Mary C.

Mary C.

Kenzai Reach | Day 3 (Member)

Getting to know you...

  • May 16th, 2019 at 1:16AM


1. Where are you from and what do you do?
I’m from the US but currently split my time between Houston, TX and Kazakhstan.

I’m a project manager on a major oil and gas expansion project. I work rotational work which means I work 28 days straight - typically 14 to 15 hour days and then supposed to have 28 days off.

When I am in KZ, I live in a camp where your room is probably smaller than a college dorm and the food is always cafeteria style. I do have access to a kitchen so can do limited cooking as soon as I bring in the right tools. Once I do that, I can order food to cook myself. That is my plan for next hitch but figured I should see if I could make the camp food work.

2. What's your best quality?
Willingness to try different things. Not sure if I am good at anyone one thing but I like doing new things.

3. How did you hear about Kenzai and get to be here? If you were referred by an alumni, tell us who!
I was referred by Silvia D. Who has so impressed me with her transformation over the past 15 months - both her rocking body and her mental attitude.

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Silvia D.Silvia D.Kenzai Iron | Day 11 (Member)
4 months ago

hey girl! ...ur doing great...slowly but surely you will get there too.
I got you ...first step...let’s get that food situation under control :)...the rest is on you :)...u have to do the homework. good luck! xo

    Maria Z.Maria Z.Kenzai Member
    4 months ago

    Wow, 28 days off in a row, that’s amazing!

      Sharmali ArumugathasanSharmali ArumugathasanKenzai Member
      Trainer4 months ago

      What an interesting background. I love reading about where everyone comes from, it's fascinating to see how Kenzai has reached all corners of the world!
      So, regarding the food. If you think you can make it happen to cook for yourself, then that would be ideal, but it not, let's talk more on messaging.

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