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Melyssa P.

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Hey, Hey Kenzai Silver!

  • May 10th, 2018 at 1:34PM

Well hello there, I am Melyssa. I am psyched to be heading on the silver journey!
I am a full time Childcare Center Director and a mom of two amazing girls, ages 11 and 16. I find myself working loooong days and can see that as a possible obstacle. I really need to focus on planning my meals ahead of time as that is a current stumbling block. I do think that a structured and thoughtful diet will help me though!
I am going on vacay in late July so some motivation for me is looking and feeling good in my body for said trip! Ultimately though it is about taking care of myself and making self care a primary focus is my day.
If I were a color I would be pink!!! A color that can be soft and gentle or strong and bold...very much like me!
Let the adventure begin!

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Barbara W.Barbara W.Kenzai Member
over 1 year ago

Whoooohoo! Game on!

    Ward WillisWard WillisKenzai Member
    Head Trainerover 1 year ago

    Great smile, kid! That vacay is the perfect external motivator. When you hit that trip, why not do so with twice as much energy as you have now. You'll be supercharged after a few months of hard work! So the big question is, where will the time come from. Perfect fodder for future blog post!

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