Matthews P.

Matthews P.

Kenzai Member

Made it through to the finish line 

  • Oct 7th, 2018 at 2:47PM


am so excited to have made it through the program, have had my ups and downs on this journey., but picked myself up and kept going slow and steady. but above all I can't congratulate myself for job well done without taking time to thank the following people. firstly my partner in crime and my best friend Jenny Haddle.,thank you so much for being on side and from the start of this program till today;thank you!second Patrick and the entire kenzai team you guys are doing a spectacular job by giving people a chance to change their way of living,and enjoying their
fit body's. bravo team.,and last but not the list the participants you guys are awesome always kept my blog short put on this one I would like to extend it.God bless you until we meet on the next program stay fit and eat real food in right amount.

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Patrick ReynoldsPatrick ReynoldsKenzai Member
Founderover 1 year ago

Awesome work Matthews, at your fitness level it can be easy to just cruise in your usual routine, but as you've seen mixing up your training method once in a while can get your body to a new place. This style of exercise doesn't create the most mass, but in my opinion it gives you the smartest body, with well integrated muscle groups and a bulletproof core. Feels great! Thanks for training with us, try another program sometime! Congratulations and COMPLETE!

    Nick I.Nick I.Kenzai Member
    over 1 year ago

    Great job Matthews! All your hard work is evident.

      Saxon S.Saxon S.Kenzai Member
      over 1 year ago

      Amazing results Matthews. You have arrived at your superhero status.

        Matthew L.Matthew L.Kenzai Member
        over 1 year ago

        well done matthews! until next time.

          Jenny HaddleJenny HaddleKenzai Member
          Assistant Trainerover 1 year ago

          Superb work, babe! I never doubted your ability to make it through the workouts, pushing yourself to the max. I'm most impressed with your commitment to the diet. Even when I was not around to steam us up some veggies or cook up some compliant protein, you made sure you got in your grams. That is real commitment! You are my superhero!!!

            David C.David C.Alumni
            over 1 year ago

            Nice job Matthews - love the advice, too (I'm going to try!). Congrats!

              Paul B.Paul B.Kenzai Member
              Tokyo, Japanover 1 year ago

              Fantastic work Matthews! Hope to achieve abs as good as yours someday. Amazing seeing how even at your level you came out looking even more chiseled! Cool shoulder tattoo too 👍🏻

                Smita S.Smita S.Kenzai Member
                over 1 year ago

                Congratulations Matthews! Terrific!

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