Margarita B.

Margarita B.

Finally here 

I have to say a huge thank you to Ward and the kenzai team. I take with me a new understanding of discipline, my limits and what a healthy life looks like.
I must say that I’m not in a hurry to dive into fast food, sweets and cakes because now I know how hard it is to burn those extra calories off.
I know the body change should have been bigger but I feel stronger and fitter.
I lost 3 kilos in total, I can see most of it was around my belly and waistline so very happy with the results.


I really enjoyed working out with my husband today. It was also fun to add leg and bump exercises.
I’m trying to follow the diet closely but I’m struggling. Can’t wait to get to day 90th.

Happy or grumpy?

I have not been posting as I have really been struggling with the program and even wondering if all this structure and discipline is good for my mental sanity.

I work from home so it can be lonely. My social interaction was to workout with two friends so I really miss sweating and laughing at the same times. It’s good for the heart!

I can’t longer have snacks or dinners with my sons as I just want to eat what they have and not my veggies and egg. Long family conversations after dinner are gone because who wants to stay at the table after having a kenzai meal. I eat it and try to forget how bland the taste was.

My birthday was on Friday and my husband arranged a dinner party at a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go for ages. I enjoyed every bite I took, the more sauce and cheese the better it tasted. I had a few glasses of champagne and wine and guess what.... I may be a pound heavier but it must be because my soul is recharged after seeing friends and enjoying a few drinks with them. I bet kenzai doesn’t measure the emotional benefits we all get from eating and drinking friends. And please don’t tell me that you get the same feeling when you look at your abs because I bet the six pack still not there.

My husband is súper complaint, he’s doing KB3 and even does extra exercise every day. I came to the realisation that we are just different and I will never have the discipline he’s got. And guess what?? It’s totally fine.

I thought really hard about giving up because the program is doing things to my sanity but I decided to finish it and give it my very best now that I’m over my shingles.

I will finish it just because I’m not a quitter. More than learning to have a diet balance this program is making me realise what I value most in my life.

I’m afraid is not to have a bikini body good enough for the cover of sports illustrated, what I value more in life is the emotional connection you get from a nice meal with your loved ones and three months is just too long of a commitment.

Anyways, let’s get this thing done and over quickly so I can go back to being chubby and happy as opposed to skinny (which is not happening anyway) and grumpy.

out of steam

I think it’s been 10 days since my last post and a few weeks without posting a photo. I have followed the diet closely but had no time to do workout for the last 6 days. I have lost 600g in the last 3 weeks.

I didn’t realise how hard it was going to be to stick to the program away from home, my routine, my schedule. I focused my attention and time on getting work done and spending time with my mother.

I landed to HK on Thursday night and felt so exhausted after 27 hours in airports and planes. Went to the doctor today who diagnosed me with shingles! Apparently my immune system is very low and he just wants me to rest.

I feel so much admiration for those of you who have followed the program closely. My husband who is doing KB3, just run 25km this morning, beating his previous time and still wondering if he would be cheating if we had Thai food tonight. I admire that discipline and single mindedness but I’m afraid I don’t have it.

I will take a rest this weekend to get over the jet lag, will try to sleep more, will follow the diet but won’t workout until Monday when I hope to feel better.

Colombian food

I’m home visiting my mum, sisters and nephews so following the diet has been a real challenge.
Breakfast is easy, I eat our traditional tortillas made of white corn, they’re grilled and I just cover it in avocado and veggies, a boiled egg. Absolutely yummy!

I’m afraid I succumbed today at lunch and had steamed fish wrapped in plantain leaves with “fried” plantain and the most delicious tomato and onion sauce. The smell when I was unwrapping the fish was to die for, it was so tasty. I skipped my fruit tonight and this afternoon to make up for the extra calories at lunch.

I will try to stay as close as possible to the diet but I won’t feel bad for eating food that fuels my soul. Sorry kenzai!


The last few days have been tough, a holiday without nice wine and yummy food is not my normal idea of holiday but, hey, time with my family is enough to leave me recharged.
My older son, almost 16, is recovering from an injury and we were told he would not been able to ski. He was determined to try, he pushed himself and did it. So I can do the same and push out of my comfort zone.
My dinner at the airport was not too far from my diet so I feel I can do this.

Honeymoon over

I’ve been in British Columbia since last Friday with the family and I feel like I haven’t been enjoying my holiday.
It’s been over a month since I started kenzai and the honeymoon is definitely over. I don’t see any change in my body and I’m just tired of the same plane/bland food.
I never realised how exploring new foods and wines were such intrinsic part of enjoying a holiday.
My husband is doing KB3 and he’s so disciplined and kenzai focused. I wish I had his commitment.
I’m doing my workout and trying to comply with the diet but I have to admit that I’m hating every day of it. I can’t even imagine how hard is going to be when I’m in Bogotá next week.


I have been skipping seeing my friends for the last month because I know it will lead to drinking lots of wine and eating lots.
Yesterday, my Colombian friends organised lunch. I told them I couldn’t meet them because I was on diet, was trying to do it thoroughly. Anyways, my friend who was hosting insisted and she went out of her way to cook a kenzai compliant meal.
It’s so important to surround yourself with friends that support you instead of questioning why you put yourself through a program like Kenzai.

Week four

I haven’t been blogging because I think there’s no much to say that is not whining.
Workouts are tougher and I like to feel challenged.
My trousers are fitting nicely and I’m getting my abs back. Especially the part that I called “road to heaven”.
My husband is, as always, rocking the program and each time I want to cheat with just a single date he gives me “the look”. As a result, I have been really good with my diet and have lost 3 pounds.
3 pounds are you fxxx kidding me? Pardon my French!
There is my motivation every time I think about skipping a workout or not following the diet. Just remember how hard it is to get your body back and stay focused.
Hating week four but I will stay focused on the result I want.


I couldn’t believe what I was reading today and, for a moment, I wonder about what kind of program my husband had signed me.
A program where my skin will flare in spots, I will be having BM 3-4 times a day, my libido will decrease.... come on, Kenzai people, we know that you are into fitness and not into marketing but this article makes only the bravest push on.
I have been following the diet as strictly as possible. Unfortunately, that implies not seeing some friends that will lead me down the path of glasses of champagne and scrumptious food. I’ve been carefully selecting my company so nobody bats a lash when I get our my box of vegetables.


I was surprised to see I managed the new reps for skipping. I’m also noticing that I’m getting faster and don’t trip so often.

I saved my breakfast veggie for my morning snack. I mixed kale, zucchini, mint, ginger and apple. It tasted ok but it gave me the feeling of drink “health” in a glass.

I know routine is the way to go but I may cheat again and mix my breakfast veggie with my morning fruit to sparkle my diet with variety.


I’ve been coughing and with a runny nose for a few days. Yesterday it really caught up with me and I just didn’t have the energy to work out. I followed the diet but just couldn’t get around doing the workout.
I seriously felt tired and sleepy so had a nap in the afternoon, which I never do.
I did yesterday’s workout today but no cardio.
On the positive side, managed to steam a variety of vegetables so there’s enough for me and for my husband to take on his trip. It will be a long week away without him, he’s the one that helps me to stick to the diet and gets me to do my workouts in the mornings.


I still haven’t got on the scale but I can see differences in my body and that amazing feeling when you try your clothes and you see they fit different. Joy!!
I hate to be told what to do (biggest reason for working for myself) and that’s precisely the reason why I refused to join Kenzai for so long.
After only 12 days I noticed I’m sticking to the diet and workouts because I see changes and I feel energized.
Going out to friends house for dinner tonight may be challenging. Vegetarian, not eating sweets, not drinking alcohol... not the best company but the beauty of catching up with friends is seeing them not only the food and wine.

Unexpected results

I wasn’t sure if I should be posting about this but, hey, this is something that really made my day.
I’m not much of a fan of scales and prefer to “measure” myself with the way clothes fit. Today while I was using my, not numerical methods, I noticed my boobs are perkier. They really are and there’s also a nice definition down my side.

So there you have it ladies if you want perkier boobs do your standing ovations.
PS... no image attached for obvious reasons

Lucky 8

It was useful to receive the diet in advance to be able to prepare for the week. I roasted lots of different veggies for me and my husband (he’s doing KB3) so we can mix “heavy” veggies with “light” greens like kale, spinach, rocket

I’m still confused about how to replace protein if I’m not supposed to have any beans but I’m trying to figure it out. I haven’t felt hungry all day so that’s a relief.

I really enjoyed the workout today!


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