Lyndon M.

Lyndon M.

Day 11

Still skiing. Had stacks on snow, been riding hard so burning loads of calories. Have had neither the time or the energy to do the workouts (always knew this would happen. Went into the week with eyes wide open) . 

Trying to do diet but also proving a bit tricky. Cooking separate meals for me and the kids is an unfair ask on Sal.

Still had no booze so dead chuffed with that. 

Eating half portions where I can't eat right so not all bad. And no longer want for more like I used to.

Def leaner. 

Been a brilliant holiday but looking forward to hitting PCP with earnest next week. 


Arrived in whistler overnight. Was very good on plane re food. Could have lapsed

Just seen diet and workout

Likely neither are happening. Skiing with a 4 yr old and a 6 year old will put pay to that..

Body weight Training where I can, cardio taken care of  on the slopes and carry one of the kids home on my shoulders

Breakfast sorted, lunch and dinner more tricky. Healthy where I can or half portions.

Have already learned from p.c.p that routine is very important.....

Day 5


Mind- clear and focused. (mostly, the occasional yearning)

- OK. moobs sore first few days from pressups. , otherwise ok. Def  hit a lull each day 5pm - 7pm before workout. (noticed alot yest, post a verbal tirade at someone for no real reason.)

- Also OK. not as anal as some. eating half what used to have so still have the occasional vice. 3 months long time ,        think slow and steady best approach there.

- first 5 mins a small battle each day, then fine. Last 5-10 feel like i could go on. currently do not, slow and steady.

gave up Jan 1. no issues here, but am now a hermit.

Routine- getting there. currently exercise on arrival at home, post saying goodnight to kids. That may go astray if work       picks up and hometime gets beyond 8pm and i will have to shift exercise to early morning.

Concerns- Whistler tom for 10 days, doubt i will be able to do food side of it justice so likely to continue half portions through the week, will take exercise stuff and prob skip cardio/legs and do more core/upper body,

Overall- feel tighter, def less bloated, and more awake during the mornings, but think need more sleep. have not been to bed before 1130 and up at 545... keep calm and carry on...

Day 2

Less fun bobby

After a late finish on what was supposed to be a quiet day(8ish) then home 8.30, force a workout then a dinner (read half a dinner!) I'm def leaning towards forcing myself up early to get it all out the way and have rest of day to myself.
I can def see a few "can't be arsed" creeping in if continue to do what I did tonight.

See how rest of week pans out

Day 1

 From now on, call me 'Fun Bobby'...

End of Week 12





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