Margaret F.

Margaret F.

Just became a Kenzai Member!

I woke up early as advised, full of excitement to see what my last day of workout will be and what a relief :D

The skipping rope was a breeze (I added weights yesterday), no tripping whatsoever, I flew like a butterfly :D Fooling around with my criss crossing and even skipped backwards, much to my son’s amusement :D

My exercises were done with much better precision even when I pushed deeper and slower, much more stable, my arms have definitely become stronger. The Da Vince, which I complained in one of my blogs, I can lift it up nicely now.

According to yesterday’s lesson, the only number that is meaningful is our body fat percentage. Mine went down from 19.5% to 17.2%! Woohoo!!!!! That explains why I flew like a butterfly :D

Thank you to Kenzai, my dear Kenzai comrades and myself, for making this effort and commitment in the last 90 days.

I feel great!


In this last stretch, I suddenly feel the commitment again to finish strong and clean. My body is well condition and I'm pushing myself to the limit as much as I can to build as much muscles as possible. I work hard to get to the burn and when I get there, I have a mental image in my mind that the fibre is breaking, like a chick breaking out of the egg shell :D

My husband, who doesn't want to praise me too much else I become an airhead, just had to say that "you've always have a good body but now your body looks stronger, you are like a machine and I don't wanna mess with you". Hahahahahaha :D

Makes me think of doing Chisel maybe? KB2? Let's mull over it.


Just told my husband that I will certainly continue my jump rope. 10 mins of skipping = 30 mins of jogging. Super efficient. Plus I can do the criss cross and boxer shuffle now :D

I can and will certainly do that everyday. Between surfing the net aimlessly for 10 mins, i rather skip for 10 mins.

Also, I will continue my Kenzai diet.

Then move into to KB2.

I’m here to stay baby 👶

Endearing marsupial pouch

Asking on behalf of all mothers :)

Will our endearing marsupial pouch ever become taut again?

What happens after KB1?

I am truly enjoying my Kenzai program. As a Sports graduate and ex-national athlete, I really appreciate the holistic and sustainable approach of Kenzai.

Yes, I’m at 2/3 of the program. Feeling great and anxious at the same time. Separation anxiety? Hahahaha :D

KB1 ends early Apr. What happens after? I understand that we can sign up an annual membership and access other programs. How soon can I start my next program? (Sorry, an eager beaver here, teacher’s pet) :D Will I still be able to access the Lessons in KB1?


My 6 YO joins me during my workout this morning. Great motivation for me. He says and I quote verbatim, “mommy, you look like Superman. U have waves on your stomach.” Referring to my abs.

Kids don’t lie :D


Voilà! My second indulgence. A very very very happy me :D

Can’t Kenzai during Ski

I have missed I think 2 days of workout already and it seems that I may miss out the entire week this week as we are on ski vacation. In between looking after my kid and taking him for ski, and getting my work done, I am left with very little time to go anything else let alone Kenzai.

I will try to keep to the diet as much as possible and ski as much as possible to keep my activity up.

Any advice is welcomed.

Kenzai with my BFF

Fellow Girlfriend who got me into Kenzai is in town and we Kenzai together this morning 😜

Super excited that I’m nearly halfway through.

Next week will be tricky as we will be travelling across time zone to ski. I checked my landing and departing time, no transit which is good, i really need to rest well and manage my jet lag so I can quickly get back to routine.

During my vacation, it will be a good time to practice my mindfulness in terms of my diet as I know there will be plenty of temptations.

I had to turn down a breakfast invite telling my client that I’m OCD about my diet and I prefer to eat home and he was excited to hear more of Kenzai :D

Food wise, I’m doing well by far. I admit I cheat a little here and there during the Chinese New Year celebration, but the most crucial part for me is to manage my “Evil Twin Sister”.

I have been extremely discipline on the alcohol front so that keeps my Evil Twin Sister under control. And to be honest, I really like the feeling of no alcohol.

My mind is much clearer and I am so much more in control.

It’s a good life and my body and mind is up to enjoying this good life.

Loving it!

I cheated

Today is the second day of Chinese New Year and I have to confess that I’ve not managed my diet to the T. Today, I had a tiny bit of bak gwa (sliced BBQ pork) and 2 pineapple tarts.

Yesterday was day one and we went visiting. I had a glass of champagne, some cookies (can’t keep count anymore) and some bits of bak gwa.

On reunion night, I ate more than usual, not enough vegetable and a glass of champagne. We were invited each time and its not polite to turn down the food which the host has so laboriously prepared.

It is not easy to manage at all these last 2 days and one night. Tomorrow will be fine and the final eating is on day 15 of Chinese New Year. We will most likely decline the invitations.


Yesterday while traveling, I managed to workout at a quiet corner of the airport while having an hour to kill.

After working out, I enjoyed my morning fruits packed from home.

Very pleased with myself :)

Cheat Day ;)

I had a headstart in CHEATING :D

I knew about the Cheat day card and decided to use it yesterday as it was one of my dear girlfriend's birthday. I treated us to an award winning restaurant. Before photos below. After photos are just nice clean plates :)

First course: 'SICILIAN' GREEN ASPARAGUS - Petit Pois | Sea Shrimps | Crustacean Cream
Main course: BOSTON LOBSTER - Angel Hair Pasta | Hijiki Seaweed | Lobster Oil
Dessert: JACKFRUIT - Coconut | Banana | Custard

I have to admit that after days of eating cleanly, I do find the seasoning/sauce a Iittle overwhelming. In any case, I thought that if I were to pamper myself, I better choose wisely and make sure that its worth it! And it was :D

She had 2 glasses of champagne and me zero. Very pleased with my no-alcohol rule and I'm gonna stick by it throughout my 90 days. Not as difficult as I thought it would be. I can feel that my liver is very pleased :D

Don't speak too soon Margaret! One step at a time.

I have worked hard and I ain't gonna back track myself with mindless consumption.

The next few days will be extremely difficult as it is Chinese New Year and typically, we have a feast and when I say a feast, it is a FEAST! Chinese gets offended if you don't eat. I shall fake an allergy. LOL :D.......Hahaha....

Today workout, there is Double Katana. I can’t barely move an inch! Gonna try to find an easier resistance band. :D

So I replaced it with the Ski Jumper instead.

Tough workout today but feels good.

Gotta keep going and smile and have your sense of humor :D

Pull ups! URGH!

I wasn’t even able to hold for 1 second! Is our goal to be able to pull up after this program? :D




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