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I’m a fan of Kenzai Iron. It’s been a challenging round of trainging - 1) because Iron is a tough course as the reps are punishing in the last 30 days 2) markets and industry challenges continue to make if difficult to concentrate on our fitness/family/personal 3) gym consistency with travel 4) lifting carefully and avoiding injury. I feel much stronger and have higher energy post Kenzai Iron and it’s fantastic.

Thanks Cardinals for being such a great group of encouraging, positive supporters. I injured myself mid-way through Iron and the group rallying behind me and the ‘Ward’s words of Wisdon’ (copyright c.2019) were a great help on the road to recovery.

Honestly the lifting weights element suits me. I like the improved strength and it brings a different element to the exercise - particularly if I work out in the morning. It’s a new source of day-to-day confidence and enthusiasm. Thanks all and I wish each of you the best on your next Kenzai journey. I’ll be looking for another program for mid Aug/early Sept to focus on cutting fat without sacrificing the new found muscle... Take care guys .

I attach some images from our family vacation in the US... loved the Broad Museum in Los Angeles. Attached a piece from one of the more moving segments. This artist Barbara Kruger addressed the media war for the attention of the female consumer in the 80s... the thematic was thin-thin-thin and obviously the results brought about a generation where many were so focused on diet/not eating that there were harmful effects and negative societal norms in terms of expected size and shape for women... As a Dad with two daughters one of my favourite works is this one. The body/battlefield reference made me think Kenzai and the roads we travel to fit vs thin. Good for us all...

PS - also me fitting into my new suit... I’m eating a burger and fries as I write this... break time. Ha!


I’ve been fairly consistent on the workouts but the diet is tough... There’s a balance to be struck but breakfast while I’m in the US comes with bacon... it happens. It’s happened more times than I’d like to say here but i’ve stayed true otherwise by and large...

The program has been great for me. I’ve been less frequent on the blogs in the last few weeks but I’ve been reading up on the cardinals and we’ve got a great, positive, encouraging group. Really glad to have shared with you guys and to have heard your stories. I’ve got another blog to follow as I want to share with you guys our trips to museums in Los Angeles and a few other places with my wife and two little girls. I’ll be back...

For now, a shot of me finishing the day 84 work out... These workouts are nuts now compared to anything I’ve done in recent years. Take care Cardinals.


Tough summer at work and the build up to vacation kept me well away from the screens for updates - apologies. Also, to be fair, this summer will prove one of the toughest in my profession for me personally as well as many others on my team, in my vocation/industry. Such a reminder as things get tough that our fitness is still key... I’ve used my workout regime for solace when things get tough which will be one of the biggest takeaways from Kenzai iron... I actually like the weights as an outlet... it’s a different workout vs pure cardio or just ‘own-weight-resistance’...

Either way, I’m off for vacation now post a busy/crunch time at work and headed to Los Angeles. I’ll keep the blogs going and the workouts at the start of each day. We’re in LA, then Miami/Tampa bay for the majority of the trip and I’m excited to see family and friends.

The diet has been customized - i’ve laid off carbs to a large degree except toast in the mornings. The preferred meat/protein has been beef. I became tired of chicken and fish and found myslef a bit hungry before going to bed.. I attach a great breakdown on ‘the cow’ from my local butcher.

The workouts have been too long to finish given the crunch... I’ve done my best to stay daily but I’ve fallen down on more than one occassion... Today before take off I was sure to hit the gym to get back into rhythm... most importantly - no lounge time/temptations at the airport. I think once on the plane i may treat myself a bit -it’s 15 hours after all, apologies in advance! Ok, on my way. Glad to be back in touch Cardinals.

Words to live by...

A special thank you to Ward for giving me great advice as I felt my recent back issues were behind me. I saw those words about two days too late and subsequently ‘over did it’... horrible. Unable to work out since Wednesday and the diet only 50/50. I feel still pretty resilient and the fit of my clothes continues but this is a set back.

I found the workouts until I took the most recent pause are very involved and tough to fit in without really planning ahead. I’m probably averaging about 1hr and 10 to 15 mins per work out now? Anyone getting things done much faster than that? Either way, the results are obvious in the arms and quads which is great to see/feel. I”m fitting into that one suit i only wear when i’m just about fit (my wife says barely - but good enough for me).

Still enough time left to do some real damage so i’m hoping to hop back on things on tomorrow but will be careful not to over do it. I think diet is still paramount so that will be the focus. (After Sunday night Pizza night where I plan to have a slice with my daughters!).

Thanks again Ward, I’ll take your advice for sure from here going forward. Stick to what’s in front of you... I attach some more words to live by I came across in recent weeks! Let’s hang in there Cardinals, a lot left to play for.

Back on the path in HK...

Thanks all for reaching out last week . Many friends as well have checked in given the protests in Hong Kong over the past few weeks. All ok on the home front and we all hope things continue to be peaceful above all - I was pretty concerned and disappointed to get so far into the program and have a real issue with my back. A few of you wrote to wish me well which I appreciate. Ulitamley a few days of stretching and not working out did me really well. I feel quite strong now and didn’t deviate too far from the Kenzai dos/dont’ s while i was out.

I’ve been back on for 2 days now and all good. Will double up on the cardio day tomorrow I think to help even things out. I will say, the fit of the clothes is definitely better - oddly my suit coats are tougher to manage given the back/shoulders/arms... clearly the Kenzai Iron giving me some gains!!

Feeling good about the next few weeks. A bit of travel coming up but we know well how to navigate that now.

Man down!

I think it was the dead lifts at the start of the week. I woke up Wednesday and had thrown out my back. Shocker - trouble moving around and definitely no working out! I was on such a roll... Feeling terribly sorry for myself now and hope to rebound over the weekend. I’ve sat out the Thursday and now Friday workouts... Shame...

I’ve been concentrating on diet while i sit it out... Breakfast a bit more license to improvise and dinner keeping it very strict/eggs-brocolli.

I hope to get back in motion tomorrow!

Happy Father’s Day...

OK so the week was a solid one... and then came Father’s Day. I knew that I would have breakfast in bed (Kenzai compliant as the girls have seen this before - see attached) but i needed to get my cardio in super early. Dinner last night with friends where I was pretty well behaved but 10:30 finish. I managed a 5:30 wake up this morning in order to get a 6k run and back home before everyone was awake and stirring... Success.

The only issue was the bbq surprise lunch that came about thereafter. I heard about the bbq at 9 AM and subsequently hit the gym for some extra bench/incline/curls and sit ups. Nevertheless... it was best effort from 12:30pm and I attach photos of the afternoon.

Avoided the desert buffet but a few glasses of wine were had. No regrets - the family loved it and I thought it was amazing. Stayed protein focused and no fried foods. Tonight dinner will be a boiled egg and broccoli


A great weekend in Hong Kong with the Friday off for Dragon Boat festival. In our family it’s a tradition now that we watch the races and go for a big dim sum lunch on the Friday in between the races... This year I was pretty mild in participation at lunch but did grab a few soup dumplings (as it would be rude not to...). I added on to the cardio on Saturday and Sunday.

I feel pretty good about my strength improving and feeling results now in my clothing. I’ve not really weighed myself in a few weeks and I’d be pretty curious what the balance of fat loss and muscle gain results in - in terms of weight. I hope for more visibility in the results as well - it’s about now in Kenzai body that the weight and physical changes start to multiply week on week... I’m optimistic that Iron will show similar but much more in muscle. We’ll see...

Hope you guys are all going well.


I have two daughters age 6 and 8 and the annual Daddy, Daughter Ball is a major event on our calendar. It’s 3 to 4 hours of fancy dress, dancing and laughs with our daughters and their friends. You can be sure of three things on hand during the ball... Dads, daughters... and hot dogs. As an American I will confesss, that I love hot dogs. Hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, forget about it... You’ll be happy to know that I held strong. I took pictures of all the things I didn’t eat. I thought you guys would appreciate that. I had lunch at home and saved my work out for that evening - no drinks, no slippage.

I had a pretty good week in all. A slight wobble at a friend/client’s leaving drinks mid week but I’ll own that. Didn’t miss any workouts... wondering if I’m using enough weight or adding weight at the right pace. I’ve yet to add on much since week two to be fair but still find the shoulder and chest workouts pretty challenging.

In all, I’m definitely putting in the time now and hope the results become more clear right about now... Best of luck all.

The middle third...

Coming up on the middle third of the Kenzai Iron... Another pretty good week. I think Friday nights are tough. Just finished my workout at the gym post the office. Purposefully trying to do the Friday workouts at night as the gym is empty and you can really make yourself at home. I have to be careful not to ‘take my time’ as the break between sets I think is important to keep relatively short. The Friday night gym session also keeps you from the ‘catch-up’ drinks on the way home post office...

I kept it clean at breakfast despite eating out with clients a few days this week. No jam on toast, no muffins/bagels etc. packed a lunch most days which was clutch and dinner at home every evening bar one. Next week i have dinner 3 nights... i think steak and Japanese are the way forward. Limit the carbs and go the no salt route with your protein.

Over did it on the left shoulder a bit but hope to soldier on. On the cardio I quite like a quick 10 to 12 minute run a few times a week... easier on feet/ankles actually as the rope is a killer... Happens to me every time right about week 5/6. How are you guys doing?

Slipped up in Singapore....

Just finished two weeks on the road and Singapore was the last stop. We host a conference here and it’s always a good event. Singapore is a great destination for many reasons... but regardless of your agenda or reasons for visiting all would agree - the food options are outstanding.

I was pretty good all week but fell down on Friday night over steak and Cabernet at one of my favorite places. There were fries involved (attached)... I regret it but i bounced back. Managed the workouts but the diet needs a re-focus. Looking forward to a few weeks of limited travel. I hope to get back into the rhythm this week and keep the diet crystal clear.

I can see the results in my upper body - fit of my clothes as well. More to come. No more slip ups. Best of luck Cardinals.

On the road into week 3

Tough schedule. Missed a day given the flight back from east coast US to HK was a day gone. I’ll make up for it next cardio day I should think. Going to plan but less cardio some mornings as limited time. Wondering if we have to sacrifice should it be the 10 mins cardio or one/tow of the weight reps...

Either way - still fighting the good fight. At a conference now and must run! Speak soon.

Apples to apples...

They may look like two simple apples wrapped in eco-destructive plastic to you, but...

I’m travelling this week and next. I’ve travelled on Kenzai before and I’m determined to stay on track this time around. finished breakfast at the hotel and forgot to stock up on fruit for the road and the next flight! I walk into the airport lounge and there’s a massive spread of warmed over buffet foods, spirits and wine. Not an ounce of fruit in sight. I humbly asked a staff member for an apple (for my mid morning snack) and sure enough she found two... (from where I’m not certain/didn’t ask).

Starting week two and feeling pretty good. I still think 5 sets this early in the program is a big effort but I’m glad to be a obviously tired post the workout. Looking forward to when things really ‘pick up’... I’m situated for two days in the same place now then an overnight flight... we’ll see how creative I need to be to eat well/manage the workouts without falling down.

Speak soon!

Week one done....

Hi all - glad to be back on the Kenzai track and looking forward to sharing the experience with each of you. I’ve known and participated in Kenzai since 2011, back when it was the Peak Condition Project. I know the formula - follow the rules, see the results. I decided to rejoin the program while on holiday in Tasmania a few weeks ago...(picture of the beach where we spent 5 amazing days).

I live in Hong Kong and travel a lot for work. You’ll hear about my ‘on the road struggles’ as we get going. It’s day 6 and already I’m flying out today to the US. I know the drill - pack apples and drink lots of water. I’ve stayed at the hotels where I’m going over the next week so I know there’s a gym with barbells in each location

This is my first time doing Kenzai Iron. I’ve been lifting weights on/off since high school so looking forward to getting back into it. This week was the first time I’ve done squats with a barbell since the 90s! It honestly felt pretty awkward - i just started by lifting the bar this time around... very little weight but optimistic I’ll grow into it.
I found the exercises to start were actually already pretty punchy - 5 sets of 10 of virtually anything can be a challenge. Maybe I’m using too much weight to begin with?

Ward, old friend, good to be in touch. I’ll take it off line with you but guidance on how much weight over time will be something for us to catch up on.

Best of luck all and speak soon

All done... 

To be honest - i’m ok... This was terrible timing in terms of Kenzai vs rest of life this time around. I had an intense travel schedule and tough market conditions. I’ve learned so much though in doing Kenzai over the years that I’m comfortable that I know what it takes... I’ve seen myself in peak condition and know how to get there/the sacrifices I need to make for those results... This time around - not my best work.

I’m back to ‘normal’ size largely and the last 3 weeks I didn’t see the sort of progress I was expecting ... (didn’t take the necessary steps to warrant it either). But I’m confident that I am on the right track. Thanks all for sharing the journey. I look forwar to staying in touch and to your next Kenzai adventure.

Best of luck and Happy 2019...




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