Lyndon M.

Lyndon M.

Weeks of 2 halves

Sun through Wed 110% committed,  on Wed evenings my wife plays netball and I'm left home alone with the sirens calling me onto the red wine rocks.. They sing so beautifully, it's hard to resist!!! 

Bashed through th workouts.. The isolation sets hi each muscle group pretty good. Posted week 6 pic. Very happy with progress. Love handles proving stubborn (damned Sirens!) but starting to find muscles I haven't seen for a while in back,chest,arms etc.

Good stuff...


Is it just me. But when I do the bicycles, the only thing that hurts/burns is my legs.. Or more specifically, my hip flexor muscles.... I threw in some sets of crunches to work my core a bit more post the planks... Thoughts anyone?

Daytime workout

Job front quiet today so hit the gym mid morning, 

What a luxury.... More energy during and home to get quality time with my gang.    

Perfect pick me up...

Sure beats 930pm 


Hit the twins again today. I felt strong.... Lungs Were similar to normal, but legs were much more robust. Not sure if it's the extra strength from the leg exercises, carrying at bit less weight, or a bit of both.... 

Either way, was pretty chuffed...

Wobbled a bit on the diet front(few beers) but will sleep early and work it off tom...


Had a small wobble last few days. Work been busy, had to go out twice and generally tired and grumpy. Fell into booze one night which was annoying but the diet coke just got too much all night...

Hit the gym every day but it was because I had to not because I wanted to. 

Really felt I needed a break/rest but forced myself into it an struggled through begrudgingly.... 

Not the way I want to go through this.

Hoping the weekend gives me Time to rest up clear head and get back to enjoying it...

Delayed indulgence

My first indulgence day went a bit tits up, so I had a rerun today.. What a romantic..

Fillet steak, (with a fried egg on top!) button mushrooms, grilled peppers and roasted tomatoes, washed down with a 07 Muga Reserva...All cooked by my fair hand.. And it was good(in a "and on the 7th day God looked back on the world and thought, you know what, not bad my man" way... I never cooked before.. Ever) 

Worked out hard before dinner.. A few extras for the ensuing vino.".

Time skipped tonight, way better..  Hit the shuffles.. ( thanks Seth!) felt great.. 

Workout pretty straightforward until the 4th set of leg raises... I clearly have weak gut muscles.....

Feeling pretty good right now....


A banana and apple smoothie, followed  by 2 egg whites, followed by a plate of veg.... Is just odd. 

In Need of a rethink for tomorrow 

i cheated

i saw the new menu today.... dinner has basically become a smoothie.. so i decided to throw another egg on and added a slice of ham and another slice of toast for brekfast. got a long day on the sidelines cheering my boy at rugby today so need all the energy i can get.

workouts look tougher (good),  brekkie and lunch look similar.... dinner has gone!

in all honesty i think its ok. i almost felt i was eating more than i used to last week,

def think smash milk. apple and banana up (can we add in one of the fruits from earlier in the day?)


hit the Twins again today. prefer to get up on the hills than in the gym on the weekend.

whilst legs were strong and i felt strong i noticed my lungs burning.  i wonder if the skipping is working me as hard as i used to work on the cardio side....not sure. jury out.
I am missing my swimming. think need to shift some of the workouts to early morning so i can get back in the pool in the evening.

am tired today though. still think a rest day here and there a good idea yet PCP thinks not. why is that?

am i wierd?

i actually was looking forward to getting home tonight so as to get into the workout. mindset def changing

Sit ups!!

Is it just me or is 4x25 sit ups really tough. Last set is pretty brutal... Rest of it ok. Expect will get hungry later.... 

Breakfast veg

Need some inspiration. Not a food group I ever had for brekkie. Any ideas?


Got home Friday, put kids to bed, banged out the workout, no booze, went to bed feling ok.

Wife still in England, so had the kids at football this am then did the twins at lunch ( couldn't face the skip today)then had to attend a princess party all afternoon. Sitting on the sofa, and treated my self to a half bottle of  97 Muga reserva. 

Looking forward to Sal being back Tom. Will hit gym had Tom, work off the wine. 

Body starting to change shape quite a bit. I have triceps again.... Yippee

Above should read hit gym HARD

back in groove

finally back on terra firma HK and back in the swing.

work outs this week vs 1st week(i missed second week skiing) are a bit tougher but not too bad. skipping is ok.

food is also ok.

net all, better than i thought having missed a week on it.

woke up this am in a world of hate though-" tired/hungry/achy/bored of it all" type of mood... went around lunchtime,

any tips to see me through them?

Coming home.

Spent the last 48 hours in bed with fever and flu. Clearly no issues on the food and drink front but exercise was a bit tricky  without getting out of bed.

Skiing was great but looking forward to getting home and getting back in the gym. 

I feel less bulky for sure, but want to start to see some shape change and some definition.

Even though I missed week 2 exercises, week 3 seem doable so should be able to get back in the swing of it.

Looks a little too much for pre work tho.

Thinking skipping before and workout after home.

End of Week 12





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