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Silver Day56 - Graduation! 

It was a great program that kept me going from day one to the last day. As I was flying home from Lima most of the last day I did the Final Workout just now and almost found it too easy! After Kenzai Reach and Kenzai Mind my body and the movements I can make have improved so much!

So much to say about working with the Plymouth team!
With my 65 years I was feeling too young (like a rookie!) between my older teammates who were doing so well. Being on the blogs was fun and we did motivate each other with stories, questions and experiences.
Thank you Plymouth team and our ever present trainer Ward Willis!
Hope to meet you all in other programs.

Having said that means it will be the challenge to come.
Having been with Kenzai more than 2 years now December is always the month where only few programs start and where I feel I need them most. So the next few days I will have to decide how to continue improving my new live style of active exercise and lovely healthy food.
After one week of eating in hotels it was a pleasure to cook my own healthy Kenzai compatible dinner with (spicy) chicken, green beans and rice.

Silver Day55

As expected the week has been difficult but not too bad!
I managed to do the walk every morning but missed 2 sessions of strength workout when team building events/dinners were planned. Also those days the evening meals (and drinks ...) were not in line with the diet.

Today I had a great day with my morning walk, a hike exploring Miraflores and Barranco neighborhoods in Lima and doing the last session of strength exercises in the hotel before getting ready to go to the airport.
Have not been on the Blogs much and a lot to follow up which I hope to do now waiting for the departure of my flight to Paris. Will arrive home tomorrow (Sunday) night around 9 pm which means this Silver program has comes to an end.

Here is the video of todays hike:

Silver Day51

As promised I am showing you some pictures of the great morning walks I have in Lima in the form of a video.
This way it is easy to keep up with the program and diet as it is a pleasure to walk on the coastal parks and enjoy the fusion between Japanese and native Peruvian food. Great seafood and fish with veggies and fruits like the salad I had in a restaurant for lunch today!

Silver Day50

After yesterday was mostly walking with colleagues and exploring the new city where we hope to start our new project in January next year today I went back into my daily Kenzai routine.
My suitcase with sports clothes and resistance band was delivered to the hotel last night and this morning I enjoyed a great brisk walk feeling exited about my surroundings. As you can see from the picture the Miraflores neighbourhood of Lima where I am is on the coast about 40 metres above sea level.
There is a great coastal park full of people of all ages doing their runs, walks and bicycle rides. Tomorrow I'll pasta picture of the park itself. Did my strengths exercises in the hotel room after work and managed to maintain the diet today in the hotel and with a salad for lunch.

Silver Day48

Now it is me who is behind in blogging and the program.
Just arrived in Lima, Peru. My flight from Amsterdam to Paris was delayed and therefore I had to run to catch my connecting flight. I made it and then after leaving the gate in Paris the aircraft parked somewhere to make a repair before leaving 2 hours later. I made it but in Lima found out that my luggage did not. That means no sports clothes and shoes and no resistance bands.

Saturday was no workout as I left home at 7:30 am and arrived in my hotel at 22:30 including 6 extra hours for the time difference. Not sure what tomorrow will bring when my suitcase should be delivered in the hotel in the evening (flight planned to arrive at 19:40 hrs).
With the 2 days exercise lost and not following the diet today during travel this last week of the program in a hotel and the long travel back next Saturday night is going to be my biggest challenge to proof I am a real Kenzai member!

Silver Day45

Plymouth becomes quiet now we near the Top! I hope y'll still enjoy our journey!

Being s Showgirl made me smile today but I also wondered how to count: 12 per repetition for both legs or 12 for each leg? I did the last. When I did the Drawbridge I really noticed that I was much more 'on my shoulders' then doing it the first time some weeks ago. Feeling strong in workouts and diet!

Silver Day44

The morning cardio and early evening strength training really are a natural routine now that I don't feel reason to blog about them. Sure some of the exercises are stil tough/challenging but I perform them with a smile.

Todays lesson reminded me about serious back issues I had late August last year as a result of moving furniture on my own with a body that was in a bad shape. After Kenzai Reach I really felt improved flexibility of the whole body and now Kenzai Silver is adding strength to that. But I will not make that mistake of moving furniture alone again.

Silver Day43

Yesterday was really a rest day for me with 'just' my 5km walk before (late) breakfast as my required cardio.

Reading yesterday's does make me think more about my retirement in 12 or 18 month. It really starts coming fast now. I'm looking forward to it but do know as explained in the lesson that I need to work on an 'activity plan'. I have the habit of letting things just come to me but then there may be nothing.

Reading todays lesson I was thinking but are the fantastic-, average- or awful workout not like normal day life? I do have the same at work and as long as the awful days are not to often I feel good and motivated for more challenges by the fantastic days!

Let's go Plymouth: we are just going to have 13 more challenging workouts to finish this program!

Silver Day41

Great Day out!
Did my usual 5km brisk walk bed=fore breakfast and after breakfast took the train and bus to the starting point of the hike I had planned.

As the first picture in the hike movie is showing I got out of the bus in the middle of rain covering most of the country but it was not heavy and stopped after 20 minutes. After that sunned wind. After the 18.75 kilometer I felt more tired than the 28 km last week but I really enjoyed the scenery I walked in again.

The hike ended at a train station from where it was only 40 minutes to the station at 3 minutes walk from my apartment.
After I got home I did my strength training! The Leg-up and the Metronome were tough but I made them! And after an hour in the bathtub I also made a lovely dinner of cod fish and cherry tomatoes from the oven with spinach pasta!

It was a perfect day. Feeling so strong and motivated! Thank you Kenzai!

Silver Day40

The quality of my sleeping time is my biggest concern at the moment as during every night I wake up to go to the bathroom at least 2 times (result of my prostate cancer treatment).
I am afraid that no matter how I exercise and stick to the diet because of this my body in general and the muscle tissue particularly is not recovering as it should. This morning I was feeling tired during my cardio/brisk walk. The tiredness did disappear during the day and I enjoyed the strength training in the early evening.

Silver Day39

As I split the workout in 2 sessions with the cardio before breakfast I am doing a 10 minute warm-up on my race bicycle in a trainer before the strength exercises late afternoon / early evening.

Silver Day38

Did not realise how cold it was this morning so I suffered a bit during my pre-breakfast cardio. Will need to pay better attention to the weather forecast now it is colder and wear the proper clothing.
I think it is good I did split the workout in morning cardio and early evening strength training as the sessions clearly need more time with 4x 10-12 repetitions.

Silver Day37

Is Kenzai reading our minds or are we so predictable?
This morning I actually noticed that the skin problems I have in the palms of my hands and under the soles of my feet seem so much less than usual. As the dermatologist explained to me my skin there ages very fast, becomes dry and burst; sometimes to bleeding. So I have ointment that I normally need to renew every 3 month but I am still have half of what my doctor prescribed in April.

Just now I read todays lesson about how eating often per day helps building a stronger body and at the bottom of the list of advantages is 'Clearer skin'.
It was my conclusion this morning that the healthier life I am living also has a positive effect on my skin problems that I have been fighting for many years!
It may not be only thanks to this as in April I also installed a unit in the apartment water supply that removes calcium and magnesium from the water.

Silver Day36

After all discussions about timing of the workouts based on last weeks lessons I decided to change my routine this week. I am doing my cardio before breakfast and have just completed the strength training before dinner.

Repetitions clearly increased again and after I though the Forward Shoulder Raise was tough came the Upward Shoulder Fly! 😲
But I managed and I'm off to shower and dinner preparations!

P.S. Reading Barbara W.'s experience with the door flying open made me think about showing a picture of my eye's fixed in the wall to attach the resistance bands. Reason was that I had not enough space around doors but as I assume Kenzai is a life choice I decided to go safe.

Silver Day35

Feeling strong in this program and as agreed with myself I did yesterdays workout this morning. Felt good to do the brisk walk after the hike yesterday. Was a bit stiff and feeling my hamstrings; nothing serious.

Diet on track.
Searching for other ways to prepare red cabbage I read that it goes well with asian spices.
This resulted in a home made stir fry with onion, garlic, pepper and chicken cubes with sereh, coriander and cumin spices. Then I added the red cabbage and some baby carrots and stir fried the whole lot for 5 minutes with a bit of chicken broth and a spoon of dark soya sauce before serving on a bed of egg noodle.

End of Week 4





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