Margaretha H.

Margaretha H.

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Stronger, more fit and in better balance 

My first Kenzai contact was with a Silver program in May this year. Then I continued with Body and now I have completed another Silver. Without making any comparisons, I can say that Silver suits me best - so far. Good level of workout (although I supplemented the brisk walking with skipping now and then - a result from Body!), perfect diet and very good lessons (often just-in-time). But almost the best of all has been the fantastic Plymouth team - all the time encouraging but also willing to share information about everything interesting. It has been an honor to take part of your everyday tasks - thanks for charing it and thanks for all support. A special thanks to Ward 🌹for your guidance through the program.
After the last "workout" I can say that I am both stronger, more fit and in better balance (everything was "a piece of cake")! But I also know that I must continue to maintain the good result and now I am considering what will be the next step. First, I will continue with "Three a week" and supplement with swimming, workout in group and spinning (going back to previous routines). Then, 2020, I considered Reboot, Mind or Beach Ready (need some good advice from my daughter + Ward).
Since I'm so used to the diet now, I continue with it and eventually I decide to enjoy a glass of wine 🍷(If so, the first in 7 months!).
All the best to everyone and I hope to see you on another program ❤️.

* I control my own time and feel less stress
* Having a social network with family and friends to do all the fun things with
* Feel healthy, strong and happy
* Consider age only as a number

Autumn in Sweden

Difficult to compare with sun decks and the view is not the Mediterranean but the Öresund (the water between Sweden and Denmark). But it is still nice with seasonal differences 🍁🍂- and the workout could be done anywhere 💪😅

Going home...

Soon a five weeks long-stay in Spain is over and on Saturday we go back to a cold and dark Sweden. I was a little worried that KSilver wouldn't work when I wasn't in my home environment, but things have been going very well. A little difficult sometimes with the diet (although there are lots of fruits and vegetables, but there are plenty of other goodies/temptation too!). Of course it would have tasted with some vine now and then, but Agua Mineral con gaz is a perfect substitute! Most positively, the opportunities for workout have been. I will miss the wonderful brisk walks along the Mediterranean and the workout on the sun terrace - and of course the golf play (yesterday I did my best result this year!). I can really recommend bringing K on holiday and, along with my e-news, K Lessons has been my daily lecture - and for the most part K Lessons has been the best information.
Now I'm going to give all I've got the last Silver-week in Sweden😅💪




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