Madhukar U.

Madhukar U.


I’ve just joined the program and I am pretty excited about it. I’ve piled on a lot of weight in the last 2 years due to a new job that’s been taking up all of my time. Looking forward to pulling things back and getting back some discipline


It's been a long time since I have been fit. I have tried various other means in the last 2 years since I decided to start focusing on my fitness. Kenzai definitely stands out as something that's sustainable and the diet is something that I have enjoyed to this day, several months later. The results are of course there for all to see and ahead of my wedding in December, I look forward to repeating the program once more, for that one final push

Long weekend

4 day weekend here in India. Off on a holiday. Will try my best to stick to the diet !

Slacking a bit

On both fronts. Keen to finish strong

Long travel, decent work

Just returned from a log trip. Mixed record - the exercise went mostly ok but diet went for a bit of a toss as there were several dinners. Sub 80kg now for the first time in God knows how many years


Got back in full swing after a nagging pain in he leg caused a 1 week disruption. Down with a fever now last couple of days. Supposed to travel next week - hope I cope

Momentum wanes

Exercised only once in the last 9 days. Started with the pain in the leg, been finding it tough to skip and inertia set in. Also down with a bout of flu this week, causing a disruption. Hope to find my feet again soon

Day 30

Been a nice month. I have particularly enjoyed the diet. Today's workout was a bit tough though. The creeps were hard and I had to substitute chest dips with push ups as I just wasn't confident that the chairs would remain stable

Felt much better after a swim yday so took to skipping again today and really struggled. The leg hurts just above the knee and more below. Especially when I try to twist or put weight on it

The legs hurt

Calf muscles, especially if I sit idly for a while and then get up.

Had a nice swim for cardio as a result. Change is nice and I really enjoyed it. Legs in better shape post the swim. Completed the other exercises. Diet on course


Had a 17 hour day - missed exercises twice as a result this week. But did a total of four sessions on the weekend to catch up. Also played a game of badminton. Legs sore.

Deviated a bit from the diet as well. Had an Indian milk based sweet earlier this week. 2 little spoons of ice cream and some extra carbs today.

Work expected to be light next week - looking forward to pulling socks up and continue the momentum. 4 kilos down so far.

A long week

Been averaging 14 hours at work. Yet managed to complete exercises on all days except one. Following diet closely - a few deviations when I've probably had extra carbs. But only a little. It's midnight here on a Friday and just completed my workout for today. Feels awesome to not give up despite a tiring week. Totally looking forward to catching up on that missed day this weekend.

Struggled and hence did not enjoy the skipping on day 7. Also because I did it after work and I usually finish before going in the morning.

Day 8 was great though. Definitely feeling better so far. Trying to sort out logistics for my protein intake during lunch.

I like how you are gradually ramping, makes it easy to not lose motivation.

A great excuse

Kenzai is turning out to be a great excuse to wriggle out of social commitments on the weekend that invariably lead to eating junk. Friends don't want me to fail! :)

Day 4 done, body feeling a little more flexible and there were also a few good games of badminton to round off a great weekend.

Decent start

Took a bit of time to get a hang of skipping - else all good. Been a long week and woke up tired but the workout was definitely a good boost. And it's so much easier to eat right on the days you work out

End of Week 11





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