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Melyssa P.

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Three questions

  • Apr 8th, 2019 at 9:17AM


1. I was inspired to do Body 1 based on my first Kenzai body experience. This is my second time going through Body 1. I have never felt better than I did the last time around. I lost weight and that was great,but my greatest triumphs had more to do with my emotional well being and loving myself. I truly felt like I could move mountains. Then the 90 days were up and at some point I allowed my priorities to once again skew and lost sight of myself and my accomplishments. So it is long past time to get back to making me a priority!

2. I think I will be most successful with the diet portion, as long as I prep (check out my food prep pic). I found that I was never hungry the last time I did Body and that is really helpful as I head into week one of the meal plan.

3. The greatest challenge for me will be the exercise portion. I am so unfit and just need to remember to be kind to myself. I try to maintain a mindset of doing something is far better than the nothing I have been doing and that slow progress is still progress!

It won't always be easy, and I will undoubtedly curse those otter kicks, but I am definitely ready for the challenge!

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Deb F.Deb F.Kenzai Member
4 months ago

Love your meal prep. Do you do the whole week at once?

    Barbara W.Barbara W.Kenzai Member
    4 months ago

    You have got this.... Lets jump over this with planning and self kindness.

      Patrick ReynoldsPatrick ReynoldsKenzai Member
      Founder4 months ago

      Yes I've always liked the phrase that even the slowest runner is lapping the person sitting on the sofa. If you're getting your food right the exercise portion will fall into place no matter what intensity you're doing it at. A person could honestly do just fine eating right and doing nothing more than walking for 30 minutes a day. The diet overshadows everything! So your strength is the strongest strength you could have!

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