - too much fun.
Staying with my inlaws so diet is really hard at the moment and all the effort of kenzai body feels as though it was wasted.
Next week will be tough diet wise too!

its over 

First and foremost - well done everyone! How good is that!

Phew - I've found this time around so much tougher. Physically and mentally.
In hindsight I probably started a program too soon after having a baby and a move interstate hadn't helped but I was so desperate to do something for me!
I've enjoyed it once again but a little disappointed in myself and my resolve since leaving home. My results are nothing like the first time around which I'm sure is due to a number of factors
Whilst I have the grandparents to mind the kids for the next month or so I'm thinking of jumping into kenzai run - is this madness?

Well done again to everyone on the team

damn the cereals!

ugh - again last night. The craving overtook me. This time I had a bowl too many of special K- and wow, this morning I feel sick!
I'm hoping that I have now done with this cereal addiction/craving that I have!!




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