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Maria Z.

Kenzai Body | Day 74 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 74
Program progress:
Kettlebells final 

I did not expect myself to like the kettlebell programme, but I ended up liking it quite a bit. My goal with this one was to develop a bit more upper body strength, and that’s exactly what happened — happy with that! The rest of my body that got stronger too, which is an extra bonus, not to mention new skills and knowledge. So all in all, I’ve enjoyed the programme enough to be thinking of doing kettlebell 2 next :)


Climbed Sharp peak today as this week’s challenge — the only peak in the area that I had not been up on until today. A good hike that was, not too tough, not too easy, just right for a Saturday! The rest of this week has gone ok, all cycle workouts done and, amazingly, I even managed to rest on the rest day — only did yoga, no other workouts at all.
Attaching photos of the views from today’s hike (typing this while sitting on the beach on the far left in the second photo).

Challenges all round

The week’s been challenging over all because it’s been extremely busy at work. All workouts have been done, but there was no time for eating lunch properly, not to mention snacks, and there was less sleep than I would’ve normally liked to (not totally bad though). Speed rope highest so far has been 181 because I’ve been tripping a lot. Doubles haven’t been going great either — one double is very easy, while two or more in a row not so much. Need to practice more.

The next challenge is very challenging for me: I love hiking and have climbed all peaks in the area lots of times, done workouts up on some of them too, so hiking up any of them would not be a challenge. There is just one peak that I have not been to yet — it’s in a remote area and said to be a rather tough climb, so I’m setting my sights on it. But not today. It’s been raining massively for a few days now and chances of being swept off a trail by wind and water are high. In fact today’s cardio is not happening either, it’s Monday workout today instead and cardio tomorrow. If the rain stops.

So much better

This week’s cycles work so much better for me! More consistent pace and much higher speed instead of constantly changing and adjusting equipment. Might have to get a new rope though: my poor old speed rope is severely duck taped and somewhat twisted because of wear and tear, so doesn’t always cooperate these days...


I try to do all sets as perfectly as possible at all times, so for this challenge I asked myself two questions: how perfect is perfect? And are expectations and ability to deliver are the same thing? So I decided to put extra focus into proper form and identify areas of improvement by looking at photos of myself working out. Not looking like Marvin yet!

Sunday challenges

Decided to thoroughly clean the house today... Now THAT’s tough! Way more challenging and tiring than any kettlebell workout to date!

Side plank

Hmmmm... There is no prep time gap between left side and right side planks on the app, it just switches directly onto the other side. As I’m not a superhero (yet), I’d love 5 seconds in between!

A lesson

An important lesson learnt this morning during the workout: kettlebell goblet lunges performed on wet tiles are not safe. No falls or injuries to report though.

And speaking of lessons, yesterday’s was the subject of much debate at home... I’m not much into superheroes, so I’ve picked Smaug :) Is there a Kenzai Fly and Breath Fire programme?

Me and my bells

The sun was bright and I was squinting but opened one eye to check if the photo had been taken — at exactly the moment it was... hence the funny face! :D

I’m in!

Hi everyone! I’m late but I’m in and am tracking to catch up!

My goal here is simple: gain a bit of extra strength in my body. What I need to achieve it is a very good time management — and what a challenge it is for me!!!

Chisel accomplished 

All done! I really enjoyed chisel workouts and, best of all, learned a few new things — in general and about my own body. One of them was completing today’s workout and realising that it was probably the easiest in the entire programme — even though I thought it’d be tough when I first looked at it! I guess that was the surprise :)

Final week

Final week’s going well so far, except that I seem to have landed awkwardly doing double hang time yesterday and hit my left ankle, but it doesn’t seem to be serious. Side crunches today had to be left incomplete because at 150 reps on the first side our cat got tired watching my head bob up and down and decided to attack it... still had the other side to go, so had to do the other 150 reps while fighting the cat off. Considered that to be failure enough and had to stop at that without repeating four more times.
Wondering what the surprise is going to be tomorrow!

Another week done

Decided to finish week 5 with 100 lunge jumps and 100 v-sits after a climb up a local peak — seemed like a good way to do the last challenge. Week 6, here we go!


Workout in the rain
Workout in the rain
What a glorious feeling
I’m happy again...

... because it’s not too hot now! Although after three days of being drenched to the bone I’m starting to wish for a bit of sun again :D

Week 4 over

...with nothing major to report. 5km trail run as a cardio option today and 3min superman for a challenge, which wasn’t too challenging but I didn’t feel like doing either of the other two, so stopped at that. Looking forward to week 5!


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