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Marco M.

Kenzai Body 3 | Day 88 (Member)
Kenzai Body 3
Day 88
Program progress:
last week

I can’t believe it is already last week of KB3!
Can I have one more month?

master of...

You know what, I never thought about this.
Maybe I would like to wake up and master the art of guitar playing 😁
I’ve tried few times to learn properly to play guitar and I know it’s not easy because it’s very time demanding. I always had other priorities so I’ve always postponed.
Who knows, maybe to tomorrow morning I’ll do a solo better than Angus Young, I’ll let you know 😉
By the way, this was the workout spot of this morning. Super nice, but skipping at 1900m above sea level is not that easy!

I have to admit, I’ve always looked younger than my real age, but I also have to admit that since I started KB things have gone even better! 3 weeks ago I met a guy that thought I was 32, I’ve just bought a digital scale that tells me a lot of datas, like metabolic age and says I’m 34.
Truth is that in November I’m turning 40, but I feel way better than when I turned 30!


Summer has definitely arrived and the city is super hot! I workout at 6:00am but it’s already hot. Any advice?


As you know last week I was out for a week of regattas on classic yachts. Big fun but also strong activity. All workouts of this months helped me a lot! Saturday I had an accident because I received a very strong beat in the face with a handle (the one you can see in the picture). A lot of blood and hematoma, but luckily nose and teeth are still intact.
I’ve been impressed in noticing how fast and good my body reacted to the trauma. This is the result of healthy food, workouts and good habits.

out of home...

Hello team mates! Sorry for not posting during the last few days but I’ve been and still am very busy. Last week I’ve attended a super intense workshop away from home. This week I’m at the seaside for a week of regattas with classic boats. I’m managing somehow to do workouts anyway. Foot is better than 10 days ago even if not yet 100%ok.

Foot Pain

It's almost a week that I'm having pain to my left foot. In the picture I've highlighted the area that hurts.
Pain is mainly sharp and stronger early in the morning and than fades gradually away during the day.
I'm avoiding skipping rope during this last three days and I've now started using anti inflammatory patches at night.
I'm thinking about going for exercise bike or elliptical for this week. Doubling the time will be a little problem on my time schedule because I do workouts early in the morning before kids wake up, so this could mean having to anticipate the alarm for thirty minutes (I already wake up at 5:00 am!). But I'll try

it works!

I can see the results of KB3!
I feel a perfect shape and I can also see it from the pictures! Moreover I gained 2kg!! My goal was not to lose weight but to gain 4 kg of muscles! I’m on the right way!

Epilady for man

Having fun so far, but also experiencing a little problem...
I’m luckily very little hairy, but all exercises in which elastic band rubs on skin are like having a session with the first epilady, do you remember it? Legs and arms are now almost hairless...

love 21!

I have to admit that I love this 21 thing! I’ve always considered myself as one of those guys who do all repetition with attention to movement and muscles, not just for doing them. But since we’ve started the “21 rep. Sets” I’m experiencing more control on movements and muscles involved.
At the end I’ve bought the parallels bars for workouts. All chairs I have are unstable and with super sharp edges...


The thing I keep on procrastinating is tidying up the wardrobe... picture in the lesson is the perfect example of my situation 😉
I know I have to chunk the big task down in smaller tasks, I’ll start to plan this tasks.
Maybe tomorrow 😂
In the picture you can see my “workout pal”. I was trying to do the weekly photo, but his plans were different 😃


I’m in Prague for a prize giving ceremony and even if I brought jumping rope and elastic bands I couldn’t do my workouts this last two days. Don’t worry, tomorrow I’ll be back on track!
By the way, the ceremony has been great!

today’s workout

💣💥 💥 💥 💥
Am I the only one who loved today’s workout?!
Feeling super powerful!!


Yesterday’s lesson about gut bacteria is perfectly on time. It’s almost a week that I’m having intestinal disorders and this is draining a lot of my energy. I hope that good diet will help me solve the problem quickly

week 2 question

The body part I would like to change is my head. It’s too big therefore is heavy!! I can feel it when I’m doing abs; the muscles more involved in crunch for example are the neck muscles cause they have to support the head. When I’m doing sit abs I need a weight on foots cause otherwise they are lifting for the major weight of head &torso.
By the way, I’m happy about my body, I like it!

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