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Not sure where I should begin. First of all I owe you all an apology for not participating in the team. Where has the motivation gone that was there with Kenzai Body? Should I say I am out or just try to catch up a bit the last 2+ weeks? But I have been trying to do that for 2 weeks with no exercises at all as a result and not even bothering to login to Kenzai. Not sure if I should post this. Excuses enough to skip a day again ...

In the last 15-20 years walking and hiking has been my main activity and fun when being at home or traveling. Long days of work during the week are not an issue if I can be out in the countryside for the weekends. Always prepared and in training for trips like 10 days hiking the great China Wall, doing a 100 km Oxfam Trail-walker, 5 day hike and camping in the Grand Canyon, 4 days of 40 km marches in the Netherlands to name some of them. And I feel so happy walking the 13 km from my downtown apartment back home to the Scheveningen beach resort and back again. Never any issues or injuries. So how did I end up with 2 overloaded Achilles' while I did not do more than 3-5 km walks or 20 minutes run at the time it started, recovering from a back injury.
Sure, I am to heavy but have been that before and it never stopped me from walking.
The problem is that although I miss the motivation the only way to make things happen is stick to the diet and do alternative exercises. But I have hated gym exercises all my life. I want to be out in the open air ...


Another week down with a challenge to make time for exercises and eat the right food.
On Tuesday when I rode my bicycle from the office to the hotel I fell over taking a sharp left turn because my from tire went flat. Nothing serious, I actually fell on the grass in the middle of the road but in some way the pink of my right hand was stuck between the handle bars. I could still bent and stretch it but not without pain and it was swollen for 2 days. Amazing how often I felt it also during exercises being 100% right handed!

For this week a picture from the 6th floor of the office where I work showing the que in front of the gas station next door. You may have heard that there is a strike of truck drivers in Brazil with truckers blocking freeways and other roads disrupting the countries' supply chain. Gas shortage in Sao Paulo and other major cities. The security forces are now breaking the strike and on TV today I saw a colonne of Gasoline Trucks on route to deliver gas that was guarded by the army.
I will definitely repair my tire today and ride the bicycle to the office tomorrow!


Last week Thursday I agreed to join 3 colleagues on a weekend trip to a lovely beach about 210 km away from our hotel in Sao Paulo. The place had been on my list for some time so I happily accepted the invitation to leave directly after work on Friday for one of the last autumn weekends.
I have to admit that I forgot to pack my resistance bands (were on the table when I came back last night) so I missed some exercises on Saturday. But made up with additional walking that did not bother my Achilles' much.
The food I managed good in quantities of carbs and proteins but missed some veggies. The worst are the few glasses of wine I could not resist.

So this week back to 100% workouts and diet. And as most of my foreign team mates will leave Brazil at the end of the week less disruptions to achieve my goals.


As you can see I stacked my little studio kitchen with veggies and spices to be ready for the week two diet. Should not be a real issue for me as I am a veggie lover. The carbs and veggies on week two's diet are more than I eat since doing Kenzai Body.
This weekend was a mix of exercise (did 30 minutes on the indoor bicycle), work and socialising with colleagues on site. Seafood an veggies and there was only one glass of champagne that I could not resist. For the rest I stayed on water, koffie and tea.
Looking forward to hear how y'all doing!

Going for it!

For me yesterdays rest day on the workout was good after overnight travel from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo. This morning I was in the hotel gym om the cross-trainer for my 'brisk walk'. Happy to notice my achilles did not hurt while I was feeling them with every step I made yesterday. After today's workout I will also feel my shoulders! :-)
So with the cycling I have good alternatives for walking and hiking. Will also start riding my bicycle to the office today. Only 3 kilometers but still ...
Happy to have good food choices at the salad bars in in Brazilian restaurants so will survive on the diet and tomorrow do my shopping to stock up the kitchen in my 'little' studio.
Hope you all have that same positive feeling that I feel starting my day!

Hi All,
This Dutchman has an apartment in the lovely city of The Hague, on the North Sea coast between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. But I am hardly ever there!
Working full time in a global team that implements software (ERP system) in the offices and laboratories if the Swiss company I work for in all countries around the world. Tonight I am leaving for Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I will stay the next 3 month'. Being an ex-seaman (navigator on ocean going vessels) travel is my life and makes me happy even though it can make lonely at times.

My main goal is loose weight and get over with the trouble on both Achilles'.
The barriers I face is living in hotels and eating out 3 times a day. But having said so that is an excuse not true: in Sao Paulo I will have a studio type of room with my own kitchen. The challenge will be to resist going out with colleagues. I love a glass of wine or a stronger spirit but stopped drinking alcohol until I reach my weight goal.
Already I mentioned the Achilles' as my injury. I was told that swimming, (indoor)cycling and perhaps the cross trainer are my alternatives to hiking and running that really are my favourite activities.

Although I love the color purple, my real color is green! My favourite polo's and sweaters have that but also when I am out hiking in the nature my mind comes to rest observing all these different natural greens!

Looking forward to get really started from tomorrow. These first 3 days have been a bit troublesome making my travel preparations and and getting a test environment ready for work when I arrive in Sao Paulo.
There should be no excuses to go on a healthy lifestyle!

Not really completed ... 

Dear team members,
First of all I want to congratulate all of you with completing the Kenzai run and the achievements you have made.
Well done!

Second I need to apologise for not having posted anything for almost 4 weeks. Sorry!
I mentioned in my last post having trouble with the tendons in both my legs and stopped doing any exercise.
When I arrived home 2 weeks ago I did see my family doctor who send me to a sports doctor specialised in trouble with the musculoskeletal system. His conclusions were clear: overload of both achilles tendons

His slotion was quite clear as well: loose 30 kg of weight!
Off course I knew that already, that is why I joined Kenzai. He did not give me exercises for the Achilles' as he said he was afraid in my current condition it would only make it worse. Activities I should be doing is swimming, cycling and perhaps cross-trainer.

So far started a bit of cycling which seems OK. The Achilles' still hurt when I walk and sometimes wake we up in the middle of the night. It is going to be a long and slow recovery and I am focussing on my diet (again).

Take care all, we may meet again in another Kenzai program.

Hi All,
Sorry for the last 2 weeks that I have not really been a team member. True that the blog's are helping us through tough times as well as pleasure of making our goals but I felt that my injury was to bad to reach the goals I want so badly.
Two days ago I visited a physical therapist and he confirmed that the lower tendons of both my calves were overloaded and swollen. The running was to much for my legs. Just came home (my Brazilian hotelroom) from a second session with him and as he told me 20 minutes walks at slow pace were the maximum for now and perhaps start indoor cycling in 2 to 3 weeks it is clear I will not be running anymore during this program.

I am going to re-focus this weekend and my plan is to at least finish this by sticking very well to the diet.
I feel that before I start any other Kenzai program later I should first eat and live healthy and loose some weight so the bones and muscles can support what they are supposed to do!

Wishing you all successful exercises and run's this weekend! Will follow and blog with you.

Hi All,
The past few days have not been the best for me.
On Saturday morning I was ready for a run in the beach resort where I decided to spend the weekend but did not run for more than 5 minutes. A growing pain in the Achilles on both legs as well as in the tendons of both calfs made the running unpleasant and even walking was no fun.
I decided to skip the run on Sunday and tried again tonight but did not do better than Saturday.

Matt I guess I need your advice on how to proceed.


Sharing with you the great food options I have in Brazil. Many restaurants that offer a buffet where I can choose like this. Fresh ingredients for salad, veggies, rice and grilled meat without sauces added.

How I feel

Doing the strength training this morning I feel old, cumbrous/hulking (not sure what the correct English word is) and so out of shape. Only small movements possible during the calf pump and with the butt-up the belly is in the way and I wonder where the muscles are that I need to train.
Jogging/running seems so much easier.

The week started of well but the pressure came in the second part with long working days and social events. I actually skipped the Thursday run and Friday strength training. Also the diet was not fully successful with a few glasses of champagne and wine.
Yesterday I was downtown Sao Paulo with a friend and 'our' cross training was a brisk walk of 5km uphill between 2 tourist places. When I finally got on the treadmill this afternoon (it was too hot for a run outside with 32C) I did 35 minutes but with several 2 minutes breaks between the jog/run.
Good thing is I have 3 weeks of work coming up all on myself so no excuses and full concentration on Kenzai run.

The last 3 minutes were definitely on will power only and felt like vigorous to hard activity.
Success to those that still have to go; if I can do it ....


Steamed veggies, rice and pan fried (dry, not a drop of oil used) salmon topped of with a Provencal salsa of fresh herbs, tomato and lime juice.

I am confident that I will be able to adjust many of my favourite recipes to the Kenzai diet.
The challenge is the mini kitchen that I need to work in (and clean up)
And as I love Asian food I hope to learn from the team members out of that area!

After a day at the beach yesterday went to a club with friends at 10 PM where another friend and her band played over an hour of Rock & Roll. From the start of their performance at midnight to 3 am I was on the dance floor. The rest of the time was filled by a DJ with Samba and dance music. I agree that being in bed at 4 am does not fit in any exercise program but at eleven I was on the treadmill and even to my own surprise completed the full 20 minutes run at a pace of 6.3 kilometers per hour!
Off course what did help: not a single drop of alcohol was consumed by me.

Let week 2 come on I am looking forward to more running and the Kenzai diet.

End of Week 4





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