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Mary C.

Kenzai Body | Day 21 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 21
Program progress:

To start off with the good...the amount of food and proportion of the types of food is really not restricting and my body feels better even if I am not 100% perfect. A couple of observations since I have removed the salt shaker...I am starting to taste where things have salt added. Or if there is extra oil, etc.

On the exercise side, I have a lot of work to get that incorporated as a must do activity. The days that I did it, I felt AWESOME. The days that I didn't, I felt sluggish or not as positive.

Next week is going to have some of the same challenges as this one so my goal for my half work day (only 8 hours) is to get in a good work out and a long walk. And then spend some time putting the time in my calendar. I likely need to do the exercises in the morning rather than waiting...I am pretty consistent with my times there.

I am truly grateful for the support from Silvia D and also had some great discussions with Ms. Aileen (both are Kenzai and Dostyk buddies). In all the times I have tried to do these types of programs, this is the first time that I am admitting that I am doing it. :-)


1. Where are you from and what do you do?
I’m from the US but currently split my time between Houston, TX and Kazakhstan.

I’m a project manager on a major oil and gas expansion project. I work rotational work which means I work 28 days straight - typically 14 to 15 hour days and then supposed to have 28 days off.

When I am in KZ, I live in a camp where your room is probably smaller than a college dorm and the food is always cafeteria style. I do have access to a kitchen so can do limited cooking as soon as I bring in the right tools. Once I do that, I can order food to cook myself. That is my plan for next hitch but figured I should see if I could make the camp food work.

2. What's your best quality?
Willingness to try different things. Not sure if I am good at anyone one thing but I like doing new things.

3. How did you hear about Kenzai and get to be here? If you were referred by an alumni, tell us who!
I was referred by Silvia D. Who has so impressed me with her transformation over the past 15 months - both her rocking body and her mental attitude.

Food Challenge

I could use some help. For two days in a row, I haven’t been able to find clean and editable food to eat at lunch time. The protein choices for today was this really fatty ground beef (we think) or salmon that is more bones than meat and tasted foul.

What are your recommendations for when you don’t have access to quality food?

Week 1 felt good. I noticed that I was standing a little taller by the end of the week due to working the back, core, and chest muscles.

As I suspected, food will be interesting while I am working. I have little influence of the food that is available since I live in a camp where we are feeding thousands of people. The food tends to be prepared to align with the Kazakh national palettes and each meal is intended to provide 700 to 1000 calories. The high calorie count is because most of the people have very active jobs and they are burning a huge number of calories each day.

But with the mindset of taking one day at a time, I have to take one meal at a time. I haven't quite figured out how I will be able to get access to higher quality vegetables. That is likely the biggest issue. Here there are LOTS of potatoes, beets, and cabbage but not much more than that.

Day 2

First helps if you do the correct workout. I went to go do Day 2 and was wondering why we were doing back again. Then I realized that I did a much more intensive workout yesterday than was in the plan. So...a win that I did the harder workout and that clearly explains the soreness today.

I had to complete today’s and tomorrow’s workout since I will be on a plane heading back to work in Kazakhstan. It felt good to get ahead of the game rather than falling behind.

Not sure if I am ready for some of the stresses associated with work and a little afraid of doing Kenzai when I am working 14-16 hour days. I know though that exercising every day will actually help to relieve some of the stress. It is the food part that scares me since I have so little control ... maybe it is time to figure out how to get that control.

Day 1

Happy to see Day 1. There was a moment where I started to make excuses and then just got the workout done. It wasn’t pretty but my form wasn’t awful.

Been remiss

Sorry Team! I have been completely buried with every possible excuse.

I have had to slow down the running pace and so more intermittent walking. I did something to my hip last year and thought it was healed. It looks like that recovery will be slow. But I need to make it steady.

That was a lot of food

I got through all the meals yesterday but couldn’t eat the last fruit after dinner. By that time, my body was telling me that I was done for the night. I wasn’t stuffed but was satisfied.

I also realized that I hadn’t prepped enough food so luckily, I had some extra food to prep for the week. It will be easier next week to prep food now that I know how much to buy.

My 10 year old daughter is training with me but not doing the diet yet. As we are increasing our physical activity, she is realizing that her diet needs to change a bit.

Beautiful soreness...

I realized this week that the nagging voice in the back of my head telling me that I need to start running again was the right choice. I tend to lean towards weight training as my exercise of choice. But based on my level of soreness this week, realize that I have been neglecting the cardio for WAY too long.

It feels good even though I am walking stiffly. :-)

Jet lag and exercise

Trying to get in a quality workout when you are completely jet lagged is proving interesting. I am looking forward to the weekend and enjoy the warmer weather outside. Now, it is all about working out at strange hours. Yesterday was at 3am...

New day

Starting a couple of days late due to travel...looking forward to the two months ahead. It has been a while since I have done a program like this. I don’t have a great track record of finishing them so will be looking to do new things to stay engaged and focused on each day.