Mark G.

Mark G.

Kenzai Silver | Day 51
Kenzai Silver
Day 51
Program progress:

I enjoy Kenzai the most on those days when I have enough time to do the program without it being a total rush, not sure that the exercise will be easy to fit in today. I had to leave home early morning for flight to the US and when I land I go straight to a business meeting. Kenzai post dinner at 4am my time does not appeal! Will have to wait to the following morning I think.$


Still a way to go to get that perfectly honed body I think! With travel and work am finding it hard to get the diet right every day, but am trying to at least apply the main principles. Exercise is the easier part I find, not sure if others have the same experience.

stretching on the deck

A lovely beachfront location for our Kenzai classes

new to this lark!

Making my Wife happy by joining her on Kenzai this time, I used to do my own exercise thing but often missed due lack of time. This is great as I can fit into any day. Learning new exercises and stretches which all feel weird to start with, but hopefully will make my ageing frame a lot more flexible before next ski season