Maya Y.

Maya Y.

I did it!! Very Very Happy!! 

I really didn't think I could continue like this 3month ago. Now I've got big confidence and stronger body and happiness. I've leaned a lot.
1st of all, I can sleep without a few glass of wine. This was big finding! haha
And I learned I do not need to finish all food on the plate. This is also very big change!
Also stronger body brings confidence like this. I didn't know. Thank you very much for Kenzai. And big congratulations for my group members!!

Kenzai 2

I would like to know details
O Kenzai 2 or other programs. Where I can check? At my pages I see only 1 year program.

maybe, maybe I may eat a bit more on Thanks giving,,,, This motivation made me pretty good work this week days. Well tomorrow is the day, I will do my best〜

by the way, tummy skin is winkled because fat is decreased. Are these skin will disappear someday? Do I need to put some special cream like when I was pregnant?? Feel like I can keep koala baby in my tummy! or kangaroo.

final fat

Feels like I’m getting very small. But my tummy fat stays still. According to class, tummy is the last part. Someday really going away? Very hope so!!!

I want to follow Kenzai menu mostly but also this week I'm challenging to PMDD. I have serious symptom and I have been studied and talked with doctors.
After all study, I decided that I should challenge to take certain nutritions by food intentionally before goes medication. Many body condition and feelings are supposed to related to lucking of nutritions for woman which I didn't believe before.
It was good timing to consider to do this seriously because Kenzai gave me a lot of great idea of nutrition and actually felt these works on body in many ways. I think I didn't believe not much about nutritions especially effect to feelings. such as B6, " oh so small portion human needs to take everyday, so must be included into some daily food." But after I started to feel small nutrition or food or eating habit effect this much of feeling and body condition, I got really serious and studied what is not enough.
In conclusion, so far this week is successful!!! Had to push myself to eat certain foods so over calorie for sure but feeling is much much better than past years I experienced. In fact, things I need to eat more was not covered at all from my current daily life. Im Japanese and if I'm in Japan maybe cover little bit better but still far away from what I should eat.
Now I will continue this study and also add some supplements in case I can't eat same things for 1 week again. If any other girl has same suffer I can give a few tips which really helped me.
and I also feel very good to train my muscle. I never thought I can continue muscle training this long everyday. ( still I can't fall in love with jumprope tho!! ^^;) I love dancing and Yoga, but with this muscle, I can improve a lot soon!!

i'm doing ok...

English is not my language so I would love to write and comment to group members but so tired to read! sorry being lazy to post. I am doing ok. dinner and jump rope is bit problem to complete so maybe that is why for 2weeks body has been looking same.

The Belt

The very first week of KENSAI Body, I was in Japan for work. And to pick up my online order "The Belt." It was very pretty which model was wearing on top of thick cardigan. When I tried, the belt hall is not reach to anything so I thought something wrong, maybe pats are missing or I don't know how to use? Sent email with photo and they checked for me, and answer was nothing wrong. Just can't wear!! I'm too big but feel like even lost weight, impossibly far away from belt hall!! Model is not standard size in the world!! Grrrrrrr (^^;) i guess you can imagine my feeling, ladies. So sad and just left it in Japan at my mother's house and came home here Thailand.
1.5month later, I went back to Japan again. I tried it on again with a thought " well anyway this is made too small. can't do it." Then I could wear!! I run up to show my mother and she got super shocked too. Glad didn't give her heart attack.. haha

Well Banzai KENSAI!!

Yesterday Just came back from short trip for Visa. Yes I did bring training things and did my best but food was difficult . and when my son was taking nap, I started jump rope and woke him up. after he told me,"That's noisy mommy..." and slept back tho. haha
Next is Japan and Hongkong. Difficult part is making time on the day I fly.. I try to do some in the morning. KENZAI!!

I've heard about other team blog, everyone complaining a lot! so let me join the way! I want to drink wine----------!! All my friends who knows me well wouldn't believe what I am doing now. even be told, " Is she crazy??" buy I am surprised I don't "need"(yet, still "want") and also only good food I want to eat now. This week, I was seduced by small chocolate which my 4years old son gave me,'mommy I love you, here is the present." I was very happy and thought perfect excuse to eat A chocolate, who can reject this love?! and through into mouth but it was such a bad quality chocolate(^^;) , I bite for few times but secretly I though away.
Well this is not so good example of "I want only good food' but as we are advised, bad food, food from box etc, I don't want to.
I am hoping for first good red wine for 2month later and I must become like a eco car Toyota, I don't need a lot of fuel anymore!! I would get weekend for sure.

I'm not saying because I don't like or don't wanna do it! I often get headache while doing jumprope. Is this normal or strange!? Sometimes really hurts(;´д`)

I didn't feel like body changed a lot. But compare with very first photo I sent to kenzai today and found it is a little bit different. No drink healthy food is helping. I have been not 100% perfect student so far but trying. Plus happy to find i can call a sleep without glasses of wines before sleep. Before it was bit difficult.

week3 started

Feel like I have been doing kenzai 1,2months but just did real one week only!! Oh my(^。^;)... once start exercise, I feel good. Many temptations about food. I knew I eat a lot usually, but looking at suffer of my husband and other kenzai members are saying, " too much food!" last week, I am seriously surprised how small portion is suite for my little body. Never feel "too much food!"


today I weigh and made first breakfast and pack apple for morning snack. so small to me^^;)...
I'm big eater and not eating break fast often. BAD isn't it!? well hope I can continue new habit well.

I started to program, feel very good! Since I was stressed out I couldn't start on Monday because of my trip..

I was traveling whole day yesterday and around mid night I landed and tried to figure out how to start. since I haven't posted photos, my program wasn't ready. I got information about how to eat, so I did it today tho. Now I did finish first 5 steps so and I can start. I will catch up.




Kenzai Body
Kenzai Body