Maggie C.

Maggie C.

Kenzai Body | Day 37
Kenzai Body
Day 37
Program progress:
2 days of flu

missed 2 days of training and feeling very annoyed with that. Flu going around the house and ended back with me again. Trying to do most of the training so i don't miss any more.. Struggling to do 1200 skips when feeling this weak but tried to do half of it today until i'm back to100% energy normal feeling well levels.

Week 4 ended

Still exercising but struggling through a bad spell of flu going around.
Starting to feel some definition. Exciting.

I had a busy week last weekend where my son was at a sporting tournament with his school. I think it felt more like a weeks holiday with the mums and we managed to let our hair down a bit. That didn't work too well with the Kenzai week 3 but nevertheless managed to do struggle through. Sadly missed a couple of days but am now on track again. Have continued to keep the healthy eating going and i think that has had the biggest impact. Roll on week 4...

Day off

Not something I like to do at all but I work up and my muscles were in pain and I struggled to get out of bed. I had the sensation of feeling very heavy and lethargic. My husband seemed to think I need to eat more protein. I do think its muscle fatigue. Is exercising daily really a good idea? Do the muscles not need to recover once in a while?
I promise to be back into it tomorrow.. I think it was those negative pull-ups that killed me as I'm finding it stiff to lift my arms over my head.

Sick day

Yesterday I was bedridden and totally unwell feeling shakey and nausea. Horrible flu going around the family. I really tried to do a little of Kenzi but just could not manage to get out of bed and ate nothing all day. Was up early this morning however feeling a lot better and managed to complete day 13. Sadly missed day 12. Hope I'm on the road to recovery.

A lot of arm exercises building up with the resistance bands, which is great but looking forward to the much-needed leg exercises at some point.
Was my husband's birthday last night, so we had a lovely early dinner with the family and then straight home to unwind a bit before shower and bed. Kenzai is becoming a way of life it seems. enjoying it so far.....
However, I haven't managed to get a grasp of what I'm supposed to be eating. I continue to not finish a quarter of my plate and eat healthily. I am not exactly weighing anything at this stage as conscious not to lose too much weight. Will get round to having a proper read of the food/recipe part over the weekend i think...

Day 3

Feeling very sore practically all over. Amazing how a small programme in week 1 could be so powerful. Feeling it in my gluts, chest and abonimal. Day 3 was hard to get up for some reason.