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Kenzai Chisel | Day 37 (Member)
Kenzai Chisel
Day 37
Program progress:

Trying hard to stay in the game this last week. I have a few confessions. Last Fri was my planned indulgence - it included too many alcoholic beverages. Food choices weren't horrific that night. Then Sat morning came and I was thrown back into the rush of parenthood, I skipped breakfast and was starving for lunch - made the mistake of indulging in greasy after a night of drinking food. Easter brunch went ok, but I again went for wine to help me get through "family" dinner with the teenager and his dad. Thank goodness for our sweet 8 year old son who keeps me sane.
Here it is Monday - it should have been a decent Monday. I got 9 hours of sleep!! 9! (even if it is because I deprived myself over the weekend - bouncing back is so much harder at this age). But, a few lessons this Monday morning...
1) I too often allow others to control my emotions. I am the only one who decides what emotions I have and how I should react. I need to work on this so much.
2) children's father (we co-parent/different households) is never going to change - so why do I let him piss me off to the point of tears?
3) After being so pissed off this morning, why did my thoughts go straight to the food I will have for lunch or dinner and the drinks that would be included tonight??? If that isn't proof of an emotional eater.... I am trying to stay focused. I have had many inner prep talks already today and its only lunch time. I have stuck to today's meal plan and I am still talking to get back on track tonight with the workouts after this weekend. I don't want to give up/give in again. I don't want to be disappointed with the last photo.

Having a f#%*!~ teenage boy in your house!

He more than likely will drive you mad. The kind where you slap your forehead in confusion to his stupidity. Maybe you'll get so irritated, you know it's better to go work out then risk social services coming to your house.

One thing you can thank him for...getting your workout done. Work outs help relieve irritation. Well, at least for the time being.

Ok, it finally happened and it did so as we approached the perfect timing hard-hit-the-wall week.

I let myself get too hungry on Sat. Our original plans for the day got altered which threw my schedule off. Preplans didn’t work out as expected and extreme hunger kicked in which resulted in eating out with the kids. The three of us shared two meals so I wouldn’t over eat, but I did share their dessert too (1 for all 3 of us). It was a hard ass day (ok past few months) with the kids and with their father and with work and I just let the bad day get to my weak side. So I had a cocktail too.

I’ve been a grump ass bitch lately and I thought it was from lack of sugar (and alcohol), but I realize it’s a combo of things. I definitely need to get to bed earlier.

I felt fine after Fri evenings workout but sometime during the night I felt pain on the top of my foot. Getting comfortable in bed was even difficult. Woke Sat to still 4-5/10 pain depending on movement. I decided to skip Sats workout to let it rest. Unfortunately, Sun was no different and I had my 10hr restaurant shift on my feet. Because I was so busy I managed to ignore the pain for most of the day. But by evening, it made me wince a few times. Super annoying spot- top of my foot about midpoint in line with big toe. After google searching (cause that’s always fun diagnosis), sounds like an inflamed tendon. It hurts to drive (pushing on the pedals), walking especially when lifting foot off the ground, and even relaxing the foot in a certain way. I don’t think it’s great that I work out on my concrete garage floor or that I wear old CrossFit thin soled shoes. Gonna try ice when I get brave enough to freeze myself tonight and hopefully an Alleve will work wonders.

I am going to skip this week's indulgence. Not because it throws me off or for any legitimate Kenzai approved reason. Instead, because I am having a night out for dinner and a concert next Fri night. It won't be a small indulgence but a meal indulgence. I know today's lesson said they want us super clean the last two weeks on program, but for the first time thus far on a program I have kept my diet strict. I have not had any processed bites or food, no sugar, no alcohol, nothing not home made and have stuck to my meal plan except for a few missed night time fruit and dinner (because sleep was more important). I work 12 hours in a restaurant on Suns and again for the first time have not used it as an excuse to eat non-K foods. So, I do not want to or need or crave an indulgence today or this week. I will be ready for a few drinks next Fri and because we are eating out, I don't want to worry about counting grams.

On a different note - I hate 3 cycles! My body aches and fatigue have started all over this week. BLAH!

I nailed every single workout in week 2 and was so happy to be on a more structured strict meal plan (not just no carbs after dark kind of advice). I stuck to the whole plan and I noticed the benefits.

Week 3 I knew was gonna be tough due to a unusually longer work schedule. I already work 6 days a week but my week day job was holding interviews for new hires so it required much earlier mornings and longer days plus the usually commute home. Getting up 2 hours earlier kicked my freaking butt! I told myself I’d be in bed at 8pm throughout the day because I was so tired but once I got home, I had to decide priorities - 1)meal prep for the next few days 2) do work out or 3) get to sleep. I chose 1 & 3. Partially because even doing #2 sounded deathly exhausting. (Ok I’m being dramatic). I felt guilty for not doing the workouts but I knew with the work schedule and no access to my work kitchen for a few days, meal prepping would be best to keep me on track. I was dragging so much by the time I finished, I skipped dinner twice, ate some fruit instead, then went to bed.

So...even though I’m disappointed I broke my workout streak and I really wanted to do at least the cycle workouts, I’ve stuck to clean eating. No alcohol (and I’ve needed it a few days!!), no sugar, no just bites of something good near by (donuts, baked goods, desserts and some yummy lunches were provided for the work interviews), no cheese, no beans and Mexican food... just my grams of my meal plan.

I’m looking forward to the end of week 3’s picture and a new workout start in week 4

I’m not very creative when it comes to a plate of veggies and an egg white. I do try to round out my selection though. If I have a root or a starchy veggie, I also have a leafy or green bean or snap pea. I have an abundance of veggies to choose from but my Kenzai diet and overall taste leans towards the same veggies week after week every program.

Breakfast : zucchini, bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes

Lunch & dinner: cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, snap peas, onions, cucumber (I don’t even like!), potatoes (sweet & regular), carrots, squash.

Sometimes I’ll do brussel or asparagus but it’s not my regulars. I don’t like avocado - I know I know!

The above really isn’t a lot of choices if you consider 5-6 weeks of meals. So if you have any “fun” meals to share, please do so

Lesson on Sleep

Perfect timing on the sleep lesson. I have been horrible with going to bed at a decent hour. On average I get 7.5-8hrs but I hit snooze a lot in the morning and know there is no good reason to stay up until midnight during the week.
I believe my excuse is on Suns I work in a restaurant and by the time we close and I get home, it is almost 10pm. I often then need to get things ready for Monday, eat dinner, shower, etc. Then I want down time. I am going to bed between midnight and 1am. That sets the pattern for the rest of my week. It can be easy to break. I just need to say 10pm, go to bed.
I was just thinking last night how this late night stuff isn't healthy especially while on program.

First week!

The week is flying by and everything familiar Kenzai is back! It’s usual my body suffers after the first two workouts and so day 3 I can barely move. This time around turning over in bed was impossible and thank goodness you didn’t see my getting out of bed. I sat at my desk with general all over pain too. I ended up skipping day 3 workout because I knew how fatigued and painful it would be with the resistance bands. And just like every round of any K program I do, I tell myself I’ll do morning workouts. Because I skipped day 3 and was having dinner out with a friend the evening of day 4, my plan was to rise early and hammer the workout before my chaotic day started. Yeah, nope. Hit the snooze 3x and dwelled on how I didn’t want to. By the time I finished the stupid mind game is was time to get ready for work.
Ahhh how some things never change.
This time though!- I need to be stricter on workouts and diet. I’ve gained 7-10 pounds just since Dec and I’m not ok with it. I turn 40 this summer and don’t want to be frumpier than ever.

Week 6 not so great 

As always, I struggled to get through the last week of the program. Social commitments and exhaustion were the main culprits/excuses. I read the lessons and was mindful on my eating habits. I didn't follow the last week's diet, but I did notice some things: I noticed immediately when I was full and when the next bite would be over eating and unnecessary, I realized how common it is for me to go beyond hunger and skip meals, and although not new, I was very aware of how much I need to preplan meals at home otherwise spending money on food out at a restaurant becomes the norm.
I went from chubby to not as chubby. I lost approx. 4-5 pounds. My clothes fit better and I feel better. My hopes is to get through the rest of this month's chaos and begin a new mindful eating routine. I feel better on less meats and limited gluten. I know I need to continue to move at least 3-4 days a week. I am thinking if I can stick to a few less restrictions than when on program, I can maintain the lifestyle longer.
The learning and the ups and downs of maintaining a more fit life continues...see you all soon and Happy Holidays.

Week 5 update

Last Thurs evening I was in the middle of round 2 jump roping when....(see pic)

That was a first! I was annoyed as I still had 1 1/2 cycles of jumping to get through. How is it neither of my kids have a jump rope I could steal??

I finished all other exercises and made it a priority after work the next day to purchase a new one. The new rope feels a little heavier which I like and surprisingly, it seems easier to jump with.

Happy with the timing of this program - I am feeling all the feels of the lesson on why Chisel is only 6 weeks. I often hit a wall and get tired with the strictness of a program around week 6-8. It doesn't help that this is the week lots of holiday related events begin too. I am going to try to stay on track this week till the end.

I didn't read last week's Wall lesson until this morning and my mental fatigue made a lot more sense. On several occasions, my head kept telling me to do only 2 of the 3 cycles on certain days when fatigue was setting in. On other nights, I had thoughts of going out to eat, drinking wine, and/or just not sticking to the diet. During those early week struggles, it was a mental game. My head was trying to persuade me to take the easy route, but then the next minute I was using rationalizing why I didn't want to give in. In the end, the better brain of mine won and I did all 3 cycles and didn't make unnecessary runs out for the wrong food. bottles of wine were opened.

I find this head game a common occurrence. I strategize getting through tiring situations usually by counting down. I motivate myself by reminding myself there are only X amount of weeks left to go or celebrating the weeks finished depending on which one is more comforting to think about. When doing the workout, I know how many exercises there are per cycle and I count them down as I complete each one. It kind of reminds me as being a kid and crating those paper chains for Xmas - we would remove a link from the paper chain each day as a count down to the holiday! A homemade advent calendar so to say. This goes for other areas of my life too. I am planning my work holiday party. I create a to do list more than a month in advance of the party date, and I check off the to do list and feel less stressed over the whole thing as the list dwindles and the date approaches.

I also have helped myself stick to the diet and workouts as best as I can by staying focused on what my end goal is. I want a healthier and better looking me before xmas. I don't want to feel like a bigger mess during the holidays and feel more stressed about the season and new year. This time of year is hard enough already.

Yes - the wall has tried to come up and with the above tactics, I keep knocking it back down. I am so happy to know we have entered week 5. That just means we get through this week and then there is just one more week to go!

I stuck to the workouts and diet even through Thanksgiving. It was a weird different year for the holiday for my immediate family and extended family, so I chose to stay home and skip the endulgent foods. Surprisingly, I didn't miss or crave much of it. I think I just really needed the down quiet time alone. The day went by way to fast still.
I also held off on turkey and the fixings because I knew I would be off diet mostly while on a mini getaway with my kids Fri & Sat. We walked a ton one day and hiked several miles the next. At each meal out at restaurants, I realized a few things. One, food had a tasteful punch! I've been eating mostly unseasoned non-rich foods except for cumin, pepper, oregano, and chili flakes. I found the flavors more intense the past two days. Also, I didn't care to finish my plates and took a few bites of the desserts ordered. It was too sweet and/or satisfied any thought of a need for it. The kids drove me impatient and insane from time to time, so I did indulge in two glasses of wine!

Patrick can just do them for me!! End of story.

I won't be floating. I am not explosive. My arms will collapse me on my face so quickly, I will just stick to burpees.

Sprained toe???

How do you know if you've sprained your big toe? Does really really uncomfortable pain count?
I felt it on and off this morning and thought it was just a cramp from long commute driving and wearing heels.
I got through the workout without noticing much of it but afterwards it is quite annoying ongoing pain. Like I'm squirming in my chair because it hurts hahaha.
I always wondered how other trainees sprained toes and wondered why it mattered so much, it is just a toe. Um, yeah...karma.

That's not fair! It is dark by 5pm! I don't eat a whole lot of carbs at night anyway, but I definitely haven't been keeping the challenge in mind this week.

I am looking forward to the diet portion of the program starting next week. I feel the clean eating keeps my exercise routine in check.

I tried so hard to get through the exercises on Wed (day 3) but my arms were so tired and my body so sore, I only got through half. Last night I took the evening off because I was running the kids around to their activities and we got home late. I am starting to feel better - it wasn't just sore, it was super sore that made me super grumpy and super exhausted (just ask the kids). Looking back, I think this is the norm for me in the Chisel program. It is my fault too because I am not a stretcher (save the lecture, I just don't do it).

Air quality is super poor in Sonoma County due to the whole freaking State being on fire. I am glad I am not out having to run in it. To anyone in the affected areas - thinking of you!


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