Marco M.

Marco M.

Kenzai Body 3 | Day 3 (Member)
Kenzai Body 3
Day 3
Program progress:

Hello mates!
I’m spending Easter holidays in Hossegor, near Biarritz. The place is very nice and I’m having a nice run with my dog every morning before the workout.
Here a picture of mi path this morning

back on tracks

I know, it’s been a while since my last post...
Last week has been probably the most intense week at work. Milano hosted the “Salone del Mobile” the most important Design trade show and I run a design studio, so you can understand why I’ve been so busy.
Moreover I had a very bad cold, but now I’m finally getting better.
It’s nice to be back though.


Waiting for KB3 to start I decided to redo Reboot program.
Even if this is the most intense month of the year (a very big trade show is just about to begin) I manage my workouts and diet without big problems.
Hope you all may have a great time too!
Here is the picture of my workout spot. Sorry if it’s a little dark but I train at 5:30am.
Weekly challenge 1 done!

Reached Reach 

I have to admit, Reach program has been way harder than I thought!
Muscular fatigue of KB1 or KB2 is nothing compared to the “pain” felt during reach workouts, but results are impressive and affect everyday life! Loved it, and ready for a second run!😜

worst cold ever

Sorry mates for not posting during this last days.
It’s almost 10days that I’m fighting with the worst cold I ever remember. Nose clogged, ears plugged and frequent headaches...
I continued anyway with workouts, maybe reducing intensity and avoiding positions with head down.
Now I’m finally getting better!
Ready for this last days?

twist of fate

4 weeks ago I was just about not to register myself to Reach, but then I changed my mind throwing a coin and now I can reach my feet!😉

day on the mountains!

Today I’ll pass the day on the mountains skiing with friends. It’s been AWESOME!! Morning exercises before jumping on the sloop and I could feel a better control of my body. Loved it!


Maybe reach is the program in which you begin to see results of your efforts in the longest time related to other programs, but I’m finally there!!! And it’s so nice! Little by little I can feel my movements less bounded and my body is more flexible!

Dead pigeon

Pigeon exercise for me is barely impossible! I can’t even get close to the right posture...
Any suggestion?

super headache!

I’ve lost a couple of days because of a very strong headache, maybe caused by sinusitis.
Today I’m feeling slightly better, so back on track!

Since the first assignment of this week seemed so clear to me that Reach is the program I really need right now! So I’m super happy I’m doing it! The first issue I’m facing is breathing. I don’t know how to breathe in most (maybe all) the exercises of the second part of the workout. Keeping my abs tightened for the exercise makes breathing with the diaphragm almost impossible! Any advice?

What a journey! 

Kenzai Mind has been a great program!!
I really enjoyed all the lessons and the daily meditation and it's been a great thing to discover all different techniques of meditation.
I'm more focused, more relaxed, my interaction with people is getting better and better and I'm more aware of myself, both physical and psychological side.
The best gift that I received from Mind is discovering and learning how to breath!
I'm sure this good habits will continue in the future!


Best decision of the last couple of months has been attending this program.
Mind gave me a lot and I’m sure it will continue to give me a lot even if it’s finished.

I am a firewalker

As I told you in my last post, during this weekend I’m attending a seminar called Emitional Fitness. I’m learning a lot! 100 posts will not be enough for listing all topics we’re going trough, but if I have to be super brief I’m learning that emotions are how we decide to react to events in our life and they can affect our state of mind and our potential. We can work on our emotions and with the right focus we can avoid pain and free our potential.
As a prove to that last night the coach let us walk on fire, literally! I know it may sound extreme, but trust me, this experience gave me a LOT! Before the walk I had to focus and increase my level of energy. I was shocked by discovering how strong and big is our potential and how we can control our mind with focus.
Meditation of last month has been super useful and helped me a lot in this experience.
Here is a picture of the path, don’t try this at home!

Emotional Fitness

Hello mates, sorry for not posting last week but I’ve been very busy, first wit the work and now for a seminar I’m attending.
It’s called Emotional Fitness and guess what, it’s about emotions... they’re teaching us how our state of mind affects our behavior and how not to fall in bad feelings and bad behavior. We’re learning why do we act or react in specific ways and how to control this.
It’s very interesting and challenging, and I have to admit that all the work done with meditation during last weeks is helping me a lot !