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Kenzai Reboot - Its a Wrap 

Very grateful to have Kenzai Reboot over the last 28 days. It was a chaotic month given the move from HK to Denver combined with starting a new role and managing the transition. I bounced around like a nomad but through all the chaos, Kenzai kept me balanced and helped to establish a routine. I feel stronger and healthier than I did when I started and am looking forward to the next challenge.

Here are some pics from my final workout. I was able to get out and go for a 3 mile run thru the snow, ice, grass, and mud. I haven't run in conditions like this in a long time. I have been going thru some old clothes that were in a storage unit. Pulled out the vest that I have on in the pic. Its from the 2001 Marine Corp Marathon which was just after 911 and we ran by the Pentagon after one of the planes crashed into it. Wearing it and going for a run today brought back a lot of emotions from that day and my first marathon.

It was a beautiful day in Denver and I really appreciated the opportunity to get outside, breath the cold crisp air and enjoy the beauty of nature here. Love the Rockies so far.

Wishing everyone a great final weekend with Reboot. Look forward to another training cycle here soon.

Kenzai Strong!


Almost There! Wrapped up a week of meetings in Beaver Creek. Trained 4 days at 8000 feet. Felt pretty good and I knew that reboot was working when a fit colleague started to work out next to me and complained about the elevation and cut his workout short. In fairness, he was in from Hong Kong and I imagine sea level to 8000 feet is a more difficult challenge than Denver’s 5000 foot elevation and relative change.

Also excited that I just moved into my house here albeit with rental furniture. Joined a gym and got my first workout in. I am so excited to be done with a hotel for awhile. I fly back to Hong Kong on Monday to see my family. It’s hard to believe that a month has flown by. Kenzai Reboot, 4 weeks in Colorado, a new role, new home location.... grateful to have had Reboot to keep me grounded and to establish some idea of a routine. My diet wasn’t great given 4 straight weeks in hotels but overall, I am very happy about this Kenzai experience. Need to get back on the blogs and catch up with everyone. Curious to see what people are doing next. After reboot, I feel ready for Bellz, iron or possibly one of the Blasts. Need to see what the schedules are.

Here are some pics. It’s the third snowfall of the month here in October. We had a team activity to hike the mountain and do archery. I placed 7th out of 100 - oh yeah :). Beautiful views of the mountains here in Bachelor Gulch and Vail area. Great to be outside.

Final weekend ahead. Good luck!

Reboot Week 3

Wrapping up week 3 of Reboot. Feeling better now 3 weeks in...noticing small but meaningful changes. I have also adjusted to the altitude in Denver and the cardio aspects. Feel less winded during and after skipping or high intensity exercises. Ran 3 miles today as a alternate cardio workout. Still plenty of opportunities to get better all around. I’m up in Beaver Creek/Vail area this week for work so will be doing most of the workouts at 8000 feet. We are now having our third snow fall of the season. Wow - so much to adjust to vs the heat and humidity in Hong Kong. I will be off the road this week and moving into our house in Denver this weekend. I set up a an area in the basement with a mat. Tried it out this week. Nice and cool to workout and the concrete floors are smooth for skipping rope but harder on the knees. Investing in a large Gorilla Mat for skipping going forward.

Good luck To Everyone in the final week.

Reboot Week 2

I am a wondering nomad this month. Changed hotels a couple more times last week due to business travel and then flew to visit my parents in Pennsylvania and see the Penn State game this weekend. I am now sleeping in the 7th bed since I started this program. We are working to try and get settled on November 1st in our place here. I did get all the workouts in. As a bonus, I did a boot camp on Saturday with my brother and sister in law. Good test and a kick butt workout. The biggest challenge for me is the diet side. I have been doing okay at breakfast with the eggs and light toast Plus a salad at lunch. Dinner has been the bigger challenge as I have had a lot of work dinners out. I can tell that I am feeling the burn of the workouts. Happy with the progress so far, I can’t imagine where I’d be if I wasn’t committed to doing some form of Kenzai during this dynamic period. Here are some pics from the week including the challenge photo of a salad from the salad bar.


It’s a transitional week with working to manage several changes: moving from Hong Kong to Denver, New Job with same company, getting back into the Kenzai life with Reboot. It was a crazy month or so leading up to the move but I landed here in Denver last Sunday and started a new role Monday. Funny thing was the my app still thought I was in HK and I started Day 1 on Sunday. Got all the workouts in. Diet will be a challenge as I am living out of a hotel for the next month but going to do everything I can. After taking the last month off from exercise and a tight diet, I was definitely sore this past week after the workouts. It’s a good burn though. I bounced around Denver and Colorado Springs this week in and out of three different hotels but was able to get the workouts in.

I am completing the challenge this week to show a picture of me doing my skipping. Here is a picture of me at the gym here at the hotel. Also, here are two pictures 2 days apart. We had a snowstorm on Thursday and got a couple inches of snow, 48 hours later people were playing golf.

Unfinished Business - Incomplete 

Congratulations to all those who finished strong and completed this Kenzai cycle with Chisel.

Feeling dissatisfied as I write this as I was on track for the first several weeks but life forces and competing priorities ran me off track. I will be back and look forward to keeping Kenzai as part of my lifestyle. I will be back and look forward to another opportunity to train with you.

KC week 4

This was a rough week. Had to step back from Kenzai and normal routines as a combination of factors took hold. It’s a dynamic period at the moment. On a personal update, I Found out this summer that we are moving from HK back to the Denver, USA. This past week some things came up regarding the move and we had calls most night from 9-11pm or so. The time difference between Denver and HK isn’t very flexible when you have to talk to businesses when they are open. That’s a routine killer for me as I typically get up early to work out. Work has also been more dynamic than normal. I’ve been debating whether to just step back from this session of Chisel but will try to get back this week. This week is also dynamic. My wife is stateside this week and I’m trying to balance the kids and work here. So I’ll do the best I can. It’s also an historic time here in HK given the political situation and protests. Wish for the safety and well being of Hong Kongers. It’s created stress for work and family as we see events escalate. Good luck to everyone. I’ll check in later this week and see how it goes.

KC Day 21: update

3rd week had some ups and downs. It as a hectic week on the personal side with late night and early morning work calls and that led to 2 missed days of workouts. It also created a bit of a mini spiral and a couple days of off diet eating. So not a good Kenzai clean week.

Getting up here on Monday morning and trying to get back to the gym and normal routines.

Sorry for missing the blogs last week, can’t believe I got the dreaded you haven’t posted in 7 days note. Wow... the week just disappeared.

Staying the second half of this Kenzai program. Good luck everyone.


2 weeks complete! The last couple of days, I have been fighting some type of bug. Energy levels down and it’s been a challenge to get thru the day. My kids have all taken turns being sick and while I’m not out, I’m definitely not 100%. Fighting thru and doing the best I can.

Got thru the workout today. Did 30 mins on the elliptical machine and then chose 100 push-ups. Did 30/12/15 before taking a break and doing 8 MA then completing the push-ups with 23/10/10. Still have the one workout outstanding from this week so feel like It’s not quite a complete week but I’ll take it.

Diet this weekend had some hick ups. Had dinner with friends on Friday. Had salmon with salad but unfortunately a couple glasses of wine too. Saturday was good but was out today and had Indian food at lunch. Naan and Chicken Masala. Focused on having grilled chicken and salad tonight. Otherwise, it was a fairy good week. 80% + tight so will work to clean up further.

Appreciated this quote... hope it resonates with your Chisel experience.

Kenzai Strong 💪


Double Hang and Hang Time are incredibly frustrating for me. I watch the tutorial, go thru the motions in mind and then try to practice. I’m terrible.

The added jump definitely pushed the cycle to another level. Any explosive movement gets my heart rate up. Felt good but did the workout today and am sweating and exhausted.

Happy Friday!

Kenzai Strong 💪


SLEEP! So the article on Day 10 regarding sleep must have been for me. After returning from the USA, I was strong on Monday, fought thru Tuesday morning and got smacked with Jet Lag on Tuesday afternoon. I missed Wednesday’s workout in the morning because I prioritize sleep. That’s training too. Right?

Back at it today on Day 11 and feeling better. It helps to wake up and have a great workout location. This is the view I had for my Chisel workout. A little distracting but inspiring at the same time. Will work to make up Day 10 workout. Going for 42 our of 42.

Diet on point. Good will power at dinner time as my family eats “normal” and I had a Kenzai dinner.

Kenzai Strong 💪

New Adventures

Day 9 is here and I have made good progress since getting back to Hong Kong on Saturday on the diet. Eating clean and feel better. Leg swelling is down so no more cankles. Diet is on point and dialed in. Not feeling the cravings. I think I know I got my full full over the holiday and now it’s time to work. It’s like my body needs it 😀. Monday’s workout was solid as I subbed in full burpees and did 8MA and an additional 10 minutes of skipping. The bonus of waking up super early and getting to the gym at 0 dark hundred. Happy Tuesday everyone... off to workout.

So over the summer, I wanted to try a couple of new adventures. Here is one I have to recommend. Bungy Jumping in Macau. It’s the world’s highest Bungy at 233 meters or 764 feet. A thrilling adventure from the Sky Tower overlooking the Macau skyline. You get a couple seconds of legitimate free fall. If your in HK, take the ferry over and try it.

Wishing all of you much success and enjoy your new adventures.

Kenzai Strong 💪

KC: week 1 Review

Looking back at week 1, I enjoyed a week of R&R and enjoyed getting up early to watch the sunrise (see pic). Was able to get 3 runs in this week (Rocky Steps, Boardwalk, and HK dreadmill). Lost Friday and Saturday due to international travel but doubled up on Thursday and Sunday to make up so on track with all the workouts for week 1. I used a whole training cycle of indulgences in week one and arrived back in HK bloated, retaining water with swollen ankles and legs from a 15 hour economy flight with the family. Ouch...

Looking forward to week 2. I’m especially focusing in on the diet and getting it cleaned up as I need to flush my system and get back to a healthy routine. Looking ahead, it’s a busy couple weeks of work but no travel on the immediate horizon so it will be manageable to get up and get the workouts in early each and every day. Packing a healthy lunch and eating a clean dinner. Bring on the real Kenzai the next couple of weeks 😁

Kenzai Strong 💪

Chisel Intro

Hey Kenzai Chisel crew, excited to join this session and get to work. This is my second time going thru Chisel so I am curious to see how the experience compares. I forgot how poor my Hang Time is but determined to work at it this go around.

I’m just returning from vacation so I have been way off diet the past week or so. Enjoying my trip back to the east coast with Philly Cheesesteaks, Pizza, Maryland Crab with lots of Old Bay seasoning, etc. indulgences all around so it’s time to shape up. Flying back today to Hong Kong so no excuses for dialing in the diet now.

Quick background — I’ve been doing Kenzai programs for about a year now. I Enjoy the challenge of doing a program and the support from the trainers and fellow Kenzai team members during a program. For me, the discipline of the programs works and I can’t replicate with the KLife sessions. I’m married with three young kids 11, 9, and 6. I’m trying to stay active and healthy for myself and for my family to be the best partner and father I can be. Here are a couple of pics from this trip back for a family wedding and some time in Philly. Got to do an early morning run by the Philadelphia Art Museum and finish with the Rocky Steps overlooking the city. Motivating for me! Look forward to getting to know all of you. Good luck!

Kenzai Strong 💪


My Kenzai journey started almost a year ago with KB1 last August. Over the last year, I did the Kenzai Body gauntlet, Chisel and a Ranger Challenge. I am proud of the results and in particular the fact that I was able to consistently make a lifestyle change and transformation. I sustained my health, workouts, diet and a more healthy and fit body. I have learned a ton thru the lessons. More than 300 workouts and days of healthy, clean living in a year. I feel like a new person and am excited to see where the future takes me. Here are a couple of composite pictures. First one is a shot from August followed by the final photo from KB1, 2, and 3. In the second picture you'll see another composite as I kept the shirt from my first workout and the second pic is a side by side comparison.

None of this would have been possible without a ton of support from friends, family and the Kenzai community. I have to thank Ed G for introducing me to the program. In addition to Ed, Kenzai friends and alums Vasu, Peter and Jonathan B also were great in creating a workout crew in the morning – it’s great to have a commitment partner for the early AM sessions at the HK American Club. I also have appreciated my trainers: Ward (KB3), Elissa (KB2), and Thomas (KB1 + Chisel). Jim M motivated me to do the Ranger Challenge and also inspired me to jump like the Gods, so I added Kronos, Zeus and Poseidon to my routine and have seen an incredible change in my skipping ability and muscle definition and stamina as a result. I had the chance to coach little league with another Kenzai athlete, Willett (Birdman) and we have had a great time this past season playing baseball and getting the boys in shape with some weekend workouts. I have met so many Kenzai friends and fellow trainees over the past year and thank all of you for your support. I know I will miss some but a call out to my Kingfisher teammates in KB3 plus Kevin G, Manjit, John H, Kathleen C, Cora, Randall, Jason (Fish), Kate B, Ted B, Adelyn, and Rebecca who have been standouts in providing constant support and feedback. Sincerely thank you to all. I am also excited to see a friend join KB1 based on a conversation we had – good luck Ismael and remember to pay it forward my friend.

I am going to focus on maintaining a tight diet and cardio for the next two weeks before a family wedding and then I am going to go off diet and will definitely be enjoying a vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I’ll be back soon for the next adventure and look forward to training with some of you again soon and seeing where the future takes us.

Congratulations to my Kingfisher KB3 teammates! Kenzai Strong!

End of Week 3





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