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Margarita B.

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One more week to go

Where to start? Kenzai does combine things that I really don’t enjoy. First: food. Second: alcohol.adt but not least: blogging and taking photos of myself.

I have been doing my workouts, some days changing them a bit and after trip to Madrid, I have followed my diet.

Did I forget to mention I was in Madrid for a few days?? I obviously spent one week eating lots of yummy tapas so maybe that’s why no photos.

I can see there’s no body change but I can only blame my holiday in Madrid. Could I have been more strict?? Yes but you only live once.

Anyways, one more week to get this program done and start again properly without any interruptions.

Fully committed

Where to start? Well, I’m not very good at posting about my diet or workouts and I tend to just keep the frustrations for myself or vent to my husband (who is a super disciplined Kenzai alumni).
I know that posting is part of building a support network so I’m going to be trying to post more regularly.
So far I have been sticking to the diet and doing the workouts. I’m very proud of myself for having survived a fancy dress party without touching the food there (everything was fried) and with just one vodka tonic for the whole night (and lots of sparkling water).
I don’t have any discipline when it comes to social events so, for my standards, one vodka tonic was very controlled on my part.
Loving the workouts and loving the feeling of getting fitter and stronger.

Back to kenzai !!

Health issues and lazy holiday mood meant I didn’t workout for almost 5 weeks. I can already feel the benefits of working out: more energy, better mood...
I’m lucky my body is strong and healthy so I get to workout.
I will try to be really disciplined and stay focus every single day.


What an amazing program.
The workouts are challenging and quick. I feel more agile, stronger and definitely fitter. I feel this incredible rush after I finish the workout, I just don’t believe I am capable to do that.
We did the final workout in front of our 16 years old son, he kept pushing us to do it, telling us the time left in each exercise. When we finished, Robin and I collapsed on the floor and our son said that he thought we were insane but he wouldn’t be able to do it.
So that was the highlight of the program for me. I don’t really care about the bikini body, my belly is cover in stretch marks that I carry with pride for being a mum, my breast are sagging because of breast feeding but I’m strong and healthy and I feel awesome inside and outside.
I am in such a wonderful place thanks to that combination of healthy diet, workouts and positive space. I’m Comfortable in my skin, feeling healthy, strong and ready for the beach and for life with my three boys.
Beach blast was just absolutely brilliant!!!

New program??

Lots of things happening at once. Small renovation works at home with the extra cleaning that is required. Hours spent in work calls. Cooking for an army.
Anyways, not to make this blog too long and to keep it in the funny side....
Robin and I worked out together the other day, we were really pushing it and making noises, you know the noises, struggling kind of screams. Neither of our sons come downstairs to check if we were ok, if we were dying of a heart attack. I asked them why they didn’t check on us. Our younger son looked st me totally disgusted, telling me he thought we were having sex and that’s what the noises were.
I couldn’t stop laughing and thought it was so cool our boys think that we have sex in the living room in the middle of the afternoon with the two of them upstairs.
I think Kenzai needs to start a new program, this is an untapped niche!

Loving this!!

I’m not very good at blogging so this is the part of the program that I find the hardest.
I never got around to write about why I decided to start this program so here it is. We’re going to Greece this summer and I really want to look good in my bikini. Greece has been in my bucket list for many years and now that we are going with my husband and my two handsome teenagers sons I want to look good and keep up with their limitless energy.

I’m dreading the new diet. No carbs for breakfast or dinner and longer workouts so the challenge will be to control my hunger.

I’m still sore but I love how my body is getting stronger. The 1 minute series was super tough at the beginning and I had to keep stopping to take a breath but now I can finish them in one straight go.... let’s see how it is with a longer series.

Juggling workouts

Somehow my day got crazy yesterday and I had to skip a workout. I didn’t want to cash one of my tickets... I’m saving them for a weekend so I attempted to do two workouts today. I was about to call the ambulance by the time I was done.
I did 20 minutes on the bicycle and then 20 minutes of skipping rope.
I did all abs first followed by lunges( did 45 degrees and normal ones as I was making up for yesterday): nice and easy. The tough part was the one minute exercises: I really struggled and had to take breaks more often than expected.
I really don’t recommend trying to double up. Anyways, the only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do so here is my happy face after finishing it.


When I did KB1 I really struggle to stay connected with friends. I realised then that even when I wasn’t “preaching” about diet choices or workouts, my friends felt uncomfortable if I was just eating salad and, most of all, if I wasn’t drinking.

This program is so short that there’s no room for indulgences, no room for missing workouts. I decided to stick to my diet even if going out with friends. I was very proud of me for skipping nibbles, cake and alcohol and sticking to my chosen drink: the best Italian sparkling..... water!!

Day 5

I find the workout really hard but I still love them. I’m starting to feel very sore in my legs and abs and I just keep telling myself that I’m lucky I get to push my body.
Here is to keep pushing my body so I get it ready for the beach!!

Day 1

It was not a good idea to do one hours of spinning before doing my work out. My legs were heavy and tired when I did the muay Thai kicks, sky kicks.
Great start! Can’t wait to find out how the diet will be. In the meantime, I keep enjoying my beans!!

Finally here 

I have to say a huge thank you to Ward and the kenzai team. I take with me a new understanding of discipline, my limits and what a healthy life looks like.
I must say that I’m not in a hurry to dive into fast food, sweets and cakes because now I know how hard it is to burn those extra calories off.
I know the body change should have been bigger but I feel stronger and fitter.
I lost 3 kilos in total, I can see most of it was around my belly and waistline so very happy with the results.


I really enjoyed working out with my husband today. It was also fun to add leg and bump exercises.
I’m trying to follow the diet closely but I’m struggling. Can’t wait to get to day 90th.

Happy or grumpy?

I have not been posting as I have really been struggling with the program and even wondering if all this structure and discipline is good for my mental sanity.

I work from home so it can be lonely. My social interaction was to workout with two friends so I really miss sweating and laughing at the same times. It’s good for the heart!

I can’t longer have snacks or dinners with my sons as I just want to eat what they have and not my veggies and egg. Long family conversations after dinner are gone because who wants to stay at the table after having a kenzai meal. I eat it and try to forget how bland the taste was.

My birthday was on Friday and my husband arranged a dinner party at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go for ages. I enjoyed every bite I took, the more sauce and cheese the better it tasted. I had a few glasses of champagne and wine and guess what.... I may be a pound heavier but it must be because my soul is recharged after seeing friends and enjoying a few drinks with them. I bet kenzai doesn’t measure the emotional benefits we all get from eating and drinking friends. And please don’t tell me that you get the same feeling when you look at your abs because I bet the six pack still not there.

My husband is súper complaint, he’s doing KB3 and even does extra exercise every day. I came to the realisation that we are just different and I will never have the discipline he’s got. And guess what?? It’s totally fine.

I thought really hard about giving up because the program is doing things to my sanity but I decided to finish it and give it my very best now that I’m over my shingles.

I will finish it just because I’m not a quitter. More than learning to have a diet balance this program is making me realise what I value most in my life.

I’m afraid is not to have a bikini body good enough for the cover of sports illustrated, what I value more in life is the emotional connection you get from a nice meal with your loved ones and three months is just too long of a commitment.

Anyways, let’s get this thing done and over quickly so I can go back to being chubby and happy as opposed to skinny (which is not happening anyway) and grumpy.

out of steam

I think it’s been 10 days since my last post and a few weeks without posting a photo. I have followed the diet closely but had no time to do workout for the last 6 days. I have lost 600g in the last 3 weeks.

I didn’t realise how hard it was going to be to stick to the program away from home, my routine, my schedule. I focused my attention and time on getting work done and spending time with my mother.

I landed to HK on Thursday night and felt so exhausted after 27 hours in airports and planes. Went to the doctor today who diagnosed me with shingles! Apparently my immune system is very low and he just wants me to rest.

I feel so much admiration for those of you who have followed the program closely. My husband who is doing KB3, just run 25km this morning, beating his previous time and still wondering if he would be cheating if we had Thai food tonight. I admire that discipline and single mindedness but I’m afraid I don’t have it.

I will take a rest this weekend to get over the jet lag, will try to sleep more, will follow the diet but won’t workout until Monday when I hope to feel better.

Colombian food

I’m home visiting my mum, sisters and nephews so following the diet has been a real challenge.
Breakfast is easy, I eat our traditional tortillas made of white corn, they’re grilled and I just cover it in avocado and veggies, a boiled egg. Absolutely yummy!

I’m afraid I succumbed today at lunch and had steamed fish wrapped in plantain leaves with “fried” plantain and the most delicious tomato and onion sauce. The smell when I was unwrapping the fish was to die for, it was so tasty. I skipped my fruit tonight and this afternoon to make up for the extra calories at lunch.

I will try to stay as close as possible to the diet but I won’t feel bad for eating food that fuels my soul. Sorry kenzai!




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