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Silver Day34

Today I took my Sunday rest day and will do todays workout tomorrow.
The reason was again that today was beautiful weather for hiking so I did a very long cardio session. There was quite some wind (Beaufort force 7) that I had coming from straight ahead for a long stretch and at times I almost stood still!

This has been a hike in an area of the country where I never walked before and I enjoyed it soo much! Here you can see some of it in the track video:

Silver Day33

After 2 busy days with the program, work and visitors I realised that I need to catch up with my blogs as well as with the lessons. The workouts are still going well with occasional surprises or observations. Yesterday I was surprised/disappointed how much effort it took to keep my balance during the rocking lunges, Had expected better after Kenzai Reach as my previous program.
Today I tried the Narrow Push-up but still was not able to do those by falling with my nose on the mat while going down. Still my weight to high or the arms not strong enough so I changed to the Wall Narrow Push-up.

Just now reading today's lesson I have to admit that I was a bit upset reading the following line in the last paragraph:
"Resistance work on an empty stomach will result in a sub-par session that doesn't break up muscle tissue, meaning you're wasting time and effort for no real gain. "
I have been doing the majority of the whole breakfast before breakfast and said so several times. Should I now skip this practice?
First of all I like to exercise on an empty stomach but most of all I'm doing the workouts in the morning as that gives me no trouble of getting side tracked if I plan them later in the day.

Silver Day31

Did my workout early morning again at it feels so good when done at 8 am breakfast.
Off course I am lucky working from home this Silver program and having no travel time.
When doing the Reclining Arm Swing I heard a 'click/snap' in the right shoulder when the arm was moving upward in the beginnen. It did not bother me an I believe having read in a previous lesson I don't have ton worry about it.


Just wanted to share with you the great motivation I feel with this Silver program. It is best of all programs I've done so far.

This afternoon when the autumn sun came out after rain earlier today I felt the urge to go outside and do some more cardio. So I closed my laptop and took out the bicycle for a ride through the city and the sand dunes on the seaside.

Then from my apartment I was rewarded with the beautiful sky after sunset.

Silver Day30

Got back to morning workout but not as early as I used to. With the changing season and my working from home job I really need those workouts as otherwise I would stay indoor for days. So happy I enjoy this Silver program!

Silver Day29

Grey, wet and cold weather kept me in this morning so by exception I did my cardio and workout at the end of the afternoon. Was quite disappointing how stiff I felt doing the One Leg Door Squat and the Ring of Fire really made me burn!
But I enjoyed the workout and really feel the progress. πŸ˜€

Silver Day28

This morning I started with what I should do more often: did a bicycle ride for my cardio.
Most pictures in the video were taken while riding. We are so lucky with the dedicated bicycle lanes in the cities and throughout the country. As you can see most are coloured red for everyone to know.

The indulgence ☺️
I have to be honest here: I already took my indulgence on Wednesday after hiking with my sister without telling about it. We had dinner in a restaurant where I had beef tartar as a starter and duck breast with a berries dressing and veggies. I loved it together with the 2 glasses of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon red wine.
It is true: for me a one to one meal with a good family member or friend while drinking a glass of wine will remain a memorable eating experience that continues to challenge my Kenzai way of living!

Silver Day27

As there was much more rain expected tomorrow than today I switched the workouts for the two days: today I 'only' did cardio through a 24 km hike along the old Amsterdam defence works. Unfortunately the first old fortress I was passing by was a hotel, fitness center and sauna and the others were closed for public.
Here is the video with the track and 10 pictures I took:

Just before writing this blog I read today's lesson and took the fitness level test. That was a bit disappointing. For my age of 65 they state that my expected fitness level is '38 vo2 max' but my actual level according to the test is '34 vo2 max'. That is the average for a 75 year old ...
Sure I knew there was more work to do but I expected to be better. Perhaps I should review my apps as I think I have ways to actually measure the vo2 max during exercise.

Silver Day26

And I thought the Diagonal Flosser was tough! Then came the Resistance Arm Circle!
But I managed and although I woke up late and kind of tired, the nice autumn trees in a city square I pass by during my brisk walk as well as completing the workout before breakfast gave me so much energy for the day!

The second picture from my apartment (27th floor) shows (left/middle) the same yellow trees in the square seen from my living room.

Silver Day24

Started the day as usual with my warm up, walk and workout that all went well.
Then after breakfast got ready to meet my sister at a train station in the middle of the country to go to another place to start our day hike.

Great 24km hike east of Amsterdam along defence works that were build since the 12th century and mostly renewed late 1800 / beginning 1900. We had some rain from 3pm but it did not bother a beautiful day out in the country. There are so many nice places to visit while walking!
And it makes me realise in what a great country I live1

Even the dinner we had together in the city of Utrecht before each going home in the opposite direction was 80% Kenzai compatible!

Silver Day23

Must say that I was really impressed with myself when I did the 4x 30 seconds plank this morning. The workouts start to pay off and I notice it also by enjoying them more every day.

About 4 weeks ago I fell and did hurt my right knee. As I still feel pain when I twist the knee I booked a combined consult of a doctor and physiotherapist to have it checked. They were so impressed that I lost over 30 kg since December last year and were very interested to hear about Kenzai! That made me feel good already. Anyway the conclusion was that I should just give the knee some more time to heal (up to 8 weeks) as they believed I had damaged but not cut the knee straps.

After my working day I went for a second walk through the city forest and saw some nice autumn colours.

Silver Day22

This weekend I was with friends in Madrid (Spain) and missed the Saturday workout. Also the diet and the alcoholic drinks were not really Kenzai compatible but as this was a weekend agreed long time ago I decided to accept it as it was. The hours on the dance floor made up for a little bit 😏.

This morning I started with my daily walk and today's workout. Also the diet was fully compatible again.
The reclining cross leg raise was a tough one. I don't think I could move the legs up more than 5 inches.


The advantage of Kenzai: Traveling with only resistance bands in my suitcase and completing a full workout in a small hostel room downtown Madrid!

Left home at 5:15 am and the diet has been good so far. Tonight I will meet the friends I came here for and I am going to allow myself a glas of red wine but feel strong enough to choose proper food.

Silver Day17

Today was the first day in this program that I needed to search for motivation to do my workout but once I found the motivation in the middle of the day I was able to complete the workout without issues.
This week I did change my attitude towards repetitions: I will go for the maximum instead of minimum number.

Silver Day15

Temperatures indicate autumn has arrived; almost had to wear gloves on my morning walk.
Workout is getting tougher (but manageable) with 4 sets of repetitions on most exercises.

I weigh and measure myself once a week on Monday morning. Not so happy this morning ... even though I followed the diet tight (maybe a bit less on some points) I did gain 0.5 kilos. Normally I don't bother so much about these little differences, certainly feeling that the body is changing, but I was so convinced that finally this week I would be less than 100 kg ... Have to watch that it does not become a psychological barrier!

End of Week 4





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