Margaret F.

Margaret F.

Kenzai Body 2 | Day 56 (Member)
Kenzai Body 2
Day 56
Program progress:

After 10 days of constant travelling which puts me off track, I’m very happy to be back on track, back to routine, back home. Still battling my jet lag, which explains my 5am workout :D

No more disruptive travelling till 19 Jul so I expect to finish strong. That’s my challenge to myself.

I have been completely off track in terms of diet since last Friday due to constant travelling, different time zones, extended family time. I try my best to fit in the exercises with not much success. We are now in Paris a week for work and friends, trying to get our rhythm back but not easy. Can't be a difficult and picky guest can I? I control my portions and add a lot of vegetables whenever I can.

I can understand my fellow Kenzai team members who travel for work constantly, such an effort to be on track.

Nearly there :D

In my Self-Intro blog, I wrote that my aim is to get into this yoga pose at the end of KB2. This lady makes it look so graceful and effortless. When I tried it for the first, it was impossible to even lift up my leg. I try a little everyday and today, I’m quite pleased to be able to hold it long enough for my 7YO to snap a photo :D

Albeit looking clumsier than this lady, I give myself a pat for good effort :D

It should look better in July ;)


Now that we are starting our workout with 18” jump rope, I have to really get into the right mindset from the beginning and I’ve found that my favorite song to jump start is:

“Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns and Roses.

What’s yours? Pls share :)

Timely Lesson

Today’s lesson is so timely as I missed 2 workouts last week due to public holidays. We hosted a very nice party last Friday and though I was supposed to keep my indulgence small, with all the revelries, it’s was hard to stick to my Kenzai diet.

Well rested since and happy to be back on track. Let’s see in long this will last :D


Last Wednesday, Maxime joined us for our annual company trip. During these 5 days, I was able to keep up with my trainings for the first 2 days but the following 3 days, not to the tee. We did a lot of physical activity though. So if I have done a lot of trekking (leg work), I will quickly squeeze in the minimum requirement for the upper body and abs.

Problem during these 5 days is the diet. Airline food, communal meals, meals with friends whom you haven't seen for long time, are all non-compliant. I try my best but from the look of the scale, +2kg? Urgh! Out of whack!

Today, back to normal schedule albeit feeling tired. Diet is back on track already. But problem now is my energy level to workout :(

Will go easy on myself today. Hopefully, 100% back on track tomorrow.


On vacation for 2 weeks, so my 6YO accompanies me on my KB2 training :D


Dear all, I am living in Singapore, married to a wonderful man who is father to my 6 YO boy and step-father to my 18 and 20 YO girls. I finished KB1 on Apr 6, took a break for 2 weeks, During these 2 weeks break, I had enough misbehaving and got fed-up. So decided to put myself back in the cage and start KB2. LOL........ :D

During KB1, I laminated my 2019 New Year Resolution and sticked it on my bathroom mirror so I see it first thing in the morning and before I head out for dinners/parties. That helped me. This time round, I laminated this yoga pose and added to my mirror. That's the position I aim to get into after KB2 ;)

Voila! Just do it :)

Why do I do this to myself?

Woke up this morning thinking, “Why do I do this to myself?”. Why put myself back on this 90 day program. It’s tough, not going to be easy, will I make it through, not too late to pull out, don’t even start! etc...

All negative thoughts till I read my Reading of the Day, I.e, “Live to your full potential”.

I have worked hard and I have a relatively good life. In order to enjoy my retirement, the second part of my life, I need to be in good health.

And this is my WHY :) What’s your WHY.


I woke up early as advised, full of excitement to see what my last day of workout will be and what a relief :D

The skipping rope was a breeze (I added weights yesterday), no tripping whatsoever, I flew like a butterfly :D Fooling around with my criss crossing and even skipped backwards, much to my son’s amusement :D

My exercises were done with much better precision even when I pushed deeper and slower, much more stable, my arms have definitely become stronger. The Da Vince, which I complained in one of my blogs, I can lift it up nicely now.

According to yesterday’s lesson, the only number that is meaningful is our body fat percentage. Mine went down from 19.5% to 17.2%! Woohoo!!!!! That explains why I flew like a butterfly :D

Thank you to Kenzai, my dear Kenzai comrades and myself, for making this effort and commitment in the last 90 days.

I feel great!


In this last stretch, I suddenly feel the commitment again to finish strong and clean. My body is well condition and I'm pushing myself to the limit as much as I can to build as much muscles as possible. I work hard to get to the burn and when I get there, I have a mental image in my mind that the fibre is breaking, like a chick breaking out of the egg shell :D

My husband, who doesn't want to praise me too much else I become an airhead, just had to say that "you've always have a good body but now your body looks stronger, you are like a machine and I don't wanna mess with you". Hahahahahaha :D

Makes me think of doing Chisel maybe? KB2? Let's mull over it.


Just told my husband that I will certainly continue my jump rope. 10 mins of skipping = 30 mins of jogging. Super efficient. Plus I can do the criss cross and boxer shuffle now :D

I can and will certainly do that everyday. Between surfing the net aimlessly for 10 mins, i rather skip for 10 mins.

Also, I will continue my Kenzai diet.

Then move into to KB2.

I’m here to stay baby 👶


Asking on behalf of all mothers :)

Will our endearing marsupial pouch ever become taut again?


I am truly enjoying my Kenzai program. As a Sports graduate and ex-national athlete, I really appreciate the holistic and sustainable approach of Kenzai.

Yes, I’m at 2/3 of the program. Feeling great and anxious at the same time. Separation anxiety? Hahahaha :D

KB1 ends early Apr. What happens after? I understand that we can sign up an annual membership and access other programs. How soon can I start my next program? (Sorry, an eager beaver here, teacher’s pet) :D Will I still be able to access the Lessons in KB1?


My 6 YO joins me during my workout this morning. Great motivation for me. He says and I quote verbatim, “mommy, you look like Superman. U have waves on your stomach.” Referring to my abs.

Kids don’t lie :D