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Maria D.

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Just arrived in France yesterday to visit family here...stretches were welcome after long flight and stressful week of wrapping up work and getting ourselves packed and out the door.
The diet struggle is real-- I *think* there is a wine category on the reach diet- right?

good luck everyone

So last week was a bit crazy with a lot of travel-- long rides on unpaved roads that did a number on my creaky body, and an unexpectedly long trip home due to plane delays etc... So I am very happy to be home and get on track with a better diet before I head out again to France next weekend for vacation.
I loved the "opening" stretches last week, and enjoyed the evening deep stretches as well. Hope everyone is doing great out there!

Intro from Maria

Hi all!
Excited to join Reach with you all!
Where are you?
Currently I am in the Peruvian Amazon for work (hence my delayed intro!)-- but normally I am based in Berkeley, California (San Francisco Bay Area), where i live with my husband and two kids.
How do you spend your time?
I spend a lot of time working as a researcher/advocate on climate change/env. conservation issues and juggling logistics with my kids and husband. This year I've made commitments to spending more time doing fun adventures with my family unit- which has led to fun camping trips, hikes in Redwoods and beach days. I would like to spend more time exercising and less time stressed out-- why I am so thrilled about Reach.
Why Kenzai Reach?
See my comment above! I have always been super flexible and loved yoga, but for the past couple of years haven't spent much time on yoga stuff and feel like my body is getting less flexible as I get older, which makes me sad.
What are your goals for the program? What will success look like?
Would like to feel less aches, and get into a routine of stretching-- learn some good exercises to incorporate into my routine-- exercise or just mind-body health habits. So far I am really loving the morning stretches.
When you are asked to take an indulgence on program do you typically: SKIP IT, FOLLOW THE RULES, or GO REALLY BIG? Tell us about it!
I love and fear indulgences--- sometimes I get off track-- one indulgence can lead to another, so sometimes I try to hold out and not go down that path, but once the gates open I sometimes go big.
Finally, are you facing obstacles to this training cycle?
I have a lot of travel this summer-- for work and for pleasure. My hope is that the more flexible diet and exercise routine can accommodate summer adventures.

all done 

I feel like this year got off to a good start with reboot-- I can now remember how it feels to eat clean and benefit from the positive energy of working out regularly! I am happy with the results- my clothes fit a bit better and sleeping better! Of course, always room for improvements and better preparation for the eventual slip-ups...but for now focusing on the positives! Thanks to another Kenzai program for helping me get back on the right path! wishing you all the best in your future journeys!

radio silence

Hello team,

sorry for the radio silence- I was ill for the past several days and slogging through. Unfortunately, I've missed some workouts as I couldn't muster the energy- but trying to stay on track with the diet.
I hope you all are doing well in this final stretch!

hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and perhaps easing back into more "normal" dinners. We had a long weekend here, which ended up being very social and challenging on the dinner front-- that said, workouts and diet (with the exception of 2 dinners at the end of week 2) are pretty much on track!
I have a very quick and intense work trip Weds-Thursday of this week, need to make a plan to squeeze the workouts in and stay on diet.


I have the great fortune to live and work in the healthy (and great) food mecca of the San Francisco Bay area- so the lunch challenge was not too hard. I went to my usual place where I get lunch near my office in San Francisco's finance district- amazing salad place called Mixt Green.
I ordered a custom grain bowl with the following:
Brown and red rice with arugula
Roasted purple cauliflower
Roasted red pepper
sauteed mushrooms
Roasted Chicken
Fresh herbs
Lemon vinaigrette (on the side)

I think the carb and protein portions are pretty right on for my Kenzai diet, and usually the veggies are above and beyond the 180 grams.
I probably could have gotten more fresh veggies (as opposed to roasted veggies) but there is something very satisfying about the texture and I love roasted cauliflower in particular.
It was delish, and now, since I forgot my yogurt at home this morning I am going to get a capucchino (2% milk) for a post-lunch pick me up.


Anyone else feeling a bit blah? Maybe it’s just me- (plus winter rains) but feeling a bit low energy. Midday workout helped boost the energy followed by a cup of strung black coffee. Not sure what happened or perhaps an illusion- when I glanced at the diet over the weekend it looked like I was in for more normal (carb + protein ) dinner, but when I checked this morning I saw it was the good ole egg white, apple yogurt feast. The initial disappointment has been replaced by resolve- sticking to the diet ! So far so good for the most part (ok there was a glass of wine with friends last night, to be straight up).
Also- we adopted this fluff ball yesterday which has brought some excitement and distraction (in a good way) to our home!


Went for a brisk walk-jog for my cardio in my neighborhood in Berkeley,California- normally this would be an awesome view of the Bay and San Francisco but weather has been rainy and we were really fogged in this morning. Great to get outside though and happy to catch a break from winter rains.

Scale ready and waiting for tomorrow- excited to get started with diet!

Hi all,
I'm excited to stay laser focused on the next 28 days of reboot and establish good intentions and patterns for the new year. Hoping a few tricks will help me stay on track- mostly just putting the workouts in my calendar and getting them done early in the day to avoid the inevitable pitfalls and excuses that pop up as the day goes on.
Love the new iphone app with the workout timer- nice work Kenzai team.
good luck all

moving on 

I don't want to dwell too much in my lackluster finish to the 10K...but didn't actually finish in a 10k!! Need to find a way to quiet the noise and distraction that undermines my intentions and commitment to myself. Nuff said...onward

rough last 2 weeks

I am still here! It's been a rough 2 weeks- between illness, crazy travel and then for the last week really awful air quality due to the wildfires in CA. Apparently the Bay Area now has the 2nd worst air quality in the world (yikes!)-- certainly not the kind of air I'd like to be breathing while running!
Yesterday I left for the east coast (3rd day on airplane in the last 5!). Now enjoying cleaner (but much colder!) air and trying to rejuvenate my kenzai spirit. Looking forward to getting an outdoor run in tomorrow.
I've certainly gotten off track with the program but holding on to the positive trend it kick-started-- I mean, at least I am doing something now, rather than nothing!!


had a short vacation with friends and family up in Northern California-- inspiring scenery for running!

kenzai diet + vacation-- a bit challenging-- there was some wine, there was some cheese--'s a new week.

My radio silence on kenzai was due to some intentional disconnecting from devices, but back to it this week.

So about me:
I grew up on east coast, but have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area (California) for the past 6 years.
I'm a mom of 2 amazing kids- 5 and 8, I work for a small NGO focused on stopping climate change, conserving tropical forests and protecting human rights-- my job's pretty chill ;)--that's sarcasm- we are all working like crazy trying to stop the world from imploding ;).
Enough winky smiles...
Let's see--What I'm passionate about-- making the world a better place
Other jobs/careers-- once upon a time, I thought I'd really like to own a bed-and-breakfast farm, where I'd grow and cook things. I still like that idea.
Fitness lightening bolt probably came in my late 20s when I decided to start running-- I was amazed that I could keep running for more than 10 minutes, and how good it felt. Taught me to keep pushing my limits to see where it will take me.
I don't think I've ever run more than a 10k, so pretty excited about that challenge.




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