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Coping with Stress

The exercise and skipping are helping a lot with stress. Tension levels all around are high - it feels like the city has become a war zone, even the business districts are affected on a daily basis (not sure whether buckeye teammates are aware of political issues in HK). Would like to ignore the many different levels of crazy here but when you inhale tear gas during lunch breaks, it really cuts down on the activity front.
Luckily, i have skipping, egg whites and lots of fruit. Lots of skipping. Extra skipping.
Thanks for letting me rant.
Take care and have a safe week.

Egg Whites

On the plus side, I am having a good time with the workouts. I can do them any time during the day, sometimes I break it up to skip first thing, then finish off the rest after work. Even the 20 minutes skipping is almost bearable. Not so plus, egg whites. I know I'll miss them once this period ends but I have given up on trying to dress them up and having been eating boiled whites for a couple of days running. Anyone else finding it a bit blehhhh?
Another week done and hoping I can stay on track with the food. Keep strong and I hope you all are having a better time with egg whites than I am!
Have a fantastic weekend - uh oh, does this finish up before Thanksgiving???

Week 8?

Have been neglectful on posting the past weeks' progress. Although I managed to stick to all the exercise, the dinners were difficult to manage. Either work nights with dinners or starving with the egg and apple! I guess I need to up the ante on the veg!
Had a big hike on some major steep steps yesterday - resulting in some paltry Heel to Butt Jumps afterwards. But it all feels good.
Enjoy the week, Team!

So there's been a whole lot going on which kept me in the office this week so the workouts are at 50%, however, I did manage tennis 3 times so hopefully that counts for activity. The diet has been somewhat more strict so that's progressing well.
Strangely I'm enjoying the element, it really takes the guesswork out of everything.
Onwards to week 6! Have a great week, everyone.

Feeling better

The exercise has become very manageable, almost habitual and wow, an indulgence. It did make things feel much better.

It has been a very strange week, the pollution count was extraordinarily high so the cardio was mostly done indoors. My back was a bit wonky, I think pulled something during a long tennis session. But the workouts cleared my mind and reset my concentration. So overall things are feeling better.

Also my normal treat - a low sugar bubble tea - tasted too sweet. Lol.

I hope everyone has a good week, take care, stay strong.

Diet Temptation

I was really looking forward to starting the diet part of KB2 as that had been most satisfying during Kenzai 1. Clothes hanging looser and seeing changes in my shape was amazing to witness. However, it is not as easy to stick to plan this time around - pizza beckons during dinner (had to chuck leftovers into the fridge immediately - but cold pizza is also tempting.) I think the main idea is to completely remove temptation to avoid wasting time and effort.
I think it is time for a fridge and pantry purge!
Keep it up and stay strong, everyone - hope you've had a good week and an even better weekend coming up.

KB2 - start of wk2

Hey guys, sorry for the late start.
I am Michael, in HK ready to pick up from KB1 a year ago. Had a great experience from Kenzai previously, loved it.

After making some big(gish) life decisions (6 month sabbatical to contemplate early retirement and relocation but ultimately changing companies instead and staying in HK), it's time to address physical health again. Not surprisingly, high blood pressure went down after KB1 and during work sabbatical. Now the work schedule is picking up again, the daily workouts are to keep bp stable and to de-stress. The attention and discipline on food is ultimately what I'm after. The peer group inspiration and motivation (ahem, pressure) is enough to 'encourage' me to stick with the programme.

It's a lot of fun. I look forward to staying online with everyone for encouragement and making this KB2 series another great experience.

Congratulations to all 

Big congrats to my partners in crime - fellow Octans, give yourselves a big pat on the back for completing this journey with me. It was indeed amazing to revisit the first workout and not even break out in a sweat.

Thank you Team Kenzai, for developing such an extraordinary programme which has totally reset my taste buds, revamped my relationship with exercise and food and allowed me to fit into trousers last worn 5+ years ago.

I feel confident that my new habits will be maintained, although honestly it is more enjoyable to whinge with a group rather than working out on my own. Thank you to Octans for your positivity and support during these very fast 90 days.

I can't believe I'm still boiling eggs and packing spinach leaves for my breakfast.

Take care, everyone, stay healthy and strong.


Come a long way

21 minutes of jumping? How is that even possible?

Had to use my last indulgence carefully - it is Dragon Boat Festival in HK and all around are giant, savoury, glutinous rice packages filled with salted duck egg, pork, duck, green beans, you get my drift. No slowing down of the workouts just to make up for tonight's meal.

The workouts are now more intense (and taking much longer). Looking back over the past months' workouts, it is tremendous to see the impact of exercise and having the gradual lead up to the harder sessions of the past week.

Not much longer to go, team Octans. Keep going strong.

Chest Infection

Coughing is not conducive to skipping and the antibiotics are really bringing my energy level down so I'm going to take it easy this week to recover from my lackadaisical performance on the exercise front. Luckily, my taste buds have gone into hibernation so I'm not yearning for food.

Ok, enough griping. I hope everyone is keeping up with the programme and doing well. I am, as a side note, enjoying the fact that nothing is jiggling around anymore when I manage my skips.

Take care, Octans, have a good weekend ahead!


Who is as hungry as I am? While I'm loving all the veg and even the egg whites (!), my lightly filled stomach still feels less than satiated. I hope its a phase. I'm pretty sure my stomach has shrunk and at this rate, it's going to continue to do so.

It's achingly hot here - the warmest HK has been in probably 100 years so the best time for exercise is first thing in the morning before the heat sucks the energy out of your soul. I have been freezing a lot of my fruit for snacks, it helps and you can't eat them as quickly.

Only another couple of weeks left ahead of us - I'm curious to see how things will turn out. I haven't had any desire to eat burgers/fries/shawarmas, although thinking about it now, I am slightly tempted. What will I do about my diet and exercise after the program finishes?

You guys are an awesome and inspiring group. GO OCTANS, skip the h&*( out of those 4 minutes intervals.

Changing Tastes

Funny how my tastes have changed - I had a pack of crisps as an indulgence and afterwards, my mouth puckered from the salt and my stomach cringed at the oiliness of my 'treat'. Moving forward, I'm pretty confident I can do without this kind of food for a while. Where I used to want snacks, biscuits, crisps, etc., I seem to have lost that craving feeling. More likely that not, I actually want to have fruit or raw veg, even a boiled egg. How strange it that? It's also been so long since I've had a bowl of rice or a dinner roll, I really can't even be bothered.

Anyhow, the skipping is coming along. It does feel like I'm jumping much less so I try to do a little bit more with less rest breaks in between.

It's been a few days since I've had a chance to read everyone's blogs. I hope you are all doing well with exercising and changing diets. It's blistering hot in HK now so cold, crisp veg is very much welcome for all my meals.

Go Octans, just a few more weeks to enjoy the camaraderie and support so let's make the most of it!


Ah, skipping, what a terrific exercise. It's fast, it's effective and actually makes me feel like I've done a lot. Yet, everything affects my ability to do continuous jumping: the length of the rope, changing to new shoes, doing it before breakfast or after dinner...I'm really starting to enjoy it. And I'm pretty pleased that barring travel and all, for the most part I've kept up with the exercise regime.

Sorry ladies, for the crab meat egg white recipe. I didn't realize that you were limited to egg whites only. Good luck with that!

The time is going by really quickly, I'm really looking forward to seeing the end results. I hope I'll be able to keep up with the discipline afterwards. Happy weekend, everyone and Happy Mother's Day!

A Month In

Woohoo it's been more than a month and I'm still looking forward to the exercises (except when I throw my skipping rhythm off). Sneaky though, you guys, adding 50 little skips until we had to break a thousand. The exercises feel really good and as I move more I can feel my back relax to the point where doing post work out stretches, I can hear my back snack, crackle and pop.

The smaller portions are going ok, small meals with snacks is better than skipping meals anytime. Keep it up, Octans! Enjoy the changes your body is experiencing - things will only get better!

Feeling Good

The workouts are really doable - I'm not yet able to do 650 jumps consecutively, more like 120 before losing rhythm but I'm glad to see progress. On an even brighter note, my trousers are hanging looser and I can feel the effects of thoughtful eating - if I miss a blood pressure tablet or two, I do not get the blinding headaches as before. Now that's definitely progress!




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