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Meera S.

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I am sorry for the late post. I was quite regular with the diet and exercises. My main aim was to get back to the exercise regime and I think I have sort of achieve that with this program.

Looking forward to the next program!

Last four day I have been travelling and also under the weather. So workout and diet have not been on track. Last week of the program, I will stick to the diet and the workout. Good luck to all of you.

A complete workout

After a long time, I did my workout fully today. Felt so good. Had to be in and out of few programmes because of health reasons. Now I am determined to be back on track. How has it been for all of you?

A delayed joinee

Hi all - Meera here. Due to some unavoidable reasons, I had to join the program late. I hope to complete and do this to the fullest! Great week all.

Hi All

I am Meera, a lawyer living in Delhi. I am really excited to start sculpt. Look forward to knowing all of you, and to a great one!

The Graduation Post 

The last two weeks have been completely off track. I was not keeping well, and the last week was Dussehra (a festival in India). The lead up to the festival is a 9 day celebrations, and our family takes it very seriously :-p

So, I had to deviate from the diet in a few days, and had guests over the functions. The last run was not my best, but I am glad that I did Reboot again. The first two weeks' effect is still showing, and I am in the process of gaining my strength.

Sorry for the delay in putting out this post. I am looking forward for the next one. Thanks.

Last week, I was unwell and couldn't do workouts regularly. Diet was mostly on track, except for having more carbs than the limits prescribed.

I am hoping to get back to the workouts and diet tomorrow onwards. I hope everyone is having a good home run (almost there). Cheers

I find the workouts quite rigorous. Especially the variations of the squats and the abs.

For the last 56 days, I was doing Reach. The exercise regime of Reach (comparatively) is less intense. I am pushing myself to be regular with the workouts. One of the hacks I discovered is to view the next day's workout in advance, so that I can be mentally prepared. I would love to hear how all of you are dealing with the workouts, especially, if your previous program was not a very intense one.

Happy weekend everyone! Onwards and upwards :-)

About myself

Hi - This is my third KB program, and I am very excited to do my second round of Kenzai Reeboot.

I am Meera Sreekumar, and living in New Delhi, India. I am a lawyer and have set up a law firm of my own. My husband is also a lawyer and is part of the Kenzai family.

I am looking forward to recharge my system through the program, and prepare myself for the next program.

Good luck to all!

New levels of Reach!  

The feeling after two months when you know how much you can open up your body and the potential it has! The power of mind and the connect with the body! Amazing!

Way forward - I am planning to do the morning stretches everyday. It wakes me up and prepares my body for the day. And sun salutation is one of the wholesome exercise that I will definitely try to do it at least once or twice. The evening stretches (which I like the least :p) will have to be done, I guess. But thanks to those stretches, my body has amazed me! See the pics to the know the difference.

Things I would like to improve - I was not at all active with my team members this time. Which I will change in my next program!

A shout out to the team, and Ward, for being so encouraging and helping through the journey.

Looking forward to the next one! Until then, cheers!


As the title suggests, this is a slightly long post. I have been meaning to write this for long, and finally got a chance.

State of Flow - The question of last week, made me think of that one thing or more, that brings me in a state of flow. This question made me realise that Reach is not just a program that helps to push your body to its limits, but also one's mind. It made me introspect. And I realised that, I was not able to put my finger on one thing. And after a lot of deliberation, I thought cooking is the one that gets me closest to the state of flow.. where i don't realise how time flies. I'm also a cinephile, so some of my fav movies also makes me in a state of flow. But this question made me realise that i need to introspect on investing time in things that will help me stay in that state of flow.

Tuning the Brain - Through many of the lessons, I have realised one thing that flexibilty and agility is a lot linked to how your brain perceives how much you can push yourself. This is not at all taking away from the fact that other elements like diet and the workouts are necessary to improve one's flexibility. But my point is that it is a constant conversation with the brain through the nervous system. Before I did this program, my ability to do some of the workouts focusing on the legs and knees was very poor. I was complaining of weak knees, and was always restraining myself from doing anything which will aggravate it. Through the last two months, I have slowly strengthened my system and have been telling my brain that I am much more flexible than I was. It is a very liberating feeling (sorry for the dramatics :-p). A special shout out to Ward for helping me do this one.

Last lap - I wanted to give in my full to this last week. But I have been down with menstrual cramps, so I had to cancel/slow down my work out for this week. But I am definitely going to integrate my learnings to my daily workout, and as today's lesson mentioned - Reach is a foundation on which we can build on!

I have posted a pic from one of my hikes, where I didn't think that I will able to do it, but with a little push I made it, like Kenzai Reach.

Good luck on the last few days!

Salamander Stretch

Today, I was unable to do the salamander body reacted it was like one of my first weeks at is quite surprising because I feel my body has become flexible. And it is reflecting in my ability to do other stretches well.

I do salamander pose everyday during sun salutation - but I think it is different when you have to hold that pose for some time! And also I was having a slight strain on my right wrist before the workout.

Any thoughts?

PNF Contd...

I got my stretch bands, and started PNF with it. The effect and the stretch on my muscles is inexplicable!

Looking forward to come out stronger and more flexible.


PNF got me out of my comfort zone. I think I was getting lil complacent with the workouts, because I am getting a hang of most of them, except a few balancing poses.

I like that there is a new technique that we are exposed to. I am getting my stretch bands tomorrow, so the stretches will be more effective.

My title exactly reflects my post. My spinal cord and hips were giving me trouble for sometime. I think the twists have opened up these parts. However, I am feeling a strain on my left side, stretching from my hip to the toe. It is a bearable strain. I think it may be because my body is surprised at how I have been using these parts!

End of Week 2





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