Lyndon M.

Lyndon M.


So we've made it, 

Plenty of wobbles along the way. Life is just like that, but I have been taught about balance, choices, and equations.

Effort put in = level of results. Simple. 

I am now fitter, stronger, tighter and lighter than I have been for years. And I love it. And so do most of the people that know me. 

See you all on the other side....


Got to that point again where my body say stop. And this time I will listen. For a day or 2.

Did the twins again today. Hitting PB's pretty much every time now, and I thank PCP for that. 

I think the biggest change for me isn't the weight loss or the even the fat loss, but the change in the shape of my core. 

The gut has gone and althought there's no six pack it just all feels tighter and stronger. 

I've never really been off the booze since day 30 or 35, but I stick rigidly to the brekfast and lunch part of the food, and hit the gym every day (twice during the week.)

Whilst I haven't been attentive with the blogs/posts etc over the last few weeks, I do feel parts of my routine have changed for good and I don't have to fight to stay on track. I WANT to continue to eat right and workout....

Head down and push through the run in.....


blew up last night. felt pretty pone all day, although i still forced myself over the Twins, which is not something i would have considered pre PCP. It would have been a sofa day with pizzas and burgers...

still, hangover is awful and i feel like i really want to try and get booze free for a few months...

its a shame i never feel the same by the time i get to Thursday.

Sevens weekend

What more can I say.. Not been compliant..... At all... 

Need 12 hours sober before I can consider the gym again, although I did get a workout in (fairly half hearted attempt)

Need now to refocus for the run in...


Back to back 1am finishes... Tried to be healthy at dinner food wise.  Too tired, too busy to train. 

Decent kip tonight, back in the groove 5.30 Tom morning....

Am back

Smashed it today, although did back an triceps so got my days wrong somewhere...  Anyway. Feeling good to be back in the groove.. 

Dinner next 3 nights.. Could be tricky, but will try super hard not to veer of piste again. Note to self- avoid boze at all costs....


So last week, I wobbled. A lot. Hurt my leg last weekend which hurt like fk, and meant I couldnt do too much cardio .  Pretty frustrating so Had an indulgence on tuesday, then ended up having a drink on Thursday Friday and Saturday. 

I hit the workouts everyday, and enjoyed them, but still a bit bloated from the booze and not so compliant grub.

Time to have a couple of pints of harden the fk up, and get back in line...

Looking forward to the new weeks exercise, and I will test myself this week as a couple of team dinners.   Got our guys over from the states so expect steak restaurants on the cards.... Anyone got any tips for PCP compliance in Morton's.?

Split shift...

Doing cardio(calf still a bit fooked so on bike , no skipping ) in am and resistance in pm. 

Pretty knackering, and my social life is dead..

Hard yakka...

Been deep in my own half defending grimly. 

Need the clouds to lift. 

Lots of grim. Not much enthusiasm..


ive always been a firm believer that every body, needs one day of rest a week, regardless of how hard the various muscle groups have been worked, and have had a discussion with PCP about it. they didn't agree.

now, thanks to my newly ruptured calf muscle, i'll be having lots of days rest, as i can hardly walk, let alone go anywhere near a skipping rope..

nice one!

Off piste and piste off

So I have discovered PCP is ALL about routine.

We moved house this week, and the wheels well and truly fell off.... Gym routine broken, food routine broken, said
 goodbye to the old house with a bottle of red, said hello to the new house with a bottle of red.... Pizza for dinner as the kitchen was upside down...etcetcetc

No Internet, no new workouts, so redid last week from memory.

Net all a pain in the ar se.

Def noticed the lack of progress in the photo.

Back on line now and will get back on track....once I find my trainers!!


I think spuds may have to make an appearance. I having been trying to stay away but the rabbit food is getting a bit dull. Currently moving house so haven't managed to hit the grocers. I need to be a bit more adventurous. Swede, turnip, butternut squash maybe.. Cabbage...getting dull. 

On another note, amazing how much more energy I have in the gym mid morning post brekkie. 

It's normally 6am or 9pm for me, both producing rather more GRIM than enthusiasm... 1130am tai tai style was cracking today. A rare treat...

Next week

Kung fu sit ups look fun...

Hmm.... Grim enthusiasm. Can confirm..


Think there were 15 empties in my kitchen this am.. Inc a used bottle of Frangelico!!!

Bed at 2 ish, smashed... But, 

Up at 9, and did the twins, twice!

Amazing how the powers of recovery are sooo much stronger when you are fit and strong.....

Tired now, but chuffed....


Hit the gym really hard. Amazing what a days break can do. Extra sets to make up for yest and dinner party tonight so thought I'd get a bit in credit!!!!! 

Happy Friday, good weekend all...


My body said no today.... 

Woke up tired, stayed tired, went home tired, and think its my body saying enough... So for 1-2 days I am going to rest...

If I feel up to it will get back in gym tom , but am relaxed if I don't. I have hit every session, every day for 6 weeks... 

 I hope I feel great Tom and can smash extra's but cool if not. Don't want to do damage that takes weeks to heal... Knees ache, calves ache, back aches.. 

Massage maybe..  

End of Week 12





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