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Maggie C.

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Arrived in UK and first morning I’m out working out in the in laws back garden. Feeling good and alive being away from the sweat box on singapore.
Love the UK summer morning.

still alive

still working through this albeit finding it a struggle at times due to daily work and travel. staying positive and strong...

I’ll be honest and say I love Kenzai and will keep it going once this session is over. This session came at a slightly tough time with travel and with a hospital procedure I had to do.
However I’m seeing amazing changes happening with arm definition and stomach. I haven’t been totally alcohol off and concious so perhaps that the reason I haven’t seen the greatest impact. Skipping still is my worst enemy but I’m building up very good endurance and it’s amazing to see I can bash out now 3 mins when the program needs me to do 4kins before resting. We are all different so one thing I struggle with his endurance. This has helped however.
I love Kenzai and I will be forever more my go to health regime going forward.

Just got back from a weeks holiday in Europe which didn't end up feeling like a holiday as i was up at 6.30am having to take my son to a football tournament. Suffering from jetlag and exhaustion resulted in the exercises going back to week3-4. Skipping has now become harder to complete moving into 3mins times 5 sets. Have resorted to trying to accomplish 2 mins time 4-5 sets to build back up. Feel I'm trying to catch up now which isn't a great feeling. Am seeing results based on the food still being the thing I'm in control of. Now back in singapore, the jetlag has once again hit so struggling with the skipping for sure. Just going to blog daily now to see how long I can get this back on track. anyone also suffering from jetlag and holiday catchup please share..


flu is not a nice thing and its still lingering. Managed 700 skips and completed the rest of the workout. Just hope I can shake this off. On a flight from Singapore to Lisbon today with my kids. Think the passengers will mind me skipping down the isles... :-)
Hoping for better days as I'm sure this bug will eventually give up and leave. Well done to all other Kenzai fellows charging through the programme..

2 days of flu

missed 2 days of training and feeling very annoyed with that. Flu going around the house and ended back with me again. Trying to do most of the training so i don't miss any more.. Struggling to do 1200 skips when feeling this weak but tried to do half of it today until i'm back to100% energy normal feeling well levels.

Week 4 ended

Still exercising but struggling through a bad spell of flu going around.
Starting to feel some definition. Exciting.

I had a busy week last weekend where my son was at a sporting tournament with his school. I think it felt more like a weeks holiday with the mums and we managed to let our hair down a bit. That didn't work too well with the Kenzai week 3 but nevertheless managed to do struggle through. Sadly missed a couple of days but am now on track again. Have continued to keep the healthy eating going and i think that has had the biggest impact. Roll on week 4...

Day off

Not something I like to do at all but I work up and my muscles were in pain and I struggled to get out of bed. I had the sensation of feeling very heavy and lethargic. My husband seemed to think I need to eat more protein. I do think its muscle fatigue. Is exercising daily really a good idea? Do the muscles not need to recover once in a while?
I promise to be back into it tomorrow.. I think it was those negative pull-ups that killed me as I'm finding it stiff to lift my arms over my head.

Sick day

Yesterday I was bedridden and totally unwell feeling shakey and nausea. Horrible flu going around the family. I really tried to do a little of Kenzi but just could not manage to get out of bed and ate nothing all day. Was up early this morning however feeling a lot better and managed to complete day 13. Sadly missed day 12. Hope I'm on the road to recovery.

A lot of arm exercises building up with the resistance bands, which is great but looking forward to the much-needed leg exercises at some point.
Was my husband's birthday last night, so we had a lovely early dinner with the family and then straight home to unwind a bit before shower and bed. Kenzai is becoming a way of life it seems. enjoying it so far.....
However, I haven't managed to get a grasp of what I'm supposed to be eating. I continue to not finish a quarter of my plate and eat healthily. I am not exactly weighing anything at this stage as conscious not to lose too much weight. Will get round to having a proper read of the food/recipe part over the weekend i think...

Day 3

Feeling very sore practically all over. Amazing how a small programme in week 1 could be so powerful. Feeling it in my gluts, chest and abonimal. Day 3 was hard to get up for some reason.




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