Martin D.

Martin D.

Kenzai Body 3 | Day 57 (Member)

Mountain Magic in the Mile High City

  • Jun 13th, 2019 at 11:54AM


Greetings to Kenzai Nation from Denver, Colorado. Blue skies, clean air and a dry climate - what a change from the HK climate. Making my Kenzai mark a mile above sea level. Good news is that the workouts are going good and my body feels pretty good for the altitude change. Hotel has a great breakfast with hard boiled eggs and fruit. Trying to stick with the Kenzai diet. Dinners at steak houses with colleagues has not helped though. Trying to make healthy choices but it’s not an apple and a egg.

I have mixed feelings about the mix up this week. First, I packed my bands so when I got to the gym and opened up the app and realized this was a full body workout week, I was a little pissed because I packed my bands and made some trade offs to fit everything in a carry on. Also, I have a bias for wanting to do the body exercises vs the full body. Needed to plan a little better.

I know it’s a healthy and good change up but it came with some mixed feelings.

Getting my workouts in though. Had to double up on Tuesday based on travel for Monday. Although, I had plenty of energy and was ready to be active after the long haul flights. Day 2 is always a little tougher adjusting to the jet lag but workout was pretty good today. Burpees plus the lean in push-ups was a challenge. Proud to make my Kenzai mark in a new city. Mixing it up tomorrow and will go for a run outside to take in the mountain air and enjoy the outdoors. Haven’t run for a little while so that will be a healthy change of pace too. Fly out Friday morning and need to catch a 6am flight. Will see how it goes but I might shout to get a quick skip session in before 4am before heading to airport. Always a challenge flying back as it will be all day Friday and land Saturday night back in HK. Gonna keep it going as best as I can though. Wishing all of you success.

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Jim MattJim MattKenzai Member
Assistant Trainer4 days ago

I love Denver Martin, how was exercising at altitude for you? Charge on!

    Ted B.Ted B.Kenzai Chisel | Day 36 (Member)
    4 days ago

    Going for a run at altitude! You are Kenzai strong.

      Kathleen C.Kathleen C.Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready | Day 1 (Member)
      3 days ago

      Running high in the sky, good luck and enjoy the wonderful views and air (what air there is).

        Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Member
        Head Trainerabout 23 hours ago

        Martin, when pre-planning and your expectations don't line up with Kenzai reality it can feel like a kick right in the nether region. Sorry, mate. We don't aim to cause you pain....well not any more pain than usual!

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