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Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready | Day 3 (Member)
Kenzai Blast: Beach Ready
Day 3
Program progress:
Wait! Not done! 

During the past 28 days, it has seemed like a loooooooong Beach Body program, but now at the end, I am not ready for it to be over. It wasn't my best 4 weeks with the workouts. Yet, I find it all part of my journey. Going through beach body dropped more of my body fat, made me feel better (although super tired at times), built some muscle, and found a new program fun. I will be starting my vacation better than 4 weeks ago. I will also continue to make better choices in life with diet and exercise. The goal is to drop another 3-5 pounds and keep up the emotional health I have with food and alcohol. I am looking forward to the next program!

Long weekend

I have been off track since Sat. Had a lot of running around with the kids and therefore I ate out and about with them. Not necessarily over ate but it wasn't on plan. By the time I got home Sat evening I had some funky severe neck pain. I literally started thinking the worse as to why I had it and I was scared I'd still be experiencing it Sun when I had to go to the double restaurant shift. Thankfully, Sun morning almost all of the pain was gone. I am thinking I strained muscles with situps or something Fri night but then why didn't I feel it from the start Sat?? Whatever! it is gone, so all good.
Sun & Mon I worked on my feet at the restaurant for 11 hours straight each day. As I have mentioned several times before, I just can't mentally or physically fit in a Kenzai workout on restaurant days. We were so busy for the holiday weekend that each morning I have woken up a wreck. It kicks my butt.
A funny side note: At the restaurant, the plates are heavy (even empty. just the style of plate) and as my arms got fatigued, I'd massage my upper arms. I was taken back by the size and firmness of my triceps!! I was like "wow!" hahaha

Insights of the past week

I just returned from a girl's weekend away in San Diego. This has been a yearly trip for me and different friends of mine for the past four years. We always attend a women's conference on one of the days we are there (one of the excuses to make the trip happen). The conference includes key note speakers, break out sessions, pampering stations, vendors, and health screening assessments. I always like to complete the same health screenings to make sure no big red flags and to compare where I was at the year before. The good news: my blood pressure, bone density, cholesterol, blood sugar level (for the moment) is all very good - extremely low risk. You might think, well, that's all easy to maintain. But, my family history - my mom, dad and brother are all on meds for these things. I am the only one with low blood pressure and good cholesterol. My dad is a diabetic too. The bad news: I did a body composition screening. The screening looks at many factors from BMI, over all water weight, lean mass & segmental fat analysis broken down by section of the body (i.e. left arm, right leg, truck, etc), and additional guidance such as Body Fat-Lean Body Mass Control which is a guideline to adjust diet and exercise to get to a healthy percent body fat. So, some findings I found odd - my trunk has the most fat but it is also the area with the most lean muscle. The mass control said for lean body mass nothing needed to be gained or lost but the loss for fat was 26 pounds! Uh, I can't even imagine me at 26 pounds lighter. The person who did the test told me the recommendation is on the extreme the lowest BMI. She felt 10 pounds is more realistic. I would love to drop another 10. The report overall was a bit depressing as most of the areas confirmed the need to loss fat and be healthier. The one good was my visceral fat was low (again thank goodness because my mother's is disgusting).
I came home from SD after 3 days of indulgences and like Monday's (I think) lesson mentioned, after a bad day there is often thoughts about giving up. I did have that. 4 days of missed workouts, 3 days of bad eating. But I do love the new mind frames I've gained this year in Kenzai. I am going to keep going because something is more than nothing, and I will continue to get results. Some results is still better than gaining weight! And as the analysis concluded, I have work to do.

With statements like "there are no weekends", "you are going to have a few days in week 2 when you feel absolutely exhausted", and " By the end of the third week you'll be at a deep low point"...this program is sounding like such a joy and more encouraging every day!! Hey Patrick! I'd rather you just NOT tell me these things. :)
One, I am already exhausted - don't make me cry from the possibilities of having to function even more tired, sore, and depleted. Two, I want to just focus on the end product and be reassured when I am having a low moment that it is normal and ok and be encouraged to just keep going.

I trust you Patrick & Kenzai I will put aside my "oh shit, the next three weeks are gonna suck" fears.

I am sure for most of you the lessons on the free meal and work out tickets were a relief, but for some reason they bummed me out. I think it may be because I already had missed day one's workout from not feeling well and I knew I would need to use more than two this month. And that lesson was confirmation that I won't be able to give 90-100%, that I am cheating, coming up with excuses, or etc . On the other hand, the reasoning side of me says "you are doing the best you can each day and keep that up". Still, I do wish I had more flexibility with time to not feel overwhelmed or tired. For example, this past Mother's Day weekend I worked both Sat & Sun at the restaurant (the 2nd job that is suppose to just be Suns), and I knew we were going to be super busy. I did not do the workouts Sat & Sun because I had minimal time before shift to complete parental tasks, I got home after 10pm exhausted after 10.5 hours shifts with no break from my feet, and because I was so afraid after doing the workout that I would have no arm or leg strength to get through the long shifts without a major breakdown. This does sound silly to write out, but the mental and emotional capacity to deal with guests as a server and get everything right gets harder as I get older. Being distracted or fatigued is not a good combo.

I am struggling with the lessons that remind us results are a matter of putting the work outs in and keeping the diet tight. I want the results so bad. But then I think, if I wanted it so bad, why didn't you just do the workouts no matter what this past weekend? It is such a mind game. I am beating myself up also because I have a girl's weekend planned at the end of this week in San Diego. I will get 1-2 workouts in but just knowing I won't have complete control over all food choices, and I want to allow myself the freedom and pleasure of what our yearly trip entails. So, now I am up to 4-5 tickets that I don't even have allocated. I see where I am falling on the graphs lesson.

I am going to push through no matter how my mind talks me down about not being good enough to get what I want out of Beach Body and complete all 4 weeks. Minus San Diego, every day the diet is clean and tight. I will get as many workouts checked off as I can although I know Suns probably won't happen. And I am going to focus on where I land physically at the end of this program compared to what could have been.

It seems more appropriate to ask “does anyone’s ass, shoulders/biceps, AND legs hurt?”

🙋🏻‍♀️ Me!


Why not? It is a new program and sounded like a much needed change of pace. The shorter program is less of a mental commitments making it seem doable. I came off of Chisel with still some mid section work needing to be done. I hate being between programs, so I was happy to find this transition.

I signed up for Chisel and BB with timing in mind to be fitter before an Alaska Adventure trip June 14th. Not that I am going to be showing a lot of skin with Alaska weather, but the physical demands of hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc would probably be easier and feel better without all the extra fat layers. I know it will be up to me to maintain a physique the rest of the summer for my other mini vacations of camping in Tahoe and girl's weekends away.


I wasn’t feeling well after a long work shift Sun night and still felt very nauseous and exhausted Monday for the start of the program. I read the intro from Patrick and the lesson but skipped the workout as I knew I wouldn’t get through even the cardio the way I was feeling.

I’m a little scared at what the next 20+ days are going to bring. Not worried about the diet since I just came off of Chisel and I’m in a good place with food and alcohol right now. Actually in a good place more than I have ever been between or on program. It’s nice to start a program not needing to drop the first 10 pounds before the next 5-10!

Ugh, right when you think you got most of the exercises down, Beach Body comes along and adds new ones! I have to really work on these and I’m worried it will take all month to half way master them. I lack the upper body strength for some too. My legs felt like I was carrying weights half way through tonight’s workout.

I’m looking forward to being on a meal plan. I’ve been experiencing “im hungry but nothing sounds good” for the past two weeks. It will be nice to just get decent food in my system without too much thought.

I’m looking forward to this new program and where we will all be at the end of the month!

End of another chisel 

I’ve taken a few days to think about what I wanted to write as my ending blog this time around. Thankfully this ending differs from the usual same o same o “I wish I had given it more”, “I wish I hadn’t indulged as much”, “ I hope to stick to a cleaner diet moving forward” blah blah blah from my mouth and yet do nothing differently.
I feel like I’m in a better and possibly different place after the past 6 weeks than after many of my previous Kenzai programs. Well, nothing will top Body 1 for me- I excelled in that program. But, a few noticeable changes for me on this round of Chisel. One big one is I do not crave non-Kompliant foods nor have I indulged in whatever I’d usually want. It feels odd as I’m usually breaking the rules before week 6 is over. I find my taste buds are a little sensitive/off to salt, cheese, and wine (what is wrong with me!) so far! Meat is kind of a turn off too. It could be temporary, but I am hoping between programs to minimize my intake of specific foods and follow more of the Chisel maintenance lesson. Without the strictness of being on a program, I think I’m in a place to see how doable it is.
I also had this ah ha moment last Mon. I blogged about it already but it was a clear moment when I saw for the first time how my food and alcohol choices were clearly an emotional thing. And I told myself in that moment of awakening “Jason will not make me fat”. Talk about giving myself some motivation! Bastard.
I get it, it’s not just Jason, but I have never thought of myself as an emotional eater. I’m hoping to be more mindful of why I make the food choices/habits I do.
Of course I feel like I didn’t lose as much weight as I hoped for but I feel fine with this chisel journey. Life is hard and messy and chaotic and busy and tiring and I’m trying and doing the best I can. So, I’m not disappointed one bit in what I did or didn’t accomplish the past 6 weeks. Time to keep moving forward.
The weirdest thing today...I made and ate the exact breakfast I’ve had for the past 6 weeks! WTH?
Congrats to everyone who accomplished their chisel goal. Many of you came out ripped in the end.

I appreciated today (and tomorrow's lesson - I skipped ahead to read) on when to incorporate HIIT and when not to and what is realistic maintenance. Honestly, it is nice to know I do not have to maintain so many HIIT workouts in a week and if I can stick to a clean diet with occasional exceptions, I should be ok.

This week I have been in the game about 80%. My foot pain has been on and off since it began a week or so ago, but I don't want to miss the HIIT workout days, so I am doing those and taking the strength days off. I know it should be opposite for the foot injury. 3 days of the diet on point and have had 1.5 slightly off so far this week.

I know my final picture isn't up yet but I know the best one seems to be week 4!? So far I have lost approx. 5-6 pounds (its is hard to tell because my scale can change within stepping off and back on! Time for a new one). I am happy about the progress in that my clothes fit better and I feel better. But, I would love to drop another 5 at the least. After reading today's and tomorrow's lesson, I question if I should take up running again or attempt maintenance HIIT workouts a few times a week? I have a girls weekend trip coming up mid May and then 8 days in Alaska for an adventure vacation (lots of hiking, paddling, etc) that I would love to remain/get in more shape for.


Trying hard to stay in the game this last week. I have a few confessions. Last Fri was my planned indulgence - it included too many alcoholic beverages. Food choices weren't horrific that night. Then Sat morning came and I was thrown back into the rush of parenthood, I skipped breakfast and was starving for lunch - made the mistake of indulging in greasy after a night of drinking food. Easter brunch went ok, but I again went for wine to help me get through "family" dinner with the teenager and his dad. Thank goodness for our sweet 8 year old son who keeps me sane.
Here it is Monday - it should have been a decent Monday. I got 9 hours of sleep!! 9! (even if it is because I deprived myself over the weekend - bouncing back is so much harder at this age). But, a few lessons this Monday morning...
1) I too often allow others to control my emotions. I am the only one who decides what emotions I have and how I should react. I need to work on this so much.
2) children's father (we co-parent/different households) is never going to change - so why do I let him piss me off to the point of tears?
3) After being so pissed off this morning, why did my thoughts go straight to the food I will have for lunch or dinner and the drinks that would be included tonight??? If that isn't proof of an emotional eater.... I am trying to stay focused. I have had many inner prep talks already today and its only lunch time. I have stuck to today's meal plan and I am still talking to get back on track tonight with the workouts after this weekend. I don't want to give up/give in again. I don't want to be disappointed with the last photo.

Having a f#%*!~ teenage boy in your house!

He more than likely will drive you mad. The kind where you slap your forehead in confusion to his stupidity. Maybe you'll get so irritated, you know it's better to go work out then risk social services coming to your house.

One thing you can thank him for...getting your workout done. Work outs help relieve irritation. Well, at least for the time being.

Ok, it finally happened and it did so as we approached the perfect timing hard-hit-the-wall week.

I let myself get too hungry on Sat. Our original plans for the day got altered which threw my schedule off. Preplans didn’t work out as expected and extreme hunger kicked in which resulted in eating out with the kids. The three of us shared two meals so I wouldn’t over eat, but I did share their dessert too (1 for all 3 of us). It was a hard ass day (ok past few months) with the kids and with their father and with work and I just let the bad day get to my weak side. So I had a cocktail too.

I’ve been a grump ass bitch lately and I thought it was from lack of sugar (and alcohol), but I realize it’s a combo of things. I definitely need to get to bed earlier.

I felt fine after Fri evenings workout but sometime during the night I felt pain on the top of my foot. Getting comfortable in bed was even difficult. Woke Sat to still 4-5/10 pain depending on movement. I decided to skip Sats workout to let it rest. Unfortunately, Sun was no different and I had my 10hr restaurant shift on my feet. Because I was so busy I managed to ignore the pain for most of the day. But by evening, it made me wince a few times. Super annoying spot- top of my foot about midpoint in line with big toe. After google searching (cause that’s always fun diagnosis), sounds like an inflamed tendon. It hurts to drive (pushing on the pedals), walking especially when lifting foot off the ground, and even relaxing the foot in a certain way. I don’t think it’s great that I work out on my concrete garage floor or that I wear old CrossFit thin soled shoes. Gonna try ice when I get brave enough to freeze myself tonight and hopefully an Alleve will work wonders.

I am going to skip this week's indulgence. Not because it throws me off or for any legitimate Kenzai approved reason. Instead, because I am having a night out for dinner and a concert next Fri night. It won't be a small indulgence but a meal indulgence. I know today's lesson said they want us super clean the last two weeks on program, but for the first time thus far on a program I have kept my diet strict. I have not had any processed bites or food, no sugar, no alcohol, nothing not home made and have stuck to my meal plan except for a few missed night time fruit and dinner (because sleep was more important). I work 12 hours in a restaurant on Suns and again for the first time have not used it as an excuse to eat non-K foods. So, I do not want to or need or crave an indulgence today or this week. I will be ready for a few drinks next Fri and because we are eating out, I don't want to worry about counting grams.

On a different note - I hate 3 cycles! My body aches and fatigue have started all over this week. BLAH!

I nailed every single workout in week 2 and was so happy to be on a more structured strict meal plan (not just no carbs after dark kind of advice). I stuck to the whole plan and I noticed the benefits.

Week 3 I knew was gonna be tough due to a unusually longer work schedule. I already work 6 days a week but my week day job was holding interviews for new hires so it required much earlier mornings and longer days plus the usually commute home. Getting up 2 hours earlier kicked my freaking butt! I told myself I’d be in bed at 8pm throughout the day because I was so tired but once I got home, I had to decide priorities - 1)meal prep for the next few days 2) do work out or 3) get to sleep. I chose 1 & 3. Partially because even doing #2 sounded deathly exhausting. (Ok I’m being dramatic). I felt guilty for not doing the workouts but I knew with the work schedule and no access to my work kitchen for a few days, meal prepping would be best to keep me on track. I was dragging so much by the time I finished, I skipped dinner twice, ate some fruit instead, then went to bed.

So...even though I’m disappointed I broke my workout streak and I really wanted to do at least the cycle workouts, I’ve stuck to clean eating. No alcohol (and I’ve needed it a few days!!), no sugar, no just bites of something good near by (donuts, baked goods, desserts and some yummy lunches were provided for the work interviews), no cheese, no beans and Mexican food... just my grams of my meal plan.

I’m looking forward to the end of week 3’s picture and a new workout start in week 4

I’m not very creative when it comes to a plate of veggies and an egg white. I do try to round out my selection though. If I have a root or a starchy veggie, I also have a leafy or green bean or snap pea. I have an abundance of veggies to choose from but my Kenzai diet and overall taste leans towards the same veggies week after week every program.

Breakfast : zucchini, bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes

Lunch & dinner: cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, snap peas, onions, cucumber (I don’t even like!), potatoes (sweet & regular), carrots, squash.

Sometimes I’ll do brussel or asparagus but it’s not my regulars. I don’t like avocado - I know I know!

The above really isn’t a lot of choices if you consider 5-6 weeks of meals. So if you have any “fun” meals to share, please do so


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