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Maya Y.

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Maya Y.'s Reboot program, September 2018, starts in 13 days.


So happy! finished!! Congratulation for members too!! Good job~~!
It was very long and hard try with moving around situation for me. In the end I started to feel like my jump rope and exercise equipments are my pet to go with me wherever I’m traveling. They are cute. Haha
I was way more positive attitude than when I did KB1. I like to read long english classes everyday, enjoy exercise very much.
Now getting many complements from family and friends, that gives me more confidence and positive feeling to keep life healthy. Big power for getting old nicely^_^)!
Thank you very much for this opportunity and your support, Kenzai and members!!


I did second (personal) final exercise!! Didn’t cry this time!! Haha feel very good. Very very good!!

one more day!?

I thought yesterday was last exercise because I didn’t see 90 on web site! Ahahaha😂. I can complete twice!!

Actually tear came out from my eyes...!! I didn’t expect this but I really dedicated..!! Anyone cried like me^_^ ? Haha

Bear with machine gun and cigar and barking shark!! Yes this is perfect picuture for the last week of KB2!! I did quite modest stars, just try to stick with the plan, try not to do too much or less. I was not super good students but I went through difficult vacation term quite well! I’m excited to finish this week with all of you and celebrate together soon!!


I am on summer vacation schedule. I can tell this is healthiest diet I ever had on vacation but isn’t perfectly following kb2. These struggling and guilty feeling didn’t let me write, sorry. So I’ll review past 10days here.
Breakfast and lunch is almost good. I’ve got boiled egg at shops and good salad. To avoid higher calories dressing, I bought olive oils and vinegar. Could be less protein sometimes. Once at the party with friends, over calories. Probably 2,3 times at dinner. Drink..... 2,3 days several glasses. Exercise, 70% doing. Sometime at 5th sets, feel wants to give up. So sometimes did. Sometimes pushed myself.
Last 2weeks are very important but kb1&2 both of time I’m on trip. Very hard. I won’t give and try to find the best solution. Keep mind straight is most challenging for me.
On the other hand of regrettable feeling, even on vacation still getting slightly small and more muscle. That makes me quite happy. If anybody feels like me (guilty not doing 100% well) , then maybe find happy part like this could kick off to last 2weeks!

harder exercise!

Getting harder! 5sets aren’t easy. Now jump rope is becoming easy part!! I never thought i feel this way. Haha means i like jumping now. So far keeping diet is going well. After dinner, I made fruits bowl and go upstairs and won’t come down to kitchen. Try to avoid near by refrigerator. Family are cooperating for me very well too. Thanks family!
From this coming week, summer vacation stats so we are going on a trip. This is really big challenge. Final month is whole time vacation. I’m going to see many friends. Will report again.

I just simply want to know if you know. For example, just an example, if I fail good diet one day and drink glasses of wine and eat stake, are these going to add fat on body immediately? Or if I fix diet next day then won’t add fat?

I have been away from home and so far doing ok about diet and work out. (4 days out of 2weeks My diet was bad..) And thank you so much about advice for airplane food! Because of this which is “good start for trip about diet”, I didn’t give up good diet while I’m away.

After last two days of work out I’ve got strained upper back. I had this problem already since several years ago. At this point maybe need to avoid back muscle exercise for a while...

I need to leave for trip again. Problem is meal in the air plains. It’s goona be very long 3 flights on one way..

First of all I love eating(and drinking) and second, it’s boring time so meal is the fun parts. And won’t move at all for long hours.

I’ll do exercise before and after landing but food!! How to deal..!? If anyone has good idea, please let me know... !

Weekend was annual party AND anniversary. Couldn’t say no to stake and wine. Luckily it was indulgent day. But too much calories for sur. I’ll be doing good again now! To change body, 80% is diet...


On Kb1, I ate too much mushrooms(many kinds) and didn’t want to see them for long time. Now they are back!
Other favorite ingredients are quinoa, lotus roots, burdock roots, parsley, tomato, green onions, cucumber, see weed, etc and keep in the refrigerator for any time meal. And if I got craving, try to eat them. Feel much better than eating chips or nuts, less guilty.
Offer kB 1 finished, those menus became my favorite snacks so kept making. Now time to add more menus!

I must say thank you for our member! Especially Sue! When she said she takes jump rope as meditation, my mind got changed as positive for it finally. ( I really didn't like jump rope when i did Kenzai 1. ) Then I learned about heart last week lesson at the same time I did annual health check thenI found my heart got stronger than last year. It really worked!! Great to see these lessons and exercise with real body evidence.

Really starts!

Start to weigh food! Reminds me first feeling when I was on KB1.
More positive now than before. haha first time was really hard.

1. What do you want to get out of this training?
get rid of final fat from my belly. When I push my belly, I feel hard part under very nice and soft pillow which is FAT!!
I want to meet my real stomach muscle face to face.

2. What do you need in order to make that happen?
Keep my diet well... Food is one of the joy of life and appetite is very strong. But I quite wine on KB1 (most of the time) so I can do it!! 多分!

And I would like to get more muscle to get strong! I've learned a lot about muscle through Kenzai. I hadn't paid attention about it, I thought not so necessary for me before. Now I want to get strong body!

good luck everyone! lets do it〜

I did it!! Very Very Happy!! 

I really didn't think I could continue like this 3month ago. Now I've got big confidence and stronger body and happiness. I've leaned a lot.
1st of all, I can sleep without a few glass of wine. This was big finding! haha
And I learned I do not need to finish all food on the plate. This is also very big change!
Also stronger body brings confidence like this. I didn't know. Thank you very much for Kenzai. And big congratulations for my group members!!




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