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Not the best, not the worst but complete 

The end was not the strong finish I was was hoping for. Got walloped by a very nasty cold that has lingered 3 weeks later. But I feel and look much better than I did 3 months ago. I’m looking forward to the next program.

Thanks to Kim and Hemlock crew for the support!

Finished. sort of. 

I had to stop running a couple of weeks ago due to pain. I've developed arthritis in my knee. Pain is better but never got to run the 10k. I'd love to get there sometime soon. I've learned a lot and became an outdoor runner. I love it.

Thanks, Matt and Team Murray, for the support and wise words.

Still Got Knee Pain

Not sure what I did but after basically sitting out all exercise (still stretching) for 1.5 weeks, my right knee still has pain. I'm seeing my orthopedist in a couple of days--fingers crossed I didn't tear something. Bummed I'm not running with my crew...

Keeping Up

I used yesterday's free cardio to run. Ran 20 minutes on the treadwell which I haven't done in quite a while. It felt great and I'm happy to report that my body survived--no serious injuries to report, just appropriate soreness. I hope I can keep this up because it would be great to get back into running again. While I'm not visually seeing changes in body, my legs feel stronger and I thank the jump roping for that.

Some Stumbles

I was on a good roll there--keeping up with exercises and diet. But this weekend was a little setback mostly on diet. 2 days this week will be long travel days for work which is rarely good. On the positive side, I've lost 3 lbs. I know we aren't supposed to be slaves to the scale but I couldn't resist. Nice little motivation to keep on track.

Week 2

My legs are feeling fatigued. I'm figuring it's the rope skipping so switching it up with a couple of days of swimming.

Diet is going well though first 2 days I was actually eating less than allowed. I forgot how big breakfast is, both in quantity and importance, so that got pushed and somehow merges with lunch. Same thing happened at the start of KB1 so hopefully I can get to the proper diet quicker. I need to retrain myself to have the full Kenzai breakfast so I get my calories/nutrients in.

KB2, D4

Missed yesterday's workout for no good reason but knocked today's out. I used Kenzai app for the workout which is actually pretty nifty. Kept me on pace, with none of that "between set staring into space, extended rest period" business.

Even on vacay, I'm being mindful about what I'm eating and drinking. Not always being compliant but thinking about my choices.

Hope my Juniper compadres are off to good starts!

Kb2, Day 2

After a long travel day yesterday with long no delays, my husband and I made it to Solomon Bay near Cancun, Mexico. So yesterday was a bust for my workout though we managed to log 5 miles of walking.

I finished Day 2 workout though am being cautious about jumping so as not to blow out my knee. But I do have a lovely view for my workout.

Now back to the beach..,,

I'm back, baby!

Well, I hadn't really left. I've been a Kenzai Life member this year but not really taken advantage of it. I feel it. I've lost much of the muscle and strength from when I finished KB1 many moons ago and really want to get it back. I just joined the new membership program--smashing deal. I'm planning on jumping on the next KB2 when it starts. Looking forward to being fit again.

Reboot = Rebust 

This month was a little crazy, lots of stress (more good stress than bad, but stress nonetheless) and Kenzai got the short shrift. However, here's what did happen---I've come to enjoy jumping rope. I'm still tripping but find myself thinking about it in a good way, feeling challenged by it and maybe noticing some benefits in my legs. So, thanks to Cecilia and Kim for cheering my on. I will be back for KB2 at some point this year and hope to see fellow Rebooters.

D22: 1 more week...

I've been ridiculously busy and not getting my Reboot footing the way I did with KB1. However, I am at least keeping up with cardio and doing more of the exercises at home whereas I 'd always hit the gym before. Not having to make that extra trip is super helpful. Because I'm relying on the rope, my skipping--while still not terribly elegant--is getting a lot better and, gasp, fun. (did I just write that?) Diet has been not very compliant but also not horrible.

Another Rebooter had posted on the first day that she deserved the boot for her poor Kenzai upkeep between programs. Well, she should pass that boot to me because I need a swift kick in the pants for my participation these first 2 weeks. Very spotty on exercise and diet. I've got 2 weeks left to salvage what I can.

D9: Off Again, On Again

I recognize that I am in a pattern of one day on, one day off. Yesterday off (like, way off--beer, fried fish, tiramisu...), today on (so far). Now I'm off for a 3 day work meeting in Orlando--I pray the Kenzai gods look over me when I am at the buffet.

D7--A Mixed Week

First week was definitely up and down, with some days hitting all the exercises and diet and others, not so much. I am not beating myself up too much but trying to stay focused on the diet, even if I am sloppy. Today, I ran outside for 15 minutes on a chilly NYC morning. I am not an outdoor runner--I don't think I've ever run in the cold. So, I was unsure about hitting the pavement without "wicking wear" and zippers in the armpit area. I just piled on a bunch of clothes and ran around the neighborhood. Success! I had to stop a couple of times because the cold air was making it difficult to breathe but I did it and now hoping I can do this a couple of times a week.

Finished my exercises early. Still tripping when jumping but doing the full 12 minutes. On track so far today for diet. Realizing how much I had fallen off the diet in the months after KB1 and happy to get back to clean eating.

Also, looking to get a good jump rope. Any suggestions?

End of Week 1





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