Matthew B.

Matthew B.


Matthew B.'s Kenzai Body program, Body | May 6 2019, starts in 16 days.

Bad Week

My 5yo daughter was on spring break this past week and she wanted to go to Hershey PA...yes that Hershey...where they make the chocolate. So my workouts and diet didn't go that well this past week...getting back on track today/this week and looking to finish strong.


I never really knew how important leg work/exercise was to overall fitness. In all my years of playing sports, I can't recall putting the emphasis on leg exercises that we do in this program and I can see and feel the difference it makes. Even something as simple as walking or climbing stairs I can notice the difference. Not gonna lie, it's good to take a break from the lunges, because they were a killer. Im usually sore for 2-3 days after...but it's a good feeling because I know I'm getting stronger and burning fat.


Good morning everyone. Things have definitely gotten more difficult in terms of the workouts. I'm finding that my feet (bottom front) are getting sore or uncomfortable midway through the jump rope and the exercises are leaving me sore for a few days. I'm happy to report that I navigated a trip to London and an Easter holiday without any major setbacks...ok, a beer here and there in London and a little chocolate here and there in Easter...but when in Rome. Good to be back and following a better schedule.


Although sore here and there, the biggest challenge so far has been being social. More specifically dinning out or getting together with friends at a bar. I've been able to manage cravings, but boy is it a lot harder when the person sitting across from you or standing next to you is enjoying a meal or drink that wouldn't be very Kenzai. I will say however that it's very satisfying the next day.

I traveled to London yesterday. I packed my rope and bands. I'm feeling like this trip is going to be the first big obstacle. I've noticed something interesting seems the longer I go sticking to the program, the more motivated I am to not "cheat" if it were a shame to go off track after getting a few weeks under my belt. I hope that feeling continues.

Just wanted to say hello to everyone and wish you luck. I just made the sign up cutoff. I missed a few days but wanted to say hello to everyone and wish you all luck.

- Matt

End of Week 5