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Kenzai Body 3 | Day 56 (Member)
Kenzai Body 3
Day 56
Program progress:

Greetings to Kenzai Nation from Denver, Colorado. Blue skies, clean air and a dry climate - what a change from the HK climate. Making my Kenzai mark a mile above sea level. Good news is that the workouts are going good and my body feels pretty good for the altitude change. Hotel has a great breakfast with hard boiled eggs and fruit. Trying to stick with the Kenzai diet. Dinners at steak houses with colleagues has not helped though. Trying to make healthy choices but it’s not an apple and a egg.

I have mixed feelings about the mix up this week. First, I packed my bands so when I got to the gym and opened up the app and realized this was a full body workout week, I was a little pissed because I packed my bands and made some trade offs to fit everything in a carry on. Also, I have a bias for wanting to do the body exercises vs the full body. Needed to plan a little better.

I know it’s a healthy and good change up but it came with some mixed feelings.

Getting my workouts in though. Had to double up on Tuesday based on travel for Monday. Although, I had plenty of energy and was ready to be active after the long haul flights. Day 2 is always a little tougher adjusting to the jet lag but workout was pretty good today. Burpees plus the lean in push-ups was a challenge. Proud to make my Kenzai mark in a new city. Mixing it up tomorrow and will go for a run outside to take in the mountain air and enjoy the outdoors. Haven’t run for a little while so that will be a healthy change of pace too. Fly out Friday morning and need to catch a 6am flight. Will see how it goes but I might shout to get a quick skip session in before 4am before heading to airport. Always a challenge flying back as it will be all day Friday and land Saturday night back in HK. Gonna keep it going as best as I can though. Wishing all of you success.


Grinding away this week. Just got Back from Szechuan, China - missed Wednesday’s workout due to an early flight and work commitments thru the evening. Did my Tuesday workout in a town called Emei which has a 500 year old temple at the foot of the mountains outside of Chengdu in western China. Beautiful place and another spot where I left my Kenzai mark. Back in Hong Kong for a couple of days now. Good timing for the mid point indulgence. We had a going away dinner for a friend who’s moving to Japan. Fun night out with some fellow Hong Kong Kenzai warriors and alums. Including that group pic vs the steak and wine that we shared. Back at it for this holiday weekend. Good luck to all the paddlers out there who are Dragon 🐉Boating today. We have a couple of other going away party’s for some families who are leaving Hong Kong. School is out next week so this is the last big weekend.

I know we shared to look ahead for watch outs. Unfortunately the next 7 weeks don’t get any easier. I’m travelling back to the US on Monday night before returning to Hong Kong. Then Korea for a week. Back to Hong Kong, then off to the USA, Dominican Republic and Vietnam. Then back to Hong Kong. With a final trip at the end of July back to the USA. This is not what I had planned when I started but I’m gonna take it one day, one workout, one meal at a time and keep grinding.

It does help to have the power of the Gods (pic of Kronos and Zeus) my 1lb and 1/2lb heavy weight jump ropes supporting the journey.


I scramble to find time during normal weeks. Hong Kong’s life style across the board can be challenging: long work hours and night calls, travel, 3 kids and their schedules, time with my wife and social activities with friends. Oh... and I almost forgot ... Kenzai Training. So as the workouts get longer, I start to get squeezed. Work has also gotten more stressful as we have a lot of projects/changes underway and travel has picked up again as it goes thru cycles. School for the kids finishes in 6.5 days (that’s what they tell me 🤗). My son has been training 8-5 every weekend and holiday for the Asia Pacific Baseball Tournament in Korea and we leave on June 21st. I share all that not with the intention of venting although that did feel good but to share that the question this week was an easy one for me to answer. We all make choices and set priorities. I wake up before 5am most weekdays to try and find time to get to the gym and get my workout in. I’m usually in bed and asleep before my kids unless I have a work call at night.

I am feeling the plateau ... it’s not terrible but I feel like I’m in a grinder and honestly the next two months are not much easier or better over the summer with the various schedules. But I just try and keep the routine and go back to the basics.

On a fun and positive note, yesterday was the Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance and the theme was Alice in Wonderland. I had two wonderful dates and we had a great time. Got a 5 mile run in before going too. So it was a nice Sunday. I’m off to Chengdu China later today thru Wednesday. Kenzai Go bag is coming too. Have a great week everyone.


Today’s topic is about breakthroughs. Over the past two years, I have been working for a company that has focused on being purpose led. We have spent time thinking about both our corporate as well as our personal purpose. This has been a journey for me but has helped to step back and think about what matters, when am I at my best, where can I make a contribution and what am I passionate about. This has helped me to be a better all around person. It’s help motivate me to be more active and certainly was one of the reasons I started Kenzai. It has also helped me to understand that I love the outdoors. Spending time outside exploring is one of things I enjoy. Hiking, Scuba diving, travelling to foreign places and cultures... Connecting with people: Around the world with work, with family, coaching kids, thru the Kenzai blogs. So today, I took to the trails around Hong Kong. I did a modified run/hike on the south side called the Twins. 7.5 miles with close to 2600 feet of elevation change in total. Beautiful clear skies to start with an Amber Rain warning and showers to cool me down at the end. It was a challenge and I enjoyed it. Beautiful sea views and trails. It helps me to put things in perspective. Great way to find personal balance and understand what is important to me. The journey continues...

So excited to be back in Hong Kong and have a routine and home base to create some stability. Landed last night, had to deal with a missing bag that got stranded in Dallas, and finally got home. Disappointed to report that I did not get to the gym last night. Definitely jet lagged and spent the energy and time awake catching up with my wife and three kids. No regrets in that choice but I know this will hang over me and will shoot to make up for it this weekend. 90 for 90 is a goal. Positive aspect of jet lag is I crashed early but am up early and made it to the gym at 4:30am. Guy at the front desk was shocked to see me here this early. Enjoying a coffee now catching up on blogs and still gonna start by 5am here local time.

First meal last night was a delicious egg, banana and apple. Oh yeah... Home Sweet Home.

Let’s do this...


Fitting that we started 21s this week and I was back in my college town where I turned 21 😀.

First, I’ll start by saying the 21s are kick A$$ in a good way. Feel the burn! Trying to navigate the band strength and reps but what a great new Kenzai addition. Might not say this after day 90 but really loving it after the first two workouts.

My parents retired to State College, PA which is where Penn State is which is also my alma mater. My brothers and spouses also live there now (family pic). It was a great family visit. I also felt compelled to get out over a long weekend to explore Kenzai style. 5 miles later... I was able to get dropped off by the football stadium and ran thru campus and past all the memorable spots including the Lion Shrine (pic). Finished up in my parents garage with the workout. In Philly now as I write this before flying into to Dallas tonight. Kenzai tomorrow at the Dallas Airport Hyatt Hotel before going onto Hong Kong.

Excited to get home, focus on diet and keep the workouts going. Feeling energized after a 10 day trip to the states.

Let’s do this! 60 days. Kenzai Strong 💪

Stay the course

Finishing up week 4 today and it feels good to be 28 for 28 with workouts. Working to navigate the travel this week but was able to get in 7 workouts. Mixed in a nice 4 mile run while in Portsmouth, NH and it was great to get outside especially on a nice May Day with dogwoods, daffodils and tulips blooming. Beautiful time of the year. Flew to Pennsylvania on Friday and worked in a Bootcamp session with my brother and sister-in-law Saturday which was a lot of fun and very Kenzai friendly. Looking to do one more run this trip around Penn State’s campus before flying out and will get a workout in in Dallas, TX prior to boarding my long haul back to Hong Kong. A whirlwind trip but making it work. I’m focused on tightening up the diet for the last 60 days. Excited to see the intensity back in the workouts this week. I’m ready to jump back in and curious to see how the 21s add a new level of difficulty and burn.

Reading the question of the week, I find that I definitely procrastinate in the morning getting going. I have been diligent 80% of the time getting up and dressed but like having a cup of coffee and reading the blogs in the morning before starting my workout. There are mornings where I’d like have a second cup or get lost in a blog before starting. It’s definitely my way of procrastinating before starting the workout. The key is for me just to take that 1st skip and get started. Some days are tougher than others.

1/3 of the way in...Good luck to everyone over the next 60 days.


Just finished a 4 day trip to Vietnam. Very active trip and was able to max out the workouts plus get a lot of extra walking in touring adamant, Hoi An, beach time, and spending time with my wife and friends. While the exercise was on point, there was a fair share of alcohol and good food. It wasn’t a crazy weekend but not Kenzai compliant. The street food in Hoi An is delicious - Banh Mi, Phi, Spring Ariel’s, mmmm 😋. Did manage to get a great run in on Sunday with a significant elevation change in short period in the outdoor heat and humidity.

Quick transition in Hong Kong and long haul flight to Dallas, Boston and I wake up in New Hampshire. Got the workout in Monday morning before boarding my flight. Struggling with jet lag so I’m up early here catching up on my blog and will go attempt my Tuesday workout. I’m a little dazed but gonna give it a go after only a couple hours sleep. Long day so I know the exercise will help. Trying to avoid the spiral I wrote in my last blog.


The article last week about looking out for Hell Days is applicable right now. I am heading off to 4 days in Vietnam followed by a 10 day trip to the USA. Navigating timezones, flights, food choices, social & business dinners, and finding time to work out. I don't have an exact plan yet but I will be packing healthy food and my trusted rope and bands. So far, the workouts are on track. I came in with a strong base from KB2 and completed the Ranger challenge so that I feel good about where I am. I do have to say that some of the newer exercises are definitely bringing muscle soreness and some new tight spots. Feels good though like I am waking up new muscles. The key for me I that I have to clean up my diet - especially at dinner. I am really good about breakfast and lunch. I have healthy fruit and veggies for work too. Night time comes and my family is eating the norm and I am having a hard time not eating some of what is on the table. Grrrr.... finding that balance and inner discipline. Gronk continues to defeat my inner voice in these early days. Generally flat with my weight to where I finished KB2 but I don't feel as cut. Need to cut the salt as I feel slightly bloated. I feel more muscular so I think my mass is up slightly. Some of the clothes feel slightly tighter. So I am working to clean it up.

I'm confident the next 10 weeks will make tremendous progress. I need to focus and navigate this week, & then the next trip. I definitely want to avoid the spiral to hell.

Hope all of the KB3 crew is doing well!


Progress... but not a Ranger yet. So I won’t be raising the Ranger banner until I achieve the targets.

Much respect to all the real Rangers out there as well as those in Kenzai who achieved the Ranger testing criteria. I made progress in all aspects but I still have some work to do to reach the same levels. Here’s a run down of how I did.

Baseline Day 1 Recap
Sit ups: 54
Push ups: 33
Pull ups: 0, assisted w 19 = 2
5 mile: treadmill. 48:29

Final Day 28 Results
Sit ups: 64
Push ups: 45
Pull ups: 2 (closer to 1 & 3/4), assisted w 19 = 5
5 mile: treadmill 43:58

I’m pleased with the results and progress made. I can honestly say this is the best shape I’ve been in in the last 15 years but at 43 I’m built more like a middle linebacker at 6’ and 245lbs. I need to loose another 20 lbs to get my speed up, back/lats stronger and be able to crank out more reps. I’ll look forward to trying this challenge again.

Focusing on getting stronger and improving my fitness with Kenzai Body 3. Going to focus on improving especially with the pull ups. Look forward to staying in touch with many of you on the blogs.

Ranger on Everyone!!! Kenzai Strong 💪

Quick update and a fun Kenzai story. Yesterday was May 1st and a bank holiday in Hong Kong. I still had some work in the morning with the USA but was able to do my workout from home at lunchtime and my 9 and 6 year old daughters wanted to join in. I give my girls credit as they are strong and have good form with their push ups and sit ups. Strong straight backs/legs. Both are able to do 20 plus push ups. They don’t go super deep but these are legitimate. My 9 year also did about 70 sit ups with me holding her feet down. They also both stood/sat on my feet and helped me count out my reps. while I was doing my skipping session, they did jumping jacks and some stairs. We blasted their favorite music and had fun together.

Look forward to continuing to exercise with them and have fun as a family. My wife loves yoga and they do some of that too. Just great to see everyone active and spending time together.

Hope everyone is Kenzaiing on and doing well this week.

First person who came to mind for me was my dad. He gave me a lot of advice and guidance especially growing up as a child. A couple of quick thoughts on this.

I used to have quite the temper and was a hot headed redhead so he’d always remind me to stay calm, cool and collected.

He also taught me that no one can steal my joy. Find your motivation and sense of happiness from within. He’d always stay don’t let someone steal your joy.

But the one thing that stands out as I answer this question were the discussions we would have after a bad day at school or losing a sport event. He’d always ask me if I did the best I could. If I did, I should be comfortable with that and proud that I did the best that I could. It was always helpful.

I’m fortunate that we still get to have talks although less frequently living half a world away.

Ranger / KB3 Update

Solid week to kick off Kenzai Body 3. Workouts got increasingly more difficult as the reps and sets increased. Did the KB3 first as a warm up before doing the Ranger Challenge workout. I can feel progress on the pull ups and am look forward to officially retesting and upping my initial “0” score. Push-Ups are solid and then I hit a wall right around my max. The first 30 feel stronger but I haven’t been able to make incremental rep improvements. Anyone else relate? On the flip side, I missed the KB2 workouts for abs and that’s one area that feels to be flat to slight decline. I spent a lot of time on strengthening my core in KB2 and it’s been more maintain with maybe a slight dip thru the Ranger Challenge. The add on of KB3 has upped the game and so I’m looking to finish strong in week 4 as KB3 ramps up. Most days, combined I’m finishing within an hour. Today, KB3 was 30 minutes and then I did a 10 K so 90 minutes plus of Kenzai. Feel the burn!

Pics are the Shatin Water way - nice running trail that I can use that’s accessible from where my son has practice every week. Found a water station along the route at about 2miles so it’s a nice stop on the way out and again on the way back. Humid again today in HK but cooler at about 80 degrees. I’m practically soaked by the time I start so I definitely stop and grab a drink, walk for a minute and then start running again. So it’s closer to running 3 x 2 mile. Last pic.. sometimes we have inspiring places to work out, some other times it’s what you can get. This was my training corner for 30 minutes this morning. No mat, no towels, just concrete. But Zeus and I made the best of this spot for skipping and yes, I even did my leg shears and crunches directly on the concrete. Kenzai Strong! 👍


Had an inspiration day at work yesterday and had a chance to spend time with someone who is a Professional Coach focused on personal development And executive coaching but she also helps with rehabilitation/personal coaching. We are working with her and her firm on transforming our culture and creating a leadership shift. The focus is moving from a Reactive to a Creative mind. A Reactive leader uses fear to motivate where as a Creative leader focuses on a higher purpose and vision that guides their journey. She made a comment that this doesn’t just apply in the business world. She shared that this is the reason most people fail in managing diets and weight.

A reactive style uses fear to motivate them. They take initiative to improve and achieve that goal. But once they do, the fear is removed and they fall back. Thus the ups and downs of performance. Applies in work and in personal situations.

A creative style sets a vision of who they want to be. A vision of the new self. They aspire to be a better leader or a better person. In a context of personal health, it’s about creating an image of who you want to be and how you want to live and maintain your life. It does not come from a place of fear but an aspirational vision that motivates and inspires.

I know I started with many fear factors of why I did KB1. Now, as I focus on going forward, I can say that my goals with KB3 are focused on how I continue to improve and to be the best I can be. Thought it was worth sharing and look forward to training with the KB3 crew as well as finishing up the Ranger Challenge.

Team Kingfisher! Hi Everyone, starting KB3 today. Look forward to training with all of you over the next 90 days. I’m originally from Philadelphia, PA in the USA but have been living in Hong Kong for the last 4 years. Married with 3 kids (11,9,6).

My goals for the next 90 days is to make improvements in my body composition focused on reducing body fat %, building strength and working to improve my core. I have a family wedding to attend on August 3rd so I also want to look and feel good for the wedding and family pics. Being fit over the summer months is a nice plus too.

I enjoy hiking, playing sports, spending time with my 3 kids and coaching my son’s baseball team when I’m not doing Kenzai. I’m not much of a runner but have been trying to mix up my cardio and improve my efficiency. I did Kb2 earlier this year and am working to improve my running, push-ups and pull ups thru Kenzai Ranger Challenge.

Good luck and happy training everyone! Look forward to getting to know you on the blogs.

End of Week 3



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