Manek H.

Manek H.

Amazing results!!! 

So I am traveling at the moment and actually I left on the afternoon of the 15th. I was did my morning workout with was great cause I wanted the least amount to disruption to my routine.

I really only had the Fridays workout with was challenging cause the place where I am staying, although it has a gym, it did not have any facilities to do some of the exercises, but I did my best and tried to improvise as best as possible.

Saturdays workout was a cakewalk so no issues there.

I tried to rest for a full 3 days but on Tuesday morning I started to do cardio.

What i have found is that my overall lifestyle has changed for the better and I feel better when I've had my daily workout. This is great cause now my fitness and health is a regular part of my daily life like breathing and sleeping.

Thanks Kenzai!!!

In the first few weeks....

1. I thought the diet was absurd. I was actually eating more than what I normally eat. Now I can see that there is merit to eating regularly as it gets your digestive system moving.

2. I never thought that I would be able to make so much progress with my overall body. Now I'm more confident that it is achievable.

3. I look at food completely different. I use more discrimination when choosing what to put in my body.

4. I thought I could never do long periods of skipping..... today I am a champ at the skipping rope.

Overall, I didn't think that I would be able to change this much, but now I know I can.

Final Stretch!!!!

I'm so stoked to have come to this point. I will be traveling on Thursday so the last couple of workouts and diet days are going to be tricky but I recon it's manageable.

I'm mostly looking forward to not eating as many egg whites as I am now. Thankfully the egg white dinner have gone but I'm quite over the egg whites.

So one big thing that I really need to do is to get new clothes that actually fit well.

I'm actually already in the process of having one of my suits altered and will be buying a whole new wardrobe in the coming weeks.

Easiest part is just following the workouts. I like the fact that I don't have to think about what I need to do.

Hardest part was the initial acclimatisation to the diet regiment. Once I was use to it, it was fine, but initially figuring out what to prepare was a bit of a chore as I needed to completely rethink what I was putting into my body.

Another aspect that has been challenging is when I have had to travel. I have found it almost impossible to stay 100% on diet when travelling. I would say this is primarily due to having to essentially eat out all the time in a unfamiliar setting.

Hi folks. These past two weeks have been quite strange in that I've gotten some serious cravings for junk food and I'm kinda feeling a little bit over the daily diet and exercise.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not quitting!!! I'm so close and have made such progress that not to finish the program would be major stupid.

Another really strange thing that has happened is that the lessons seem to come right at the same time I'm asking the very same questions. Strange.... or the program was extremely well thought through.

So I've switched up for a heavier band. still getting use to it but pushing through.

How has your overall lifestyle changed in the last two months?How has your overall lifestyle changed in the last two months?

Been interesting. I don't feel like I'm missing out at all. Can't really eat out.... I mean I can but it's easier to just eat ahead and meet friends later.

Friends have been quite supportive and have not egged me on to break my regiment. I've also received tons of compliments.

Overall, I might be over it, but I've tasted the reward so I'm here to get to the finish line!!!.

Week 8 Round up

So this last week has be rather challenging. I've had days where I was stumbling through the workouts and days where I killed it. I'm also getting more hungry and somewhat tempted to eat something off program. I actually have a failing moment of eating a piece of candy, but I'm not going to fret over it.

Also, on Saturday, I went out surfing in the morning for a little over an hour. When I came back home I was just completely tired and wanted to sleep. This was probabily due to not getting a great nights sleep the night before. Anyway, I was at a point where I had not done the workout and was on the verge of skipping it for that day.

Seeing as I have not missed one workout I decided to push on and get through it the best I could. I'm happier for it.

PS. As I was saying, I went surfing. A few things to note; 1. My stamina has improved where I can paddle for longer; 2. My belly has gone in so much so that I have better balance on my board and it's not so uncomfortable when lying on my stomach.


Hello. Sorry for the late post.

So my week has been full of ups and downs.
Last Sunday, I got back form a bachelor weekend in Vietnam and it was a little painful getting back into the rhythm of the food, sleep and exercise cycles.

Generally I find that Mondays, of days preceding nights that I might be out are the hardest. Just this past Sunday 7th I was at the wedding reception and dinner for the same guy who was in Vietnam. Food was amazing and I saved my indulgence for that. I got back at around 12:30am so was quite spent.

The next day I found it difficult to get up in the morning and do the workout, so I did it when I got back on Monday Evening. Not that it has anything to do with it, but I also seemed to have pulled something in my back on Friday. Not too serious but doing my best not to over strain it. Giving the maximum time between workouts seems to be helping. I'm also keeping a keen key on my form so as not to aggravate the situation.

For the food, the hardest days are Sunday, because my eating timings are normally a little latter than normal. I am still trying to find the perfect balance in eating 6 meals a day, and eating my last meal early enough, but this is proving to be challenging.

I'm getting through everything, but really like the comfort of having a set routine.

PS. In April I wore this suit (for another wedding) that was a good fit boarding on tight. I wore that same suit on Sunday and I was swimming in it. It looked terrible and my belt was tightened up and created a fold in the waist band of my pants.

Ok so I’ve received tons of compliments on how great I look at this point. The reason I’m doing this in the first place is I want to be fit and health. Another reason is my girlfriend’s best friends wedding. This will be the first time to meet and I want to make a great impression.

So I have just come back from a 3 day bachelor party in Vietnam. I saved my indulgence for one of the days, and oh boy it really hurt in the gym the next day.

I can attribute this up to the drinking the night before and the late night. This being said I did the workouts every day and at the end felt better for it.

I can truly say that I’m over drinking and late nights.


So here we are, at the end of week 5 and I can truly say that I am really fed up with all the extra gas from the veggies.

Overall, I'm ok with not drinking, but I have saved my indulgence to drink a little at a bachelor party that I will be attending in Vietnam. Here's the silver lining in not going on a complete bender.... Yesterday I went with another friend to get some novelty props for the bachelor to wear. A shocking pink feather boa, a tiara and low and behold we saw some pens suitable for drawing on someones face.

So while the other guys are pass out and completely drunk, I will be able to draw some colourful pictures on their faces.

The other thing that I'm kinda over is the sheer amount of food that I have to get through. The changing of the eating habits is probabily the most challenging.

Again, the silver lining is that I'm really thinking about what I am putting into my body.

Week 4 Round up

Workouts have been getting more challenging but I feel that it's quite a steady and natural progression. If you asked on day 1 to do 1000 jumps, I would most likely be very intimidated by the sheer number. Today, I'm not intimidated by the number and although it is a workout, I feel that I can do it.

I'm also managing well with the meals. I mostly eat from home, but as it's impossible to do this all the time. When I doest out, I find myself being far more conscious of what I'm eating.

Socially, it suits me better to eat at home and meet people after my meals. This is also a great savings on the wallet and I feel great.

I have definitely received compliments on my physic and have gone down a couple of belt sizes. I'm on the last hole before I will have to start making my own.

I will most likely need to get new clothes that fit better, and as a bonus, the savings from not eating out should get me some nice threads.

Feeling Great

So I'm quite amazed that for all the food that I've had to eat, I am feeling slimmer and got a few comments that my stomach isn't sticking out as much as it use to. Also, I was told that my posture is more erect.

Overall the workouts leave me feeling good with a sense of accomplishment. I am even finding myself getting into "The Zone" with the skipping rope and not tripping up as much. I still can't do 100 jumps without goofing up but I got to 65.

I don't think I've sweated as much during workouts either. I'm guessing that might have something to do with greatly reduced salt in my diet. For the record, I added salt to just about everything.

I'm managing with the food as well. It's a lot of food and sometimes can't quite finish the portions, but my rule of thumb is to eat most of the veggies first then the protein and last the carbs.

I did get a craving that I could not shake yesterday. I would normally eat some fruit but as I was out, I ended up having a few crackers, which I deducted off my dinner carb allowance.

By the way, for all of you who are looking for some motivating music to workout to, here are some tracks that I have put together to put you in the mood.


week 2 roundup.

Apologies in advance for the short post. I am traveling at the moment. I will post up some of my thoughts and experiences after I’m back.

The easiest part is the workout. Overall I like the workout cause I’m able to complete it without feeling totally dead to the world after the workout.

I’m still stumbling on the jump rope but not as much. Also the shoulder exercises are a little tough, but overall good.

The diet has been most challenging while I am traveling. I’ve been eating lots of veggies but when seeing my companions eating lots of unhealthy stuff in front of me, I’m getting cravings.

It’s definitely better when I can’t see or smell any food.

You know the saying.... out of sight out of mind.

Week 1 Round Up

So the Week 1 workouts were pretty doable. The best part was that I could actually finish. I've been quite diligent to work out in the mornings at around the same time. I like a fixed routine and like the fresh feeling after a working up a good sweat (and showering).

The leave a quarter was actually something that helped me avoid some much anticipated pain on Saturday / Sunday...... So here's the story.

A good friend of mine who is set to get married had his Hong Kong bachelor party on Saturday night. The plan was simple, meet up for an afternoon cocktail or two, then head to mini golf and 2 hours open bar, then dinner and finally barhopping. I wasn't joining for the dinner because the restaurant was a brazilian BBQ place, and I eat seafood and veg only, but I was going to join up again after dinner.

Because I was leaving behind a quarter of each drink, which was a vodka soda, everyone else was getting super hammered. In addition to this, I generally don't drink as much due to the overwhelming pain the next day.

By the time we left MiniGolf, most everyone was quite tanked. A few idiots in the group made it their mission to get the groom super hammered, and I heard later that after the golf the groom ended up passing out in the hotel room. Meanwhile I was feeling fine. So fine that the next day, I was up before 8am doing my workout.

I'm really happy that the program calls for a general abstinence to the booze. It gives me a great excuse to say NO.


Hello Folks,

Nice to meet all of you.

Here's a quick rundown of Me.

Who are you?
My name is Manek and I live in Hong Kong.

How do you spend your time?
For work, I have a small business sourcing and supplying silver jewelry and other fashion items. In my spare time I enjoy going to the beach and surfing although, I've not had many opportunities to get in the water these last few years. The picture attached is from a couple of weeks ago, and I am strategically hiding my fatness with the board.

I am also involved with a charity that helps the homeless and less fortunate through a holistic approach.

Where are you?
I was born in Japan and moved to Hong Kong with my family at the age of 3.

Why Kenzai Body?
The short answer is that I want to look and feel good.

The long answer is that my girlfriends best friend is getting married this summer in London. Im gonna be meeting all these people for the first time and I would like to make a great first impression. Not to forget that I would also like to make them envious of my GF.

My GF is also a big fan of GOT, and thinks that Karl Drago, a.k.a. Aqua Man, a.k.a. Jason Mamoa, is the hottest thing since Daenerys Targaryen dragons. (Don't worry, no spoilers here.)

The other thing is that I love the ocean and I love to surf. Having a big belly makes it kind of difficult to do what I love, and that includes my GF.

Are you working with an injury?
I think my ego is a little bruised and battered. This happened when my 14 year old nephew (who is extremely athletic, and was visiting recently), poked me in the belly and called me FAT. Other than that, NO.

We are living in an era of super hero films, so, who is your real life super hero? Who is someone you look to for inspiration?
I try not to put anyone a pedestal. I use to do this before and was very disappointed when I saw the truth.

That being said, I love to surround myself with people who embody the qualities that I value and strive for. You might know the saying.... "If you want success, then surround yourself with successful people." I am a firm believer in this and have seen first hand that it is not wrong.

There are more than a few people in my life that I hold in high regard. If I start to name them I think this post will go on for way too long so let me end this post with a couple of sayings that I made up all by myself.....

"You will never get the right answer from the wrong person."

"There are people that I call friends, and there are friends that I call family."




Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body