Megan W.

Megan W.

Easy Start!

I'm very pleased that Kenzai Run has a slow and easy start so far. After a summer of feasting and little exercise it's really a welcome transition back into action!


I had to leave early yesterday and didn't get to do my workout until 5! It was really hard, party because we are moving to the really hot season. (There are 4 seasons in Thailand: Rainy, Hot, Really Hot, and Really Really Hot). I also got a bit off in eating all my grams so was really hungry doing the workout. Also, I HATE otter kicks I'm annoyed whenever they appear! I did it though but then had to wake-up and do another one this morning. It was hard, but no otter kicks :) Feeling the high now though!

Photo: My Kenzai breakfast standard.

Easy vs Hard

What has been easy and what has been hard on this Kenzai journey? For me the food has been pretty easy....I got to eat lots and have rarely felt hungry. I do miss some foods and also miss eating with my family. The workouts have been tough but manageable. The hardest part for me has been all the time and planning required, especially when traveling. I long for the day I can fly without 20 Tupperware containers of food ;)

Photo: This weeks fruit bowl and breakfast tomatoes.

Egg White Dinners

I'm happy to get my slice of bread back at breakfast, but an egg white for dinner? Boo. What is the theory behind that? What do they do? Why dinner?

Thanks to my lovely teammates for preparing me for this eventuality. Lots of credit to Ted for the roast bell pepper idea (my version bellow). Who else has some good tips for this egg white dinner challenge??


Man, these workouts are rough!!!! It always seem like the jump rope on Sunday is great...then comes Monday.
I woke-up with deep muscle pain one night and another I dreamed all night about not doing the workout (did it anyway).
This week has been particularly hard because I'm traveling and the hotel gym has granite floors. I jumped rope on it day 1 and really felt the impact. My hips haven't hurt that bad since I was 9-months pregnant my with a 9 pound baby :) Instead I've reverted to fake jumping on the carpet in my room...not much better.
Can't wait to get back home tonight and have my normal jump rope spot back!

Photo: View from the granite floor gym (what were they thinking?)

Indulgence 2!

Luckily indulgence #2 arrived the very day I needed it! We were taking my mother-in-law (visiting from Germany) out for her birthday dinner. The restaurant offers German inspired cuisine with twin German chefs. The menu was set, so no choices. It was delicious and I enjoyed everything!!! It was very very hard to get through the workout the next day....darn wine.




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