Margaretha H.

Margaretha H.

Kenzai Body | Day 10 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 10
Program progress:
lever forget!

Never without my ropes💪


Q: Who am I?
A: Probably the oldest "star" in Columba that, without fear, jumps from Silver to Body
Q: Where am I?
A: In Malmö, a town in southern Sweden - where I live right by the sea that separates Sweden from Denmark
Q: What do I do?
A: My daughter with husband and 2 sons are staying for a part of their holiday in Sweden (they live in Hong Kong). Tomorrow we are going to Gothia Cup in Gothenburg (the world’s largest and most international youth football tournament). My family is very active!
Q: Obstacles?
A: My great and generous social life - many barbecue summer evenings with good food and good wine ( I need all the advice I can get about "substitute"). My weight must be another obstacle when it comes to skipping - it was so much easier about 30 kg ago!
Q: Super power?
A: To fly (to HK in a flash)

I have just finished the Kenzai Silver and never thought I would get so "addicted" to a lifestyle-program that I have become. I like the structure and the ambition level which gradually increases week by week.
I guess K Body will be a bit more exhausting and I'm uncertain when it comes to skipping rope, because i have problems with one knee. Maybe I will try to do half the skips and do the other half as walking or cycling (just to get a feel for how my body reacts to skipping). I have done the skipping the first three days, and so far so good.
I look forward to continuing my K-journey with Kenzai Body and to meet new friends out there.
Summer regards from Sweden ☀️

Just did it! 

When I met my daughter in Hong Kong 10 weeks ago I was impressed with her "development" with various K-programs. She persuaded me to try K Silver and I thought if she can - I can! Sara has been my great support during the whole time ❤️ (together with the Silver team members and Ward❣️). I have previously tried many different methods, but without satisfying result so I was a bit suspicious. I have been very strict (more than I ever thought I would be capable to...) both with the diet, lessons and workouts - and I have tried to keep the blog up. Today I am both proud and strong - and fit. As first thing in the morning I have read the Lessons, and then straight onto the workout. I like the setup with being able to do the workout out at home or at the gym - as well as outdoors. I have never felt "alone" with my work out. The increase in intensity towards the end has been challenging but fun. The lessons have increased my knowledge in many areas! To get to know my fellow silver members has sometimes given my answers of my own "questions" and just knowing that other members are in the same situation has been a relief. When I did the last "workout/test" I must admit that I thought it was almost too easy. I know that I have to work with my balance, specially with my bad knee, but I also know that I am now much stronger than I was 8 weeks ago 💪. In addition, I have lost weight and I start to recognize myself more and more 👗.

It is unbelievable that it is over now - but I want to continue on this path (perhaps in a new K program). I wish all Silver members the best of luck and a big shout out to Ward for pushing and always being very motivated throughout this journey.

Today I am proud to say that the 8 weeks have yielded results, both in my self confidence and that I have the insight that with right food and exercise I can do it! 🏆


As I turn 69 in December I agree on the result of the London School of Economics' study.
The best part of being my age is that no one controls my time, so I can focus on enjoying each day at it comes.
This week I will enjoy my two grandsons, Hugo 11 and Adam 8, as they are visiting us for a whole week of their Sweden-holiday - and without their parents 😍


This weekend we celebrate midsummer in Sweden (almost as big as Christmas). In northern Sweden the sun does not go down, so it is sunny all night and that's a good reason to celebrate 🌻. In winter it is dark around the clock and that is depressing.
We chose to celebrate on a small Danish island, Bornholm, and played golf for 3 days with old friends.
I like the Kenzai lessons and can confirm the importance of socializing with good friends but also that all the workouts have strengthen my muscles which is noticed when I use my golf club 💪.
It's a strange feeling to begin week 8 - I feel really good, fit and strong😊

Tough workout!

This morning I took a dip in the sea after the walk - nice and "healthy" (+20 C). Then I did my workout ... feel like I soon can become a sparring partner to a boxer!
The workout is really getting tougher and tougher 💪😅 - will I be able to keep the training going even after the program is over?

Slí na Sláinte

Slí na Sláinte means 'Path to Health' and it is a simple way of encouraging everyone to walk more for the good of their health. There is a Path to Health close to where I live and it is a good way to take the brisk walk before breakfast☀️


Strawberries / fruit AMAYW 🍓🍓🍓🍓


wow, today's workout knocked yesterdays desert 💪

Indulgence time!

Dinner with friends ending up with a delicious desert (white chocolate mousse with strawberries)- and I couldn't resist it. I enjoyed it but now I am back on truck again!

Junk food to leave behind!

YES there are some junk foods in my life that I have to leave behind. Peanuts and potato chips together with the drink! All the "Swedish" salt candy - and the sweet candy - and the chocolate... (... I am a little bit tired of cauliflower and 🥦).
I like your lessons with the content variations and many eye openers 👍🏽

Conditional reflex...

Reading a good book and I'm craving sweets! Realize that this is more or less a conditional reflex - but damn hard to get out of my head. Feel like a restless animal🐒. Pls give my tips how you handle such a situation.

Body change

Met my previous PT at the gym this morning and she said "something has happened with your body, you look so fit"- that was music to my ears!


Inspired by todays lesson I just did my workout on the "hard" level. Feel good😅