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Melyssa P.

Kenzai Body | Day 20 (Member)
Kenzai Body
Day 20
Program progress:

So I have had an extreme weakness for Kraft Thick and Creamy Mac and Cheese. It has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Well...tonight I am being tested. My daughter decided that she would make some for dinner. I had my Kenzai compliant dinner and was satisfied during and after eating it. But now I sit here, watching tv and I can smell the ooey gooey cheesiness wafting from the kitchen! Well if this isnt a test of will I dont know what is. But I will be strong and I will resist. I know I have no need for serves my body no purpose and therefore it will remain in the kitchen and out of my belly!

So I have been doing well with this week's diet. I am eating all my grams and have figured out a good schedule for all my meals.
There was no doubt in my mind that my previous diet was poor, however this week's diet has shown me just how bad it was! My poor digestive system! I have gone from things not moving well to things moving almost too well, if you know what I mean. I have been bloated and my stomach has been a chorus of strange whale noises! All par for the course I suppose.
I have also made a strange discovery. I often have raw baby carrots as my morning veg and for some strange reason I always feel hungrier after I eat them. The some happend when I have an apple as my seems a bit strange.
The biggest take away for me from this post is that I have body awareness! I am noticing how my body feels prior to and after eating. I have tuned in to!

Three questions

1. I was inspired to do Body 1 based on my first Kenzai body experience. This is my second time going through Body 1. I have never felt better than I did the last time around. I lost weight and that was great,but my greatest triumphs had more to do with my emotional well being and loving myself. I truly felt like I could move mountains. Then the 90 days were up and at some point I allowed my priorities to once again skew and lost sight of myself and my accomplishments. So it is long past time to get back to making me a priority!

2. I think I will be most successful with the diet portion, as long as I prep (check out my food prep pic). I found that I was never hungry the last time I did Body and that is really helpful as I head into week one of the meal plan.

3. The greatest challenge for me will be the exercise portion. I am so unfit and just need to remember to be kind to myself. I try to maintain a mindset of doing something is far better than the nothing I have been doing and that slow progress is still progress!

It won't always be easy, and I will undoubtedly curse those otter kicks, but I am definitely ready for the challenge!

I have found my way back to Kenzai! I took a far too long hiatus and my body and mind have paid the price. A new job and more responsibility had taken over all my time and energy, and unfortunately mindful eating and exercise hit the trunk (further back than the back seat!).
But I have decided it is time to focus a bit more on myself and my well being...after all that benefits every area of my life..job included.
I am a plus size woman who has a long way to go! I am physically not comfortable in my body and need to change that. I have done Body 1 before and the way I felt when I was on program and crushing it was amazing...and I can't wait to feel that way again.
So here I am...ready to conquer body 1, reconnect with myself, and more importantly reinvest in myself! Let's do this!

Super slacker!

I wish I could say I have been so busy mad food prepping and exercising that I just havent had the time to blog....but that is not the case
I have been super busy, working long ass days, and trying to make acceptable food choices on the fly...with not nearly as much success as I would like.
I am barely treading water...but am still in the that is a good start. I shall just keep swimming and working on making changes...even if small, a change is a change and that is progress!

Ups and Downs

I am still trying to smooth the path! I started my week off well...prepped food, strong mental focus...ready to kick butt! Then things got busy and hectic, I lost my momentum and let stress cloud my focus.
While I get immediately frustrated with myself, I am trying to remember that I am human and that some days may not be the best days, but tomorrow comes with the opportunity to do better. I try to focus on my accomplishments, even small ones, versus being disappointed in myself. This awareness itself is an accomplishment for me. Self love hasnt always been easy, but I am getting better at it.

Be prepared!

I have been working on removing obstacles to my success. It is not an easy task. I have started with my food...I am extremely busy throughout the day and my schedule is unpredictable, so eating at regular intervals has been a challenge. To overcome this obstacle I have worked on being prepared. I have prepped food ahead of time (I love my steamer), making hard boiled eggs and steaming veggies so they are ready to go. I have also set a timer on my watch to remind me when it is time to take a break and eat something. As the saying goes...if you fail to prepare, you can prepare to fail. Well, not this kid...I am prepared!

Well hello there, I am Melyssa. I am psyched to be heading on the silver journey!
I am a full time Childcare Center Director and a mom of two amazing girls, ages 11 and 16. I find myself working loooong days and can see that as a possible obstacle. I really need to focus on planning my meals ahead of time as that is a current stumbling block. I do think that a structured and thoughtful diet will help me though!
I am going on vacay in late July so some motivation for me is looking and feeling good in my body for said trip! Ultimately though it is about taking care of myself and making self care a primary focus is my day.
If I were a color I would be pink!!! A color that can be soft and gentle or strong and bold...very much like me!
Let the adventure begin!

Frustrated with myself!

I have been swamped at work and it is just so challenging this time around. I have been struggling with planning ahead and therefore being unprepared with my food for the day. I have no time to exercise. I went from a 40 hour week to a 60 hour week and just wasn't prepared. I want to make it work...I am a better person all around when I am on program and my eating is on point. I could use some insight on foods that require minimal prep, a grab and go sort of thing that would be helpful. I really want to get my act together, I am frustrated with myself and my lack of time.


Each new day is a step towards a new me!

Still struggling

I can not seem to get it together! I don't want to make excuses but damn! I have been slammed at work, have slacked on meal prep and therefore not eaten ad well as I should be. A direct result of these choices is that I am more tired throughout the day because I am not fueling my body properly! I keep trying and tell myself each day is a new day...but this is tough!

V1or7yrhmijqbqal0pra is a new day. The past month was busy, hard, exhausting...full of excuses! No more excuses...i am lacing up my sneakers and diving in..full committment, planning, preparing, and showing up each day!

Slow start!

Hey Kenzai people! I apologize it has been a slow, rough start this round. Life is kicking my ass right now and I am struggling with dinding my focus and getting in a groove. With that being said, each day is a new day and I am giving it my best. I recognize my stumbling blocks and am working to over come them...

Getting started

Well, here we are at the beginning of weeek two. I am still trying to work out some kinks. I have meal prepped and feel prepared, however my day to day schedule is a bit of a challenge.
I started a new job at the beginning of the year as a Child care center Director. My day to day schedule is not nearly as predictable as it was when I was teaching in a classroom. I have been struggling with eating in a predictable manner. I know I will get there, but this was not an obstacle I had anticipated.

Here we go!!!

I am ready to get back into a more disciplined mind set. I finished body 1 last month and after a very breif hiatus I am back at it. I am looking forward to new lessons and expanding my kenzai fam even more. Let's do this!