Mary C.

Mary C.

Kenzai Reach | Day 3 (Member)

Getting started on the second week

  • May 13th, 2019 at 6:33PM

Week 1 felt good. I noticed that I was standing a little taller by the end of the week due to working the back, core, and chest muscles.

As I suspected, food will be interesting while I am working. I have little influence of the food that is available since I live in a camp where we are feeding thousands of people. The food tends to be prepared to align with the Kazakh national palettes and each meal is intended to provide 700 to 1000 calories. The high calorie count is because most of the people have very active jobs and they are burning a huge number of calories each day.

But with the mindset of taking one day at a time, I have to take one meal at a time. I haven't quite figured out how I will be able to get access to higher quality vegetables. That is likely the biggest issue. Here there are LOTS of potatoes, beets, and cabbage but not much more than that.

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Clare C.Clare C.Reboot | Day 11
4 months ago

Ouch, that all sounds challenging, look forward to joining your story 👍

    Sharmali ArumugathasanSharmali ArumugathasanKenzai Member
    Trainer4 months ago

    Wow, sounds like quite a challenge. I want to ask what you do and what kind of camp this is but hopefully you're going to fill us all in on the next post with your intro!
    On the food, bottom line is we want to steer you away from highly processed foods. Potatoes, beets and cabbage are great and if that's all you have then so be it. They are fresh veggies so all good. How are you doing fruit wise? We can talk more on messaging if you have concerns and want to discuss with the nutritionist how to work with what you have available.

      Mary C.Mary C.Kenzai Reach | Day 3 (Member)
      4 months ago

      I know I haven’t done the intro yet. :).

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