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Mary C.

Kenzai Reach | Day 35 (Member)
Kenzai Reach
Day 35
Program progress:
Day 33

Back at work. Felt good to get up this morning and get the morning stretches in and started on the next set. After all the travel and sleeping on airplanes and awful hotel beds, it felt good to do the stretching movement.

Looking forward to doing the evening stretching and putting that into my daily routine as next steps.

Need to plan out meals now that we are entering the colder period here. Fresh fruits and veggies start to not be as readily available. No big deal just more planning needed.

Day 30

Still taking those baby steps to get back on track. Time to go back to work today - 28 days here I come.

Life has gotten me off balance for the last few weeks and have needed to make some tough decisions. But today is the second day of spending that next level of time in taking care of myself.

Today will be getting through the next set of habits that I need to commit to in building myself back up.

I appreciate the Kenzai program to continue to allow us the ability to stumble and pick ourselves back up again.

Slow start

Started a few days late and then rotated home and then completed shot with the darn cold I picked up my last two days of work.

Starting today though...assessment complete and ready to go.

Who are you? Mary - this is my 3rd program with Kenzai. I am still getting my feet under me about consistency.

Where are you? That depends. ;). I am currently at home in Houston, Texas but in a few weeks I will be going back to work in Kazakhstan. I work 28 / 28 day rotational work.

How do you spend your time? Mostly working, spending time with my kids, and shooting pictures.

If you had a magic egg white what is the one thing you would change about Kenzai? Not sure that I would change the program. I like the variety in programs. I am never seem to be in a good place to start being a committed jump rope person. I do wish there was another cardio that could do the same...

If you were stranded on Desert Island...what one desert would be there for you to eat from now until the end of time? Ice cream...

Done but not gone 

Will definitely do Sculpt again in the future to take full advantage of the program.

I will need to find a better balance on the shorter term programs versus the longer ones.

I am really pleased with how natural the diet is coming along which will always be movement in the right direction.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful support.

last day - no regrets.

I didn’t participate the way that I had hoped but I got a great deal out of the program. The diet stayed good and mentally was in that game. I did choose good sleep over working out but I needed that trade off this time.

I will do this program again to get the workouts nailed as well. Looking for the next adventure in Kenzai. Will likely do Reboot.

I have noticed the past week, for sure, that food is being processed much more efficiently. The fat is melting off. Usually the last week of my hitch, I am completely exhausted. Mentally, I am running on fumes but physically the energy is going strong.

I really enjoy the diet plans with Kenzai. I never seem to miss any foods.

diet is good

The diet has been close to point. I haven’t had anytime for much. Up at 4am, work by 5am, off at 7:30ish and asleep shortly after 8:30...

Long days have really not been my friend this round. Really like the exercises but will definitely need to repeat to get the full benefit.

back on track!

Things have been so crazy since returning to work. The workouts and eating clean has helped with all the additional stress.

When signing up for sculpt, I knew that my legs were in bad shape due to sitting most of the day for work and other bad habits. That is also where all my stress weight goes.

With a delayed start in getting into this program, I am still hopeful to get things where I need them to be. But realistically, I may need to do it twice. I am ok with that...this is my race and life happens.

Hope everyone had a great week.

Heading back to work...that will be good to get back into a routine. The eating has been close to on track but exercise isn’t where it needs to be.

My focus needs to be on turning on the exercise bug.

I definitely need to improve with no excuses.

Day 4

Excited to be doing sculpt. I have noticed through the last year how neglected my legs have been compared to my other body parts.

A few more days of vacation then will be heading back to reality and back to work soon.

The first barre exercises this morning were great but will definitely need to concentrate a bit more.

Finally here but not the end 

It feels Greta to have completed the program. If I were to look back, there are a lot of things that I\I could have done better. But to be honest, I made each choice whether good or not so great. I am not going to regret those choice but am looking forward to the next step forward.

Thank you all for the support!

I am back to feeling patient with myself about my good and bad days. Refocused in taking care of myself and mainly what I am putting into my body.

what’s next ...

I don’t want to stop the momentum so will likely sign up for Sculpt. I realized how weak my lower half have gotten so it will be good to give it some care.


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