Lyndon M.

Lyndon M.



  • Apr 6th, 2012 at 7:29PM

Got to that point again where my body say stop. And this time I will listen. For a day or 2.

Did the twins again today. Hitting PB's pretty much every time now, and I thank PCP for that. 

I think the biggest change for me isn't the weight loss or the even the fat loss, but the change in the shape of my core. 

The gut has gone and althought there's no six pack it just all feels tighter and stronger. 

I've never really been off the booze since day 30 or 35, but I stick rigidly to the brekfast and lunch part of the food, and hit the gym every day (twice during the week.)

Whilst I haven't been attentive with the blogs/posts etc over the last few weeks, I do feel parts of my routine have changed for good and I don't have to fight to stay on track. I WANT to continue to eat right and workout....

Head down and push through the run in.....

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Sarah K.Sarah K.Alumni
almost 8 years ago

Glad the core feels so strong - it should after all these planks etc. Hitting PB's is pretty awesome also Lyndon.

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