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Luis M.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 71 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 71
Program progress:
Churning along

Week 9, wow, how times fly and how I enjoyed doing adifferent workout today. Instead of staying indoors headed out into Nature and hiked along the Chuzenji lake a 2 hours drive out of Tokyo. Neede this to reconnect back with Nature and Japan has amazing big nature once you are out of the city. Now ready for a big week, lets go

it is nearly a year ago that I began KB1, it is kind of weird to know what is coming up. It is exciting to get up to a new level of fitness, to be in a group and to feel great....but also a bit scared as I know it will be tough, I will tend to give up and will need to reach deep to keep on going towards day 90.
The day you begin reminds me like running a marathon, it is easy at the beginning, you know it feels great but you also know you will suffer in between.
Curious to know what really drives us humans to go into it? Are we so addicted to the endorphin rush at the end of each workout :-)?

Having had the opportunity to live in 7 different countries on different assignement So it is now gradually getting clearer ;-) what I base my choices on. The first is if it will be interesting for us as a family and safe. For myself is integrity and honesty in feelings and intentions. More and more I am also adding if it is doing well for the planet as I feel this is so important at this time

Today was a good workout, I begin to feel slightly more elastic but my downward dog looks horrible. A question I have is what is more important in this position - the feet fully on the ground or a straight back?

3 months later and 3.5 kg of muscle added 


decided to join Kenzai as despite being a regular runner always since high school have always been the skinny and non-muscular guy. Tried to do some gym weight lifting but after a while, my neck or shoulder would be screwed and I would be giving up. 2 years ago decided to engage in the luxury of a personal trainer but discovered that he was more in the business of pleasing his clients than really building muscle and it also cost a fortune. Therefore I sat back and just accepted that I am skinny and non muscular (btw not bad in a world of obese and fat people ).
This summer my wife spoke to me about Kenzai and offered it to me as a present. Challenge accepted. In the beginning, the workouts seemed simple, the jump rope awful and why these social chatter with people I do not even know?
After 3 months a big thank you to Kenzai and the Kenzai team, our coaches Adelyn and Nate and our group on the Blog. These were 3 hard months as they covered Summer Holidays, different diet, a huge amount of bananas (approx 90Kg in total) basically no alcohol. This program confirms once more that our body is our temple and if we take really care of it it is capable of amazing things independent of the age. I never thought I could gain 3.5 Kg of muscle all over the body with this age, become more flexible and by the way get to day 90. Last week was really hard physically and mentally.
One more lesson in life learned and now the challenge is not to lose what I gained.
A big big thank you and a big fan of Kenzai

Keep on moving

Some days are tough not to cheat on yourself, begin the workout, get out of the comfort zone. Always suprised in getting one more day done.
What motivates me is seeing my increased strength, my increased mobility and that at 47 years I am in my best overall fitness than ever. This was the year I decide to run a. Arathon in March, to do Kenzai. ....
It feels good to take good care of this amazing human body that we are given during this lifetime.
It is also strange to see so many friends of mine complaining about age, with aches everywhere.
No gain and Commitment to the Commitment are my mantras. Now that I am past the midpoint in Kenzai I give myself no other option than finish it and do my graduation post and picture ;-)))