Meera S.

Meera S.

Kenzai Reach | Day 11 (Member)
Kenzai Reach
Day 11
Program progress:

I'm doing the strict diet plan, and body seems to be finding it difficult to adjust. Was feeling very hungry post the evening fruit. I had a small glass of milk to kill the hunger.

Hopefully, my body will get used to it.

Core Values

I think my most foremost core values is that I hold my family first. I try my best to prioritize and go the extra mile for them.

Happy Week 2 to all of you!

Hi fellow trainees - I'm a lawyer from India and have done KB1. I've chosen Kenzai Reach to improve my flexibility and also strengthen a few parts of my body. Looking to finish Reach with a more flexible and leaner body that will help me do more advanced programs.

Cheers and good luck to all of you!

That is a Wrap! 

This is my second programme on Kenzai. As the name suggests it reboots you into a healthier and more disciplined routine. I have definitely improved on my diet and am eating healthy. I would have preferred to workout more, but it is a good restart. Looking forward to my next Kenzai program. Thanks to the team and my fellow Kenzai buddies. Good luck!

A few more days

Last week has been almost spot on in terms of diet. The small changes are showing. It is just the beginning!


I was having huge sweet tooth craving today and then I opened today's lesson! So it was a good read to help me tackle the craving.

Otherwise, diet has been on track, exercise has not been my strongest point, but will definitely get it on track. Seeing some small changes. Usually it is seen on my face, so I happy about it :)

I think there is no cheat day in reboot because it is a short program. So once it's over I think I will have my brownie :)

weekly challenge 1

Summer at its worst in Delhi and outdoor training is unimaginable. so here is a peek from my apartment where I work out. I just discovered that I could do cardio or dancing for the time mentioned instead of jump ropes. For kb1 as well, I didn't do jump ropes because of my knee..but dancing is something I enjoy and look forward to it. Have a great week all!

Diet is here

Hi Guys - First day of the diet. Not really keen on the veggies. but after KB1, I know how important those are!

I've not been eating healthy since KB1. but hoping to get back and maintain it. Good luck guys!

The Beginning of a New Journey 

I was debating for some time on the title of the post.. should I call it a wrap or a start? I decided to go with the latter...

I had a great one and half months.. very strict diet and regular work outs.. but the latter half was not my best. My personal commitments overtook the regime. Being the heart and soul of my sister in law's weeding, I thoroughly enjoyed the last one month. But KB took a backseat :(

I was glad to have done this program because the effects of it was being reflected in the form of compliments abt my weight loss from family and friends! And of course fitting into clothes better.

And now on why this title! KB has made a lifestyle change for me. Especially in terms of my diet and my palate. Planning to continue with this balanced diet. Workouts are not my strength.. but I am aiming to at least do that three to four times a week.

And finally a big shout out to Ward, Ed, Kim and all the Kenzai trainers and my teammates who have been a huge support during the last three months! Good luck and have a great one all of you!

Last seven days!

After reading today's lesson I am determined to give in my fullest for the last seven days. while the last one month have been far from ideal (for KB), after reading today's lesson I want to have a positive memory abt my KB journey. good luck to you all!

The wedding functions started yesterday and will be there until 22nd! Until then the diet was more or less on track. since yesterday it has not been easy and it may be difficult for a week!

Low Energy Day

I could TOTALLY relate to today's lesson. In fact I was planning to blog abt it yesterday. I am feeling quite burned out and the exercises seem quite gruelling! But it is good to know that it suggests that things are going right. I might resort to the techniques suggested for the low energy days. Until then all of you keep going. The finish line is almost there!


I was packing clothes for the wedding and was trying out clothes from 5 years ago (my wedding clothes). I had not used them in some time because I was not able to fit into them. I felt so happy that I was able to! Giving me the inspiration to keep at it to see more results at day 90!

Back Home

I am back in Delhi for the next 5 days until I leave for Chennai for my sister's wedding. My husband and I have decided to stick to the regime till the wedding. Hoping to keep at it!

off the grid!

last seven days have been super hectic as it was my sister's engagement and had a lot of travel and socialisation. so I ended up missing my workouts and couldn't stick to the diet. Not feeling too great about it. will get back to the regime from today until the pre wedding events.