Mark B.

Mark B.

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Hi Team!

This has been a mixed bag for me.....I have been determined and pretty successful with the exercise, diet also been in the main good, but slipped up too much on the vino......a combination of the protests in HK and whole run up to Christmas for a few weeks has made this a tough 3 month stretch for me. However, these are really excuses - I would say that I have been naughtier in this programme than all of the others I have done. The truth is however being "on programme" means that Q4 has been better than if I had been managing it without, so all in all, even though I could have done much better, I know it could have been worse.

I have already decided that I'll do a programme in Q1 2020. I am not sure which one yet but that quarter is far easier to stay drier and avoid the vino. And I know that this will make a big difference in the weight loss.

I must say I really enjoy KB2 and would like to have another go at this. Maybe I'll do KB3 in Jan which from memory is a step up, but might as well keep challenging myself.

So all in all, enjoyable, could have pushed harder, but it was the vino that took the edge off of my results.

I hope you all made great progress during these last 3 months and see you in the New Year.

A very Merry Christmas to you!

Cheers Brom

DAY 85

Hello Team!

I must say my body was aching like billy-o last week but that seems to have rectified itself now....which is good.

Feeling reasonably strong but some of the Christmas stuff has started here already so navigating around that is not always easy. I remember this from previous pre-Christmas Kenzai programmes I have done and the last 10 days or so are always a large navigation exercise....! I think also here in HK people are looking forward to Christmas and maybe drinking more than normal after the second half of the year that we have had.

I know I have in general drunk more wine than I should have but as I say my strength is up...going to push to finish well this week and am also looking forward to a programme in Jan when the booze falls away....but let's cross that bridge later!

Hope you are all going in for a strong finish!

Cheers Brom

DAY 75

Hello Peeps,

Chugging along better now - things have calmed down this week and they rhythm is coming back which has been good.

Exercise all good, reps ramping up but am ok with that....I really enjoy the exercise pace of this programme.

Intake better this week too...chocolate and cheese have gone and healthy meals are back!

Christmas starting to roll here (seems to get earlier every year!) so have to watch the traps around this period.

Hope you are all nailing it to the finish line!

Cheers Brom

DAY 69

Hello All

Apologies for the slackness on the blog.

HK has been a mess this week. The city paralysed as I am sure all have seen, been to the office once this week and lost all rhythm. Kept the
Exercise going but been having a few wines most evenings and even some chocolate-not feeling too enthused about life currently with all of this crap going on and that has made me slip.

Need to get it back....

Hope you are all plugging away and doing well.

Cheers Brom


G'day all,

Been quite a week here....the village I live in the New Territories in HK has been in a world of problems. Part of the entrance road has changed hands and the new owner is a Triad - they are now charging HKD1000 per month to enter the village and the 400 residents have gone bezerk. So much so that every morning/afternoon/evening/night the villagers are parking huge trucks along the main road entrance blocking the traffic both ways - not particularly relevant you might say re Kenzai....but they did set part of the village on fire last night and the fire brigade couldn't get in.....

The problem is the only way to get out is to leave at about 6-6.30am, which involves walk/cab/mtr/walk and to get home last night it took 2 hours - the last 3km on foot (my 10 year old daughter had to do 5km) so everyone is seriously knackered. Have decided with the early start to get in the gym and do exercise rather than at home, taking own food with me, but the days are exhausting. By 11am I am pooped....then need lunch and stiff coffee to perk me up.

So I have been pretty preoccupied with this and particularly how to get the family round logistically. Just very time consuming.

Exercises ramping up but that's ok for now....some aching but I don't mind that....had a few drinkies at home on the vino front to bust the stress, but apart from that all good.....

This happened in another village close by which ended up in a 5 year lawsuit and a HKD4m legal bill - so we all have a meeting tonight to work out the number and drop a cheque in by the weekend....

As if the HK protests weren't bad enough!

Cheers Brom

DAY 54

Hello Team!

Had a good week this week - very little on the social front to get in the way, and also no lunches so could bring my own lunch into work which is a huge help.

The exercises are sneakily ramping up....the extra set here and there, and the extra exercise too....getting tougher and can feel it in the shoulders, and anytime I am in the squat/lunge/wall sitting positions!

I have a 100 person dinner tonight which I have organised so to be honest I will have a few wines, will look to skip dessert, then have a ball tomorrow but that will be more sedate. Weather is STUNNING at the moment in Honkers, so great for outdoor stuff , hiking in particular. Getting a bit hungry after dinner but not impossible to cope with.

Keep up the good work everyone and have a great weekend.

GO ENGLAND (Final tomorrow).

Cheers Brom

DAY 50

Hello Everybody,

Just heading back on the bus to Narita airport after an incredible weekend of rugby. To witness England beating NZ convincingly is rare and it was great to be there.

The flight into Tokyo was a shambles. We got up at 5am to get on the morning flight, there was a bad storm over the airport so didn’t land until 3.30pm Tokyo time. The area round the airport was knocked for 6 and in short we spent 5.5hrs in the taxi queue and finally got to our hotel at 11pm. Went out for dinner and drinks with friends so no exercise that day. Following morning was exhausted and also was the day of the Eng game so that was also no exercise. However the last 2 days have been back on it and did Saturdays workout on Sunday so did some making up.

Now have a better stretch with no travel plans in Nov. V keen to fly back to Tokyo for the final this Saturday but am hosting a 100 person event on Friday night so would be virtually impossible to make the plane and the probably won’t.

Hope you are all nailing it and see you soon!

Cheers Brom

DAY 42

Hello Peeps from Montreal!

Been on a punishing schedule from last Wednesday flying from HK-Toronto-Montreal. A gruelling 22 hour trip door to door. Didn’t miss a workout which was good. Also was pretty tight on the food considering the trip included a wedding (all day yesterday). Went to an amazing restaurant (Garde Manger) on Thursday night. If you ever get to Montreal I can not recommend it enough. Did a menu do degustation but asked for no dessert, no carb, and no cheese. It was amazing what the chef knocked up - lovely super fresh seafood, beautifully cooked duck, amazing veggies and salads. Knockout. All in a very funky atmosphere. The wedding was a 5 courser-veggie soup, smoked salmon, veggie pasta (did eat it but was a small portion), beef tenderloin then wedding cake (swerved it). They then have this Canadian tradition where that have a “dessert table) full of scrummy desserts, cakes, cheese and pizzas. Was gagging for some pizza but took some fresh fruit 🍇 which was actually excellent. Starting the long ride back to HK. On a flight tonight at 2230pm (Sunday) and done land in HK until 0500 on Tuesday! So will have to do a double workout today or Tuesday unless I do one on the plane.....

Hope you are all plugging away....nearly half way there!

Cheers Brom

DAY 36

Morning All,

Been a reasonable week - v good on the exercise, had Canadian Thanksgiving on Saturday where with a turkey dinner I load up with veggies and don't look too out of place! I am noticing the workouts ramping up and have some aching in the shoulders this morning, but I don't mind that as it means that the effort is going in...

I am off to Montreal on Wednesday morning for a wedding - will have to get up super early to get the workout in before I get on the plane, I will take my own food on board but it's a nasty 15 hr flight to Toronto followed by a connecting flight to Montreal so you lost 24 hrs effectively. Back next Tuesday then off to Tokyo for the rugby on the Friday so all up the next 2 weeks are going to be challenging....

Hope you are all trucking along!

Cheers Brom

Day 27

Hey Peeps!

Been rolling along and great on the exercise regime even doing extra stuff on a Sunday Had a few wines to be honest but good on the food so feeling like I have been clicking along.

I really enjoy KB2. It’s my favourite long programme and I am keeping pretty much on track.

Hope you are all rolling along!

Cheers Brom

Day 20

Evening All,

Had the most disastrous day on Kenzai I have EVER had in nearly three years of doing it.

Had to leave Hamamatsu at 12 noon to get out for the Ireland v Japan rugby match. Consumed an awful hot dog, a dreadful pizza and an acceptable burger which at least had lettuce in it. The food at the venue was complete garbage.

Only upside is I have done the workouts every day - but the food and beer have been a nightmare.

Need to get back to Honkers and straighten myself out.

DAY 16

Good afternoon all!

Food intake has been rolling well - unfortunately I had to go out with a mad client last night who really likes to get stuck into the booze and it's very hard to manage.....we went for Tapas (his choice) which is very hard to manage - I find Chinese, Indian and Spanish food hard to do on Kenzai, so I usually just avoid them. He even ordered Churros with chocolate for dessert which are a complete disaster...I managed to side step those, and ate no carb, but still all too greasy and not enough veggies. And red wine.

Anyway, I need to write it off and move on.

I am off to the Rugby World Cup in Japan tomorrow and back next Monday with three mates. HK - Osaka - Kobe - Tokyo - HK. This won't be easy with all of the travel but I take my own food on any flight from HK so that's ok - plan for rest of trip is to eat lean protein (easy in Japan), quality carb (not so easy as loads of white rice) and lots of veggies (need to work out). Will obviously be taking band and skipping rope along.

The workouts have been fine so far but from memory they will ramp up not getting ahead of myself.

I hope you are all trucking along!

Cheers Brom

KB2 - Intro

Good evening All!

Apologies for posting so late - I was finishing Beach Blast which I only completed on Sunday and I was desperate to do a 3 monther before Christmas so here I am! The Kenzai crew kindly let me miss week 1 (although I was going through purgatory during the last week of Beach Blast!)

I am doing this programme second time round and I really enjoyed it last time - I am really looking forward to getting into this with you all.

1. Where are you located? I am based in Hong Kong - hot and sweaty at the moment, but during this 90 days we will be easing into cooler weather which will be well welcome.
2. Tell us three things about yourself. Could be your job, a hobby, your family, hopes and fears. Ordinary or wacky – you choose! I have lived here for 18 years and run an insurance brokerage. I luuuurve this city - it is full of energy, although going through some challenging times currently. But I know it will get through. Finding Kenzai through mates was one of the best things I have ever done. I am an addict and have pushed myself through the last 2.75 years and feel so much better for it. I have pushed myself to do things exercise wise which I never would have contemplated - due to the programme and peer pressure from my team mates - it's got to be good!
3. Why have you signed up for KB2? What goals do you have for this 90 days? I am really looking to do a long programme and gradually build up further muscle and can the belly. All in time for Christmas.

Good luck everybody - I am really looking forward to this!

Cheers Brom

Long Metric Month 

That was a long 28 days! I didn't really realise what I was letting myself in for and all of the "Full Body" stuff was a REAL challenge. Some of those exercises are very unnatural for me and I found them tough. However, they did in all honesty get easier as I went along the 28 days, and I think some of this also was down to the press ups that we had to do every day. So, overall strength I think I have made an improvement.

I found some of the lessons a rehash of what I have read in previous programmes. I suppose there is only so much you can write about in terms of nutrition/the body/exercises etc so I do get that. Also, having reminders of these key points is useful. Maybe it's because I have done a lot of the programmes now, so this may explain why the lessons do feel repetitive.

However, I am a big picture guy. Kenzai has worked for me since I started just over 2.5 years ago, and I am addicted to the programmes and apart from summer and Christmas breaks I am generally on one. I think once you have done a lot of the programmes, whether you are mid programme or not, you generally follow the diet and do exercise. The difference when you are on programme is that you are forced to do exercises that you might otherwise not do, and you have to weigh the food. When I am off programme I eat the same quality food, I just don't weigh it and invariably eat more.

So all up, this is the toughest programme I have done, maybe apart from Iron. I would do Iron again but I really feel I need a weight rack at home to do it justice, it's quote hard to do it at the gym unless the place is empty.

I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves and thanks for all of your support during the programme.

I am going to redo Kenzai Body 2 (I am joining on Monday, I have missed the first week) and I am looking forward to getting back to the bands. Also am keen be "on programme" for 90 days for the run up to Christmas.

I hope to see you all around the Kenzai traps soon!

Cheers Brom

Closing In

Hello Everybody!

Closing in on the finish now.

This programme has been purgatory and has made me do things I didn’t want to.

However one thing I have noticed. All of these press ups - EVERY DAY! - have really helped me do the crab walk and also being able to keep arms locked for one min for all of these exercises so I must be getting stronger.

Hope everyone has enjoyed it or at least benefitted from it....!

Let’s see this out.

Cheers Brom




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